My Commentaries On Verses: entry003

“Recite unto them the tale of the one to whom We have sent Our signs, but he sloughed them off, so Evil overtook him and he became one of those who went astray.
And had We willed We could have raised him by their means, but he clung to the earth and followed his own lust. Therefor his likeness is as the likeness of a dog: if thou attackest him he gasps, and if thou leavest him he gasps. Such is the likeness of the people who deny Our revelations. Narrate unto them the history that perhaps they may take thought.
Wrong is the example of the folk who denied Our revelations, and misguide their own selves.
Whom Allah doth guide,- is on the right path: whom He rejects from His guidance,- such are the persons who perish.
Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle – nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful.”


[My thoughts]

Our journey on planet Earth is full of signs. Divine signs. Would it be signs of nature, signs of social happenings, or just inner revelations. Those signs if reflected upon enough and with the help of the divine may shine within and thus shine upon the path that is in front. Just for a while you can follow the light within the darkness of existence and get closer one step ahead to the truth. Denial of the signs is what led the human to be an easy prey for Evil. God in the verse states that his will is related to what came of the human in denial. What most people ignore is that the will of God is related to his divine wisdom and kindness. Herein is an example. God is able to summon the divine within the human being in order to follow his path, but only if the human makes an effort into following the encountered signs. One might wonder why would the human being deny the word or spirit of God under the form of signs, it is mentioned in the verse that the reason is clinging to earthly matters, but if we think more deeply we would understand that the ego of the human is what led him into following his own pleasure and philosophy instead of submitting to the truth shown in the signs. For recognition of the divine in the signs and denial that comes after is only the proof for the will of man or woman to not follow the divine. Thus God will not summon fully the divine within man nor woman because they have proved their allegiance to their own ego for the sake of earthly matters. Still the kindness of God wont gave up and will ask his messenger, Mohammad PBUH to tell and remind his people these stories in the hope of change. May be one day man or woman will acknowledge their denial and then seek the truth again after repentance. The last verses give us an image of the walls that are built against one’s true perception. These walls are the result and also the manifestation of neglect in the face of the divine encounter. Encounter of the signs that is indeed man, woman, or Jinn’s duty to perceive, think through, and by then follow. If not Hell will be their everlasting dwelling.



An Inner Journey: October Is Near

Side Note: The last part of this writing is a lucid dream i had during the last days of the holy month of Ramadan. A first of this degree.

While trying to find a way to handle or to control this abrupt unbalance of my inner well-being, i have found myself looking for a hidden trail. It was not my intention to look for it in the beginning. On the contrary, I tried to forget about its existence. At that time, It did not exist at all. Somehow, and against my will, signs started showing. Hints that proved its strong chance to manifest itself as a ruling pattern: The dreary visions of life. Not life as the whole living creation since nature still holds its grip on my soul, flushing my inner temple with such a soothing tranquility. Nature, one of my rare possible escapades. At this point I am still on the surface of things. I did not dive in enough nor I took distance from within to perceive them as merely visions. Unfortunately they still seemed related to the real world, representing my actual physical surrounding.

While in the middle of this unfaithfulness, I asked my self, how can I come back to my root self: The ancient and ethereal being? Have I ever made contact with it? Am I just the pilling up of solely earthly matter and a poor track of fading memories? Have I forgotten what all of this is about? I keep starring at these tired, cold human faces and bending backs. Hollow creatures as they appear to be. I keep telling myself, am I not one of them? However, in each time I know and feel that something is lacking… Is this a curse? Have I done something wrong?

I am still skeptic to all of this however I still feel like my magic is disappearing or rather leaking. I have the impression that I am turning slowly into a hollow vessel. Is there someone here? Is there someone? I need to find the key to my hidden tomb, I need to touch my astral body, I need to open the gates of the surreal…
And there in front, stood three icy, thin and tall identic mountains. I am walking on a wooden alley. A very cool air is caressing me. In my right, some Asian carps swimming, and a small floating wooden vapor machine. In my left, green and thick short bushes. I can feel the cold of the clouds facing me, but behind my back, at my right, I hear a movement. I feel a presence, a dark one. As I turn my head I am confronted to a shady stare, having the appearance of a man, I have the certainty it is not. Deep inside, there is a strong knowing that it ain’t what it seems to be. The shadows are lurking in his side and suspicious stare. The intruder is here. I shall wake up now and disappear from this other-worldly existence.

A stronger and crucial reality still and had always existed elsewhere… And will always be till and after the end of times…



My Commentaries On Verses: entry001

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature; Then We return him to the lowest of the low, except for those who believe and do good.” Ch95-Quran.

My commentary: The creation of the human being reached almost perfection in the Heavens. Once on planet earth, a temporary stay, the human being is left to his carnal desires, doomed and chained to the absurdity of such a low form of life. So shallow. There is only one way for the faithful to ascend. The only way is to let go of the ego for the servitude of goodness. A hardest task indeed for all i think of is inflicting the pain i feel each day.


My Commentaries On Verses: entry002

“And he whose sight is dim to the remembrance of the most Gracious, We assign unto him an evil one who becomes his intimate companion. And most surely they turn them away from the path, and yet they deem they are on the right one. Until when he comes to Us, he says, O would that between me and you there were the distance of the two horizons, East and West. You were such a worst companion indeed; It will not profit you this day, because you did wrong, that you will be sharers in the doom.”


My commentary: Evil can be a human being or a spiritual being. My contempt for the extrovert leads me to not highlight its case down here. I will only underline the unseen case.

Manly P. Hall once said, “The soul, ultimately disappointed in human relationships, must turn from its attachment to outward forms and bestow its affection upon those imperishable truths which alone can satisfy man’s yearnings.”.

Reaching and looking for the imperishable truths with honesty is not an easy task indeed. In the context of the verse, it is the remembrance of God.

Here you will find yourself a guest amongst your other selves in the inner world. You ll find yourself amidst a broad wave of directions. The thing about the inner temple is that you can never know who is you and who is not. Who is a result of a divided self and who comes from the unseen world. After years of isolation on this planet, you must start recognizing the voices. Alien voices. They all use the same manipulation technique. The self centered one. The ego. They will make you think you are the best of the best. Or they will criticize you of being the weakest of the weak. With time you will acquaint them and know more about their nature. a selfish nature indeed. Only death will be the judge of such companionship.