ASG – Episode 1

A group of experts in multiple fields have dedicated their lives to be part of ASG. Each one of them has their own reason behind joining and creating this initiative. However one thing is sure, their team work is without deceit.

ASG stands for assisted suicide group.

The international community has declared their attempt in organizing illegal thus they were outcasted by any means necessary. Their cause to assist in the self destruction of their customers at their own will was something that the majority couldnt comprehend let alone allow.

The controversy deemed the group to sink into the dark alleys of the black market since it was a profit organization yet they needed a place of their own. The group was sickened by the ongoing pressure and the multitude of threats by gangs and corrupt politicians which led them to having to relocate each time they had to which affected the consistency of their business and by then their monetary gain.

ASG members come from different paths in life and their knowledge covered mostly technical fields, we can cite, chemistry, anatomy of the human body, neuroscience, biology, gravity, butchery, gun expertise, and also human science such as psychology, hypnosis, philosophy, and anthropology. The group had a business and communication branch, and of course an intelligence branch. Their number was in between 50 and 100. At some point they would hire part time workers especially hitmen so they can keep themselves under secrecy and in control of their own business without any external influence.

Manus had to find a solution to the daily blackmail ASG was suffering from and which may lead to their own annihilation on a business standpoint which is bankruptcy without a doubt.

Lilith came in and found Manus very confused, not being able to finish his cup of coffee thing he always do. She asked,

What’s troubling you?

I think i might know someone who can help us but i am not sure if i can believe him.

So you have already talked to them. On what matter you doubt their proposal?

Well it is about Antarctica. Apparently there is a place there we can travel to and set up our business for a long term plan. To my knowledge no modern man has set foot there. And it doesn’t show even in the maps shared on the public archive. The person i consulted has in possession maps of the area and weather data, it appears not hostile to our usual activities. In other words climate friendly.

How much are they asking for the exchange of intelligence?

Well as you have already predicted, it is a huge amount of cash.

Manus, this might be our last chance, looks like the heavens are on our side, not only the black market is envious and is on our track on a daily basis but also the international community, human right activists and multiple religious orders. They are doing anything possible to shut us down.

Yeah exactly, but again i dont know if i can trust the guy.

Dont worry, i have in mind someone who can help us. Lets go see Plato, he is in the neighborhood. Not only that i trust him but i have already asked for his help in multiple affairs related to our duties in ASG and if i can still remember he told me one night about some polar expeditions he was member of. He told me that secret meteorological patterns existed which scientists counldnt explain nor did they share with the public. Somehow those exceptions in environment allowed the possibility of life in hostile surroundings.

At their surprise once they talked to Plato every thing seemed in order to fit the narrative of the consultant. Not only that but Plato has been already there on a part time contract with ASG.

This happened when Plato had a deal with some members of the US military to assist in their suicide, in return he asked them to help him in leading an expedition to unexplored parts of the antarctics. He needed their knowledge and most importantly a security clearance to go beyond the UN borders.

Lilith can you please sign Plato for another contract with us. And also ask the communication branch to approach the deep state in order to organize all the resources we will need to start our journey. From ships which will carry the material we need to build a base there, boat planes, ice breakers, and an authorization to cross the ocean to Antarctica, fill in scientific research as motive. And of course we will need a security clearance to go over the UN borders. I will communicate our plans to the rest of leadership.

In the next episodes, the online interface of ASG in the dark web will announce a short hiatus in offering their services which will drive some self destructive people insane, they will fall in the dark pits of Hell losing any hope of seeking their dream to leave this existence thing they couldnt accomplish alone. Also there will be mention of what lies beyond the ice walls of Antarctica, will ASG really be able to sustain their existence and business there, you might think humans are the only intelligent species on the planet but what goes around comes around.

To be continued.



End Of The World – Episode 04

The meeting of the table of counselors is about to finish soon, and since Elixirya understood very well her incapacity to charm the heads of cults in order to have a glimpse of what they are hiding, she resolved to the idea of following them.

Elixirya had always a book in one of her pockets. She is often reading. It is in these crucial times where her kind of knowledge is needed. The book she has in mind right now is a very rare book that deals with hunting passive aggressive nighttime beasts in the wild or in the desert. Our reader may want to stop me for a second to ask, why hunting and not espionage? Elixirya has not made a mistake into choosing this book from the hundreds she has in her mind. This is a very strange situation; This is something that is out of the imaginary.

Humans on earth, especially writers have always written about religions or cults, but the common knowledge is a skeptic one and even the secret books are still a mystery. You can never know if the writers under the category of the occult are willing to lure you or not, if they have altered their history or not, so for the inexperienced or for the people who have not an intimate acquaintance from within those dark circles a new method of thinking is needed.

The situation – trying to figure out the heads of cults – that is happening during non-ordinary circumstances is not to be dealt with using ordinary methods. Only individuals who got a very unrealistic thinking pattern coupled with a strange personality that still somehow falls into an alien logic are able to deal with matters that are unexplored by the reasonable human mind. The domain from within the heads of cults operate is a dark and much unknown domain. So ancient that most humans won,t dive in unless they have something inside, something feeding from the affinity they have for the dark and for the strange. Some kind of access to the other realms.

Elixirya having all of this in mind, tried to apply and also change the methods of tracking the wild nighttime beasts depending on this specific and personal case. Changing the breathing scheme, the heart beats, paying attention to the wind, to her smell, to her steps, to the attention of others, to the behavior of animals and birds and insects, hiding from time to time and keeping a distance so she won’t be noticed and so many other things that i am not willing to stress here.

Know that Elixirya did not make a mistake. Know that Elixirya used very well her knowledge even if the heads of cults knew from the beginning that she was following them. They just did not care because they are masters of their own field. Secrecy is what kept these spiritual authorities running in the shadows and they have dealt with so many human generations for hundreds of centuries.

They did not care because there is no way she will follow them to their headquarters. However she did very well in her job of following them that she made them impressed. They were impressed that a young lady could succeed so far in hiding her presence, in following them so discreetly. And not only a normal young lady but a an attractive one. They were impressed because most attractive girls, after the nuclear crisis, indulged in drugs, sex and alcohol. Most of them were suicidal and most of them have killed themselves. No one judges them because to humanity, there is no hope for the species to survive this nuclear calamity.

Elixirya is following the heads of cults. The seven heads had all of them the same instant feeling of being followed, each one depending on the kind of magic or secret knowledge they use. Except the seventh head, that mysterious and silent cult leader, we don’t know much of his commandments nor followers; He just walks and follows the other heads of cults, and never communicates with them using a conversation or any other kind of sign language. The only thing that links the six heads to the seventh head is a a very profound, otherworldly, spiritual knowing: He is one of them even if his holy book is full of white pages. They know he is one of them and that they should remain together for what follows this dying planet. The seven hooded silhouettes are now exiting into a plain area. Now Elixirya cannot follow them any further since it would be so obvious that she is behind their tracks or at least that she suspects something about them.

The moonlight is shining on this opening of the desert where no animal nor insect dwells since it is full of toxic waste and high nuclear radiations. Elixirya activated silently the customized invention – the anti-toxic-radiation – offered to her by her intimate friend, the scientist and inventor, Azgarry. She had made this invention especially for her friend, even under the lethal constraint: No one should use this equipment apart from the head of the one government ruling the planet. Not even scientists.

Now no long building is hiding the cenobites, the great naked deserted land has shown their game and they cannot hide it any longer. They have gathered and are willing to attain a certain destination, against the rules made by the table of counselors,

They are walking,

Into the desert they are walking,

Under the moonlight they are still walking,

But behold,

What is this?

“An instant storm, here, now? Impossible…” Elixirya thought surprised and added,

“This strange storm was not mentioned in the weather forecast nor it is its season. What is more strange, the storm is not touching nor the sky nor the ground. I would better keep watching”

The cenobites are headed towards the eerie storm. In one instant, they have all disappeared leaving no track behind. No footsteps nothing. Elixirya so surprised and without having a second thought she rushed into the location of the storm. The storm is now disappearing.

Elixirya, now that she is next to the fading storm, started feeling an abrupt anxiety. She is trying to calm herself.

“I know I have made a mistake into coming here, into this naked land, I have left the buildings that were hiding me, I have acted carelessly without really thinking. This might be a lure. I hope this is not a trick of the old men. Oh God, I don’t want to be sacrificed nor offered as a rotten bloody meal to some invisible deity”

“This is strange, I have calmed myself but I still feel like something is wrong, why is this storm not fading completely? I feel a strange presence behind me but I am frozen, I can’t look back, I can barely move my head a bit to see a shadow behind me, but may be this is my imagination, some kind of hallucination because I am fearing to be discovered”

“Oh God, something is moving under the ground, this is impossible, no beast dwells here”

Slowly and surely, three snake heads are getting out from the ground, and to Elixirya’s surprise, it was one snake with three heads, and its tail is ringing making an annoying infernal chant.

Shassisss Echaaassseet Sochiissshhhh
Ashheee Sasseech Chashessch Sasss

“What the fuck is this, what is this deformed snake, why it is not paying attention to me, why is it looking behind me? Ah the shadow”

Two lurking serpentine big eyes were casted on the shadow behind Elixirya. Elixirya felt an outer voice inside her. What the shadow did not know is that Elixirya even if she is not a spiritual person she had a very deep knowledge on how her mind operates. She is the kind of person who is constantly analyzing others and her own thoughts. Elixiriya after knowing for certain that something is trying to interrupt and deconstruct her inner confidence, she used one of the chess algorithms she used to read about in order to cast these thoughts out. These algorithms were made in order to predict all the possibilities of your opponent and thus think of a winning alternative. Moreover the advantage she had is that her mind is her own intellectual environment. No other psychic being can invade her but her own. Usually psychic entities will try to destroy your awareness of being self-conscious or they ll inject extreme fear in order to manipulate you or just drive you insane. After a series of thoughts, and anti-thoughts, Elixirya won the psychological constraint put on her by her foe. Elixirya turned herself towards the shadow, she calmed herself down, cause the eyes reminded her of Ibchaliss. Plus the presence she felt was similar to his since she remembers the way his energy feels very well.

“Very nice mind game Ibchaliss hehe I am sure you have made millions join your infernal cult and follow your commands by using this lame trick. Anyway I am not denying the fact that I was so scared. Tell me, do they know I have followed you?”

“Shiiisss Sashhh Sheesss”

“I don’t understand your language. Seriously, do you think this is the right time for teasing me?”

“Look at the three headed snake he will speak in my behalf”

The snake stopped ringing, and then each head spelled a letter, the whole thing was heard like what follows. It was so hard for Elixirya to fill the blanks but she is the kind of person to complete other’s sentences and even read their lip movements.

The three headed snake spoke and said,

“I myself am followed, they hear me, they know me.

A great danger is awaiting you.

Go look For Senssssssss

You fool…

The presence of Ibchaliss has vanished. Elixirya instantly calmed down, the storm disappeared, and the three headed snake went into the ground, but tail first, then the three heads followed.

Who or what is Senssss? What is the danger following Elixirya? Why Ibchalliss has decided to keep her alive? Why gave her a hint into finding something or meeting someone?

Elixirya did not express her fear nor had she let it stop her from asking this newly identified familiar. Because she knew if Ibchaliss wanted to kill her he would have done it earlier. Since she is smart she knew she had succeeded his test and that he wants her for something. Ibchaliss needs Elixirya but what for?

To be continued.

End Of The World – Part I

This is a story of the future. There is a belief that someone from the future had made contact with a local from our life time. This local resident was willing to confide in me.

Planet Earth survived the international nuclear war. Survived remains still a vague term because if you look in to the state of nature you will notice a major degeneration. There is only two seasons and they are covering the whole planet: The nuclear fall and summer. Each week millions of people die. The people left alive are mostly mutants, deformed or disabled they are no good to anyone and to their turn count the days before their certain death. Animals, insects, birds and fish have known the same fate. Their genetic code has been altered hence new forms of beings emerged. The number of healthy humans who did not get affected by the nuclear calamity is in the scale of ten millions based on a worldwide statistics.

There is only one government ruling the planet. The heads of this authority are the offspring of the ones who ruled the world in the shadows decades ago. Now their identities are known to the public. They are ex-members of the earliest leading industries, the military, oil, alcohol and cigarettes, medicine and the meat industry. Others are ex-heads of the biggest financial organizations and of course ex-godfathers who kept their business in the black market over the entire world. People who have made it to this governing table have now the greatest responsibility, a weight that no one has ever lifted before.

The execution of the decisions and policies should be passed over the table of counselors. They hold the last word on these political matters. Either they will accept or deny. This table gathers different philosophers, artists, intellectuals, and the heads of the lasting cults who somehow maintained their authority and might over the decades.

The state of affairs during this critical age is a bit different from what the human history have witnessed. The universal values which humans have always fought for had been diminished and altered. Human rights are no longer a flag you will hold high or defend during court trials.

There is this wave of darkness that invaded each human heart. The secrets of creation have been unveiled. Every human before sleep gets awestruck by a vision, a dark sky, a dark sea, and a fading celestial object. May be a moon, may be a planet, or a star.

The underlying confidence of the heads of government has been lost. All that has been left is a mask of sanity. Behind the mask, every charismatic figure has lost their mind. They all think the same but don’t have the courage to share it.

“Life now is pointless. You are powerless. Millions of people die each year because of their weak immunity systems. Our bodies will soon know the same fate. The new scientific inventions that we are using to maintain or prolong our life time are not that efficient. No hope is left and there is no place where to hide. Our race will be exterminated and no one will be able to stop this calamity. Our lives are pointless. This game will end soon.”

The philosophers are on the same boat. Something that never happened before. Philosophy has always been the representation of the multitude of schools of thoughts. Now their ideas are the same. No question has been left to wonder.

“It is all clear now. This natural instinct of survival was a hoax. How come people of the past were motivated by this lame and insane idea? There is no need or motive to protect one’s life.”

Away from the table of counselors, the heads of cults have appointed a secret meeting. This round table in the shadows has seven chairs. Every authority has brought a copy of their own holy scriptures. They have all agreed on making a new sacred book. The book will contain only one chapter. And it should be inspired by elements of their cult beliefs. These elements will be featured only for the purpose of denial. The last verses were:

“In order to swim into the dark sea
In order to look up at the dark sky
In order to reach the fading astral object
We have to end our existence on this dying world
We have to end it for once and all
We have to leave soon”

To be continued.



CHAPTER I – A Suffocating pork under water

While lying down on my tomb, I thought I have heard something,

“The boy who never lived comes to die”,

“I am going to die with or without her”. The child shouted to the man who got no hair on his head, a snake figure was seen over his showing skull. The man wearing a black cloak couldn’t be seen by others, but still got a very strong hold on the child.

Childhood was a period in my life that somehow defines who I am in the core of my self. I was so scared of demons, and always frightened to my bones when the night comes. Less than twenty years after, I will witness my first apparition inside a house that is told to be haunted on a very far away land, lands of my ancestors. Ten years later, paranormal experiences have proven to be very rare but not with a lesser influence. The last one was in the end of 2015. I am seeing demonic or altered human faces the moment I put myself on the pillow, followed by loud auditory hallucinations, laughs and hearing a very weird language, but with a strong spelling filled with a very frightening emotion. These recent paranormal experiences did not start randomly. They were for a couple of weeks, the very last weeks of 2015. Panic attacks were sitting just under my skin, I fought them with all what I have got left of inner strength. However each time I met her, the night after I would feel a very powerful dark energy. I somehow expected that to happen, not before, but the right moment I felt that dark energy I got a clue on its possibility. The first night was unique, because the dream was not a silent one, I have heard a very powerful drum beat, tribal drum beats we usually hear before a ritualistic sacrifice. While I was given the choice to stay or continue the dream, I was representing the projection of my own self. The more I stayed in there, the more the symphony of the beats changed to become more and more dark and scary. Here he comes, puts her on the ground, hold his knife and points it violently around her submissive body, she can’t move, now he hold the knife in the air, looks at me, and yells like someone who got himself into a frenzy, in that right moment, I felt a terrible fear, a near death fear, he is going to kill her and himself after, I have received a very life threatening and traumatic signal, I still had the choice to keep watching but I forced myself to wake up.

The child – while the man with the snake figure was surprised – used his bare hands to strangle the pork under water, squeals of that filthy beast were terrifying, but not to the child, he still got his grip on the pork, until no sound was heard. The man with the dark cloak did not like the scenery; the child is now staring at him with a deadly stare.

“You are in the presence of the dark lord, never raise those eyes on me, or I will disgrace your soul” I don’t see him no more; He just disappeared out of the blue.

As I looked for him in the forest, I have found a lake, I can see a strange pale kid, all covered in blood, he is in the middle of the water, and in his right hand, a pork’s head. I asked him, how did you manage to slice the throat of that giant pork, how did you manage to win over him with only your bare hands, he starred at me with the same anger he got a while ago in the presence of the snake, and repeated,

“I am willing to die with or without her”.

To be continued.


Published on my FB: Sunday, 28 February 2016

Thiloom. My Beastly Servant

Glad that I have gored the goat to death. The growling that I have heard afterwards was not from pain but of rage. It was not coming from its opened throat. The corpse was lying down breathless. Fear started overcoming me for it was late night, exactly, the witching hour. Right then, I knew I had to begin the invocation.

Let the gates of hell open

Hails to the underworld

Accept my offering and give me what I have always asked for

A familiar from the dark lands,

A beast kept under an infernal vow

A vow of eternal servitude and unconditional obedience

Suddenly, a ghostly figure strangely appeared behind the sign on sand. It spoke and said:

“Koligtee, Gholly, Thiloom”

My servant will be a ghoul, named Thiloom, that I ll receive the night after.

Somehow in front of my tomb, I have found a cradle sheltering an unidentified dark little creature, a faceless infant ghoul. I feel an extreme joy and I thank the coven of witches from the bottom of my rotten heart for they have finally accepted my solemn request.

My new purpose now is to take care of my baby ghoul, feed it with dead flesh I ll collect from the graveyard till it becomes stronger and stronger, and tame it to my best of my abilities so it won’t make any mistake while obeying my orders, for I am the master of this infernal beast. I ll not make the dark coven regret such a generous gesture of theirs.

From now on I ll serve evil and make rituals from the blood of my future preys. My commands will depend on my mood. It will depend on the stars and on the moon phases.

Thiloom, run, harm and feed.

Thiloom , track, hunt and bring alive.

Each night, I wake up after sunset then I check on Thiloom. Thiloom is becoming stronger. I can sense that its thirst for blood has grown and hunger for human flesh has developed. I cannot hide the voices I hear inside my head, I cannot ignore them. They say,

Oh you servant of the darkness, Oh you pathetic servant, your time has clearly come, haven’t you noticed the new glare in Thiloom’s eyes, haven’t you started sensing its hatred towards you, you have not much time left, bow down near the northern well and gave us your soul with dignity or we ll command Thiloom to do it.

I cannot ignore these alien thoughts, but in the same time, I am the father of this beast. I am the master. I ll deceive the coven and run away with Thiloom. May be they have altered its loyalty to me, I have to run away to another land, may be overseas. Oh I hear something crawling behind, this is impossible; I have checked the chains of Thiloom earlier, how come? Maybe I am thinking too much.

Oh no, this cannot be, oh, Aaaaaarghhh.

Frightening screams. Crying and hopeless laughter. This is Insane. I do not recognize my self anymore. I am in full submission while falling on my knees in front of this huge beast. My dear Thiloom has become a stranger with the, one and only, instinct to kill.

Tonight was the same night Thiloom was brought to life by the coven, and now all I can see, is a bloody and deathly scenery. Thiloom feeding on the guts of its master, I the narrator can smell that disgusting feast, yet I can see how delighted Thiloom has become, the first smile on a faceless head. The killing of his master was one of the most brutal savage acts I have ever witnessed. Skull smashed, throat dissected, eyes swallowed, penis thrown to fire, flesh eaten, and bones destroyed. All what is left is a bunch of guts lying on the ground. Weirdly enough, Thiloom keeps vomiting them whenever they make way inside its infernal stomach.

I watch my own murder in disgust and pain, I plunge into despair and I wait for my final judgment. I feel the bitter regret of what is awaiting for me. A similar fate within the district of Hell.

Side Note:

The second meaningful long conversation was initiated by her after a long while of disappearance. She asked anonymously, how is your writing doing. In that same time I had a feeling it was her but i had a slight doubt. I replied with the first part of this humble story. A story of pain was her departure to an unknown fate to me, and all I could do is an attempt to live off her memory. I wrote this story from notes I had written by hand a long time ago, and each time, I think, the first deliverance was in time of a reunion, so may be completing this story and publishing it may grant me a chance of some sort. Hopefully, some kind of a second reunion.

Art is sacred and shall be. Art defies reason but keeps you dreaming. And all I do is I keep dreaming.


Wiktoria. A Northern Tale. Part I

I wanted to write a northern story… while getting inspired by her and by the world she once let me discover with her…

Could i really write something about the dead white nature ?

The breeze, the freeze, the white of the snow on the huge and majestic trees ?

Could i write on how it is to live inside an isolated house in some holy northern mountain ?

Could i describe what it feels like to make hot tea in that silent dead nature ?

May be hearing some crows from time to time, or may be watching a shy deer coming across the door for food may be or just for curiosity.

Could i ever pretend playing my guitar trying to approach some dark metallic sounds, while screaming like an abused male, someone who just got forced into something he dislikes the most, not he but more of his mature and respectable he ?

Could i ever describe you how that cracking suffering voice in shame sounds like ? while having visions of that sick and irritable situation.

Could i ever show you how i made inner babies cry while being born into unwanted art i make ? unwanted sounds ? unwanted words ? and unwanted drawings, just lines crossing, dark lines all over the whiteness of the snow.

Is it all white here ?

While i tried to make my gaze cover a more wider view i have noticed a black dead tree, a majestic scary tall dead black tree.

Strangely enough i can see a dark silhouette making its way down to the snow.

I guess something was living within the darkness of that tree

Now she is approaching

She is because i guess what i am seeing now is a female body or should i say shadow, since her clothing is all black. A beautiful kind of black, or may be the texture of that long dress makes it more tempting.

Now that she is more and more closer
I can see her pale face
I can see here big eyes,
Omg she got that killing stare
That killing polish stare
Here she is, the queen of darkness
On the door steps of my lonely house
Waiting for me to let her in
I feel like i know her
She is that polish girl i once knew, or i once thought i knew
Somehow i feel speechless
I can’t write about her all the things i have in mind and heart
The only thing i know, is that don’t know how it feels like to be with her in the same space
That is why i think i feel so insecure letting her in.

Is it really her ? i am afraid that i have invited some dark entity that lived for years and years inside that dark tree and that somehow that dark creature of the shadows knew what form to take, a human form, and a from of who ? the form of the polish girl i thought once i knew…

Let me dream
Let me create my dream
Let me pretend i am the owner of my dream

And yet we still get inspired by our own imagination with some content from reality
What if the imagination is another world we connect with ?
What if we do exist somewhere else,

Another way of being…

By Tef.