A Play: The Closed Room

Prequel: Monologue behind fallen curtains


God, why have you made death so loaded with fear? God, why have you made death linked to a story of suffering? Why do we see most people before dying having the facial expression of pain? Have you made this design with the intention to keep our eyes focused in life rather than death? But still it is the most certain truth in this universe, that every thing or one we see has the ability to vanish and no longer be. My concern my lord goes with this extreme urge to leave this existence but still i cannot do it. Do you feel me God, do you know how much i ache inside?

I guess all of this is related to the dream i saw a couple of nights before. I wanted to cross the railways but suddenly the train came into my direction racing so violently, once i tried to escape it, another train came racing from the other direction, so i kneeled down in the middle and tried to hide in between under something. I felt the pressure of air in between the two racing trains. I was so afraid and did not think i would remain still in the middle. I thought i wld be crushed to death. Is this what do you wanted me to see? A train from life to death, a transition towards the end that is so hard to bear, and a train from death to life, another transition that is so hard to bear. God, you think i am stuck in the middle ? And that lung and heart pressure i felt in the dream, is it what i am experiencing recently? An extreme agony and despair …

If only you did not make the fate of self destruction an eternal journey in Hell. If only you have made death empty of suffering. I would have taken my life gladly and without any further delay … God, everything i see around me in this life you have taken the care to make easy for me are things i cannot relate to. EVeryone seems like they have important things to do and carry on living, but me God, why am i here? Waking up in the middle of the night like an insane. I am still awake in this cold darkness but cant go back to sleep. Thoughts and feelings of sorrow are so loud inside. God, I cannot relate to this physical realm nor social life nor professional life. Believe me with all due respect i am grateful for all what you have given me without any effort from my side. It is just that i am so weak and cant take it anymore…


Act I

– I want to meet with God.
– Who are you, you lower form of life?
– Since you are asking it means I am not speaking with God. But since you replied I will answer you. I, indeed, am a low form of life, thus I do not think I should be named. I believe I am no-one.
– Funny thing, if you are no-one why do you want to meet with its holiness. Before you even reply you should be more considerate when approaching any kind of answer. Think before letting words flow off your filthy facial opening. In case you won’t just vanish and save us the trouble. Don’t make it double Ha! Just vanish. You poor being, pathetic humans are always needy and noisy. I have got enough of your recurrent prayers and crying.
– I, no-one, I, no-thing, would welcome your threats with open arms. I know I am unable to endure a great deal of torture. But, I, dare you to try. Who do you think yourself you are ? To talk with me, no-one, under that tone and with such rudeness. I must slay you and make you beg me before my feet if I could. You are but a creation of God, as my self.
– How, poor human, could you use such a language addressing me in my presence.
– I ask God almighty to protect me from you. You must be a fragment of my inner voice, or may be just another evil spirit. You, vanish now. Again, and again, I will say it out loud and keep repeating my demand till the doors of the third sky would open and bring me what I seek… I want to meet with God. I want to meet with God.
I can feel a huge amount of a frightening energy. It is not dark nor evil but I can sense a presence. Something not human but highly powerful. Something alien to me is manifesting itself within this white closed room. What the hell? A white costume? An androgynous face! Wearing a white and classy human clothing. What a beautiful face. But how can this skinny, curvy and tall being, human-like, having a white hat hiding its right eye, the left eye looking down, can have such a tremendous energy? An attractive thigh on the other thigh, one knee on another, a very charming female posture. Who are you, beautiful being ? I know you are not human. Why do I feel such a fear before you inside this closed white room? Who are you?


Act II

This being did not move its head, they keep their stare lowered. They did not move their pale lips, yet i can hear them speak, talking to me i guess. What a strong voice. I can feel my whole inner tremble, similar to a church’s rings.
– Why have you made such a noise in the third sky? who are you, lower being?
– I, am, no-one. I, am, no-thing.
– Why such a neediness, why such a very low self esteem, why all of this drama and extreme demand for attention? You know, us managers of the cosmos and nature, are busy keeping everything in balance as God almighty has ordered us to do. We live to serve him but you are making us delay more important matters and other celestial affairs. What do you want and keep it short. Know that you cannot meet with God the almighty, though you can still pray, he will certainly and surely hear you.
– Why cannot i meet with God? i cannot go any further with all this weight i am carrying. I can no longer do this. I am going to end my existence.
– Poor human, that is indeed your own fate, why are you bringing your lamentation to my presence, me the white servant.
– I do not know how to do any thing else than crying my own sorrow to sleep. I have no where else to go. I have no one else to seek for my request. I cannot endure all this inner pain, the struggle is unbearable thus i want to quit life. This existence is so hard for me to experience.
– Poor human, it seems to me that you have lost your way. You are indeed lusting unknowingly after suffering. May be you are just insane. I won’t have pity on your soul. Go burn in Hell. Since i can smell how rotten has become your spirit of sin. You slave of your own carnal desires. You stink and it is driving me crazy. I have to vanish. I cannot be within the presence of such a lower form of life. You, no-one, consider yourself lucky for i did not slay you.

Thus the white being has disappeared. I feel so bad, i feel so bad about my self. My heart and lungs are crushing. I cannot even pronounce the word, i cannot say the name of the lord. Oh lord, what a cursed being i have become. Oh lord, i am so weak…

The closed room i am in is starting to lose its whiteness and i am beginning to feel like if the room is falling. It is falling, this feeling reminds me of an elevator going down below. The speed of the fall is becoming so high. I cannot resist the extreme pressure i am feeling right now! Oh Lord, what an amount of pain i am feeling right now. It is becoming so unbearable, may be i am dying…

It stopped. I am opening my eyes right now. To my surprise the white closed room is no longer white. It has become black. And behold, there is a red bloody creature, human-like, sitting in the corner facing me. Lowering their gaze wearing an evil grin. Their black lips are pressured by very long and sharp fangs. Those scary teeth seem like if they were covered by blood. The skin of this creature is dark red, and they are wearing a red human costume. Only the lips are black. I can hear them speak now, but all what i hear are babies crying. The pressure i felt before during the fall has disappeared but still, i cannot pretend that i am at ease being with this never seen before dark creature. The baby crying has stopped. Who are you, you red being ? Are you holding bad intentions towards me? Are you willing to hurt me ?



– Welcome to the third earth, lower form of life. This is a part of the underworld. We are sorry we have made you suffer on planet Earth. Actually, we have only whispered into your ear, you did believe and thus made your faith into your less importance greater. But trust me, your existence does not matter at all.
– Why are you explaining this to me, what is a no-being like me to you? i am indeed a no-thing that prays to be crushed and ended with.
-We, spirits of the dark, know you. We do value your suffering, your pain and sorrow. You are so pathetic. We intend to see you in more despair actually. Ha! We wanted to have a little fun with you here, or with what remains of you here. Me and other infernal incarnations like and enjoy seeing you in such a pain. It is so funny to see no-one take their own life. We believe it is so entertaining.
– Being the object of entertainment is your own business. Answer me, creature, why are you here?
– The question you should be asking instead is why are you, the no-thing here.
– I wanted to meet with the lord.
– Why so ?
– I couldn’t bear this existence, on this planet. It is so hard.
– What do you think will happen if you ever got the chance to meet with the lord ? You already stink of sin. You, no-one, know that the unclean is not welcome up there. However, you are here now right ? This is your place slave. Here down below within the third earth. Now stop speaking and know the value of your self. Accept it, feel it and believe in it deep inside you. Such inverted faith will come handy during your intimate moments of pain. Behold, i will carry you to your personal well. The well of despair. Follow me poor human.

I can no longer see the black walls that formed the closed room. I feel an extreme heat while i am still following the long oscillating tail that is in front me. Erect sometimes it slaps me so fast to bring me to the left path. I enjoyed those nostalgic hits for they have reminded me of my true nature, a slave of pain, me the no-one, me the no-thing.

I can see now the malefic well of despair. It is full of stinky swamp. I can see the chains waiting for me deep inside.

– Welcome, slave, burry yourself hear poor human. You can cry as long as you wish, you pathetic, shout for help if you desire since no one will hear you, or hurt yourself and weep continuously.

Welcome to your well of despair.
Erase all what you have left of dignity
Sink into the disgusting swamp
Lock yourself with those heavy chains
Burry yourself deep within
Suffer and self destruct eternally
You, no-thing, for you are indeed a failure
You, no-one, for you are indeed insane

They have vanished. I did as they have commanded me to do. I am down below the well crying my own agony and lack of might. From time to time feeling hurt keeps me conscious. From time to time i see up there and all i can see are black clouds and red lightening. I don’t know how much i can remain here. I don’t even know if i am still alive.




Walking Towards One’s Death

There is nothing in the future
There is no tomorrow really
All is but a piling up of meaninglessness

The absurd is real.
The absurd is existence in itself

Many have written about happiness as a humane virtue
Most writers under the dark catalogue were known to not be miserable but rather successful pioneers of their life time
I am here to be a witness of the misery of being alive
This same statement is personal in itself indeed
For I have wandered on this land and wondered about social existence but I have found no remedy

I speak with the tongue of the romantic who have grown up only to believe that all these facades of reality are but in vain

Nothing to be extracted from this journey. I recall being a teen in middle school, I was asked to make a sentence in French so I told the teacher:

Since my childhood I used to spend a while from night time looking at the stars

So her cheeks turned red for her skin was white like snow then she replied with a tender smile,

Ah ! you are romantic …

I was so shy because I did not understand what it really meant but still I did not know what this word would bring me …

Nothing but suffering indeed

So I told myself that one’s only path is a journey towards death

This confession is ironic.

While conversations of strangers around me did not make any sense, they seem so focused and in agreement with each other about the importance of earthly matters. Why would someone make plans for his or her future for it means nothing really. Whether it would be a professional carrier or study. It just means nothing and does not need all the drama around it

I praised silence and despair
I stayed locked inside
For outside only brought me regret

Should I complain or not
Should I hold writers from the romantic era responsible of my own life
The only answer I hear whenever I go further in life, whenever I climb the steps of social/professional success

All of this is pointless

Walk towards your death son and pray your lord that he will not throw you to the eternal fire

For the judgment day is surely coming and you got nothing but your ego which will step on your soul and drive it straight down to Hell



The Inner Quake

Each night i see my end
Romance was a hidden faith indeed
A faith that i had to keep out of my inner tempel
Keep out the dreams keep out the delusions

Then inner quakes followed
Unknowingly i couldn’t stay still inside
For all the walls and gates weres collapsing
I wake up again
In night or dawn i do. It is dark indeed
The walls stood still. The sun is below the east and am lost indeed

What is this thing called life
Mine is so linked to these images i see now
I see myself flirting with death inside a car
I see terror pain and this time i am the one driving
There will be no tomorrow
There will be nothing new
All will remain the same
The veils are still covering the tragic end

There is nothing but only sole images of suffering
This world i see is a world of strangled emotions
I see throats opening to despair
I see lungs closing with no air

This is the end
But we ll let you alive this time
So you can feel the pain
Again and again
For you have left the right path


End Of The World – Episode 04

The meeting of the table of counselors is about to finish soon, and since Elixirya understood very well her incapacity to charm the heads of cults in order to have a glimpse of what they are hiding, she resolved to the idea of following them.

Elixirya had always a book in one of her pockets. She is often reading. It is in these crucial times where her kind of knowledge is needed. The book she has in mind right now is a very rare book that deals with hunting passive aggressive nighttime beasts in the wild or in the desert. Our reader may want to stop me for a second to ask, why hunting and not espionage? Elixirya has not made a mistake into choosing this book from the hundreds she has in her mind. This is a very strange situation; This is something that is out of the imaginary.

Humans on earth, especially writers have always written about religions or cults, but the common knowledge is a skeptic one and even the secret books are still a mystery. You can never know if the writers under the category of the occult are willing to lure you or not, if they have altered their history or not, so for the inexperienced or for the people who have not an intimate acquaintance from within those dark circles a new method of thinking is needed.

The situation – trying to figure out the heads of cults – that is happening during non-ordinary circumstances is not to be dealt with using ordinary methods. Only individuals who got a very unrealistic thinking pattern coupled with a strange personality that still somehow falls into an alien logic are able to deal with matters that are unexplored by the reasonable human mind. The domain from within the heads of cults operate is a dark and much unknown domain. So ancient that most humans won,t dive in unless they have something inside, something feeding from the affinity they have for the dark and for the strange. Some kind of access to the other realms.

Elixirya having all of this in mind, tried to apply and also change the methods of tracking the wild nighttime beasts depending on this specific and personal case. Changing the breathing scheme, the heart beats, paying attention to the wind, to her smell, to her steps, to the attention of others, to the behavior of animals and birds and insects, hiding from time to time and keeping a distance so she won’t be noticed and so many other things that i am not willing to stress here.

Know that Elixirya did not make a mistake. Know that Elixirya used very well her knowledge even if the heads of cults knew from the beginning that she was following them. They just did not care because they are masters of their own field. Secrecy is what kept these spiritual authorities running in the shadows and they have dealt with so many human generations for hundreds of centuries.

They did not care because there is no way she will follow them to their headquarters. However she did very well in her job of following them that she made them impressed. They were impressed that a young lady could succeed so far in hiding her presence, in following them so discreetly. And not only a normal young lady but a an attractive one. They were impressed because most attractive girls, after the nuclear crisis, indulged in drugs, sex and alcohol. Most of them were suicidal and most of them have killed themselves. No one judges them because to humanity, there is no hope for the species to survive this nuclear calamity.

Elixirya is following the heads of cults. The seven heads had all of them the same instant feeling of being followed, each one depending on the kind of magic or secret knowledge they use. Except the seventh head, that mysterious and silent cult leader, we don’t know much of his commandments nor followers; He just walks and follows the other heads of cults, and never communicates with them using a conversation or any other kind of sign language. The only thing that links the six heads to the seventh head is a a very profound, otherworldly, spiritual knowing: He is one of them even if his holy book is full of white pages. They know he is one of them and that they should remain together for what follows this dying planet. The seven hooded silhouettes are now exiting into a plain area. Now Elixirya cannot follow them any further since it would be so obvious that she is behind their tracks or at least that she suspects something about them.

The moonlight is shining on this opening of the desert where no animal nor insect dwells since it is full of toxic waste and high nuclear radiations. Elixirya activated silently the customized invention – the anti-toxic-radiation – offered to her by her intimate friend, the scientist and inventor, Azgarry. She had made this invention especially for her friend, even under the lethal constraint: No one should use this equipment apart from the head of the one government ruling the planet. Not even scientists.

Now no long building is hiding the cenobites, the great naked deserted land has shown their game and they cannot hide it any longer. They have gathered and are willing to attain a certain destination, against the rules made by the table of counselors,

They are walking,

Into the desert they are walking,

Under the moonlight they are still walking,

But behold,

What is this?

“An instant storm, here, now? Impossible…” Elixirya thought surprised and added,

“This strange storm was not mentioned in the weather forecast nor it is its season. What is more strange, the storm is not touching nor the sky nor the ground. I would better keep watching”

The cenobites are headed towards the eerie storm. In one instant, they have all disappeared leaving no track behind. No footsteps nothing. Elixirya so surprised and without having a second thought she rushed into the location of the storm. The storm is now disappearing.

Elixirya, now that she is next to the fading storm, started feeling an abrupt anxiety. She is trying to calm herself.

“I know I have made a mistake into coming here, into this naked land, I have left the buildings that were hiding me, I have acted carelessly without really thinking. This might be a lure. I hope this is not a trick of the old men. Oh God, I don’t want to be sacrificed nor offered as a rotten bloody meal to some invisible deity”

“This is strange, I have calmed myself but I still feel like something is wrong, why is this storm not fading completely? I feel a strange presence behind me but I am frozen, I can’t look back, I can barely move my head a bit to see a shadow behind me, but may be this is my imagination, some kind of hallucination because I am fearing to be discovered”

“Oh God, something is moving under the ground, this is impossible, no beast dwells here”

Slowly and surely, three snake heads are getting out from the ground, and to Elixirya’s surprise, it was one snake with three heads, and its tail is ringing making an annoying infernal chant.

Shassisss Echaaassseet Sochiissshhhh
Ashheee Sasseech Chashessch Sasss

“What the fuck is this, what is this deformed snake, why it is not paying attention to me, why is it looking behind me? Ah the shadow”

Two lurking serpentine big eyes were casted on the shadow behind Elixirya. Elixirya felt an outer voice inside her. What the shadow did not know is that Elixirya even if she is not a spiritual person she had a very deep knowledge on how her mind operates. She is the kind of person who is constantly analyzing others and her own thoughts. Elixiriya after knowing for certain that something is trying to interrupt and deconstruct her inner confidence, she used one of the chess algorithms she used to read about in order to cast these thoughts out. These algorithms were made in order to predict all the possibilities of your opponent and thus think of a winning alternative. Moreover the advantage she had is that her mind is her own intellectual environment. No other psychic being can invade her but her own. Usually psychic entities will try to destroy your awareness of being self-conscious or they ll inject extreme fear in order to manipulate you or just drive you insane. After a series of thoughts, and anti-thoughts, Elixirya won the psychological constraint put on her by her foe. Elixirya turned herself towards the shadow, she calmed herself down, cause the eyes reminded her of Ibchaliss. Plus the presence she felt was similar to his since she remembers the way his energy feels very well.

“Very nice mind game Ibchaliss hehe I am sure you have made millions join your infernal cult and follow your commands by using this lame trick. Anyway I am not denying the fact that I was so scared. Tell me, do they know I have followed you?”

“Shiiisss Sashhh Sheesss”

“I don’t understand your language. Seriously, do you think this is the right time for teasing me?”

“Look at the three headed snake he will speak in my behalf”

The snake stopped ringing, and then each head spelled a letter, the whole thing was heard like what follows. It was so hard for Elixirya to fill the blanks but she is the kind of person to complete other’s sentences and even read their lip movements.

The three headed snake spoke and said,

“I myself am followed, they hear me, they know me.

A great danger is awaiting you.

Go look For Senssssssss

You fool…

The presence of Ibchaliss has vanished. Elixirya instantly calmed down, the storm disappeared, and the three headed snake went into the ground, but tail first, then the three heads followed.

Who or what is Senssss? What is the danger following Elixirya? Why Ibchalliss has decided to keep her alive? Why gave her a hint into finding something or meeting someone?

Elixirya did not express her fear nor had she let it stop her from asking this newly identified familiar. Because she knew if Ibchaliss wanted to kill her he would have done it earlier. Since she is smart she knew she had succeeded his test and that he wants her for something. Ibchaliss needs Elixirya but what for?

To be continued.

End Of The World – Part III

After he woke up, Trompetus wore his best clothes, took breakfast and went out off his place, heading for the world’s council. Trompetus is the man in charge of communication in between the heads of the one government ruling the planet and the chairs of the world’s council.

“Again, another day in this dying world, and I have to see all these deformed humans in my way to work. How am I supposed to keep a good and firm inner confidence in my way to work… Emm I always have to keep reminding myself of this: I am the best negotiator to be. I am the best person who suits this grand responsibility. It is true that there is not much negotiation to be done but the godfathers trust me to alter in a way how I present their policies in order to render it more compelling and thus to be accepted by the grand majority. All I have to do is use my negotiation skills in order to write a good report. Because from my experience in negotiation, I only have to make the other believe he is winning without changing my true intentions. It is all about manipulation and how you make the other part of the deal believe he is winning or that he is behaving as he has to do under his own rules and beliefs.”

Trompetus, being in charge of such a grand duty is often anxious about his work. He keeps thinking about all the possibilities which make him exhausted during the whole day. But since his ancestors were one of the richest and successful businessmen on earth it somehow gives him back his confidence whenever he reminds himself of it.

Once he opened the gates of the meeting room, as usual, Trompetus has felt a great and intimidating energy, due to the presence of such a great and charismatic audience. Trompetus thought after putting his documents on the table and making way for his chair so he can sit,

“Ah they are all here, and very early. Emmm, the table of counsellors always impresses me by their exact timing. They are always in time, but I can say, that it is to be expected, they were chosen because of their strong inner motive. They know that they hold the future of humanity in their hands.”

Once his sight fell on her enchanting presence, he thought:

“Ah, she is here… Elixirya… What a charm, what a beauty. I still remember when I asked her out and she ignored me. Well she is still looking at me with that harsh stare. I know I know she hates me hehe anyways let’s focus and start the presentation. Trompetus get your balls of steel, take a deep breath and let’s begin…”

While Trompetus started presenting the new policies of the heads of the one government, Elixirya did not stop looking at the heads of cults. She noticed something eerie.

“Emm, I have never seen Ibchaliss worried like this, he is one of the most strange and hard to read head of cults, but now he has left his game to be shown, may be this is some kind of lure, is he luring me into believing that there is something worrying, most worrying than our certain death by this nuclear crisis… But what is stranger is how the rest – six heads of cults – seem somehow distracted… Does this have something in common with the facial expression of Ibchaliss”

“Oh no he noticed me, Ibchaliss, the sixth chair of the cult authorities, he is teasing me again with his long tongue, a serpentine expression that gets on my nerves, anyways I ll stare back at Trompetus, I ll try to look focused on his presentation. Like if it’s going to change our future, something that I doubt very much indeed”

Elixirya is a young lady of a splendid beauty, having one of the most curvy and yet skinniest bodies she usually impresses the whole male presence. She is an intellectual, has written many books and also is a columnist in one of the famous magazines in the world. People usually keep staring at her showing, middle sized and soft breast. She hates being the object of attention. She believes that she is free to show the beautiful parts of her body but in the same time she hates being sexualized whenever she is in a meeting or at her usual work. Elixiria is a very smart lady. The most intelligent individuals in any room she is in know that and always try to hide their game. Except Ibchaliss since he has another kind of intelligence. Being one of the most spiritual and dark head of cults, he has access to other realms. We will talk about him later but it is fair to add that he is one of a kind.

Elixirya used to have no clear judgement on the actual state of affairs of the moral system. She used to be indifferent towards to it and thought that all means are valid if the goal is of a greater importance. And that side casualties are to be expected and not looked upon even if it is a matter of human life or death that is in fact so rare during these ending times.

However, recently, she started feeling a change, something have changed inside her and started doubting her own stand on all of this. It is true that her numerous debates with her intimate friend, the scientist, Azgarry, another pale beauty and it would be fair to mention that she is a redhead, is one reason of many, and may be the strongest one that let her change her views on what s happening to humanity when it comes to its universal ethics.

Elixirya had always a strong intuition and she was aware of it. Not to say that Ibchaliss did not help her into making her think that something was really happening behind the curtains of this meeting room.

All information or wisdom held by the table of counsellors should be shared. No secrecy is allowed. Yet the first ones who are preparing some kind of vicious plan behind the other’s back are the heads of cults.

Elixirya was right, something is happening, and something very crucial that will change the whole tides of this dying planet. Not the actual planet but rather the whole humanity. Elixirya now is thinking about a plan. How can she gain more knowledge of what is happening? How can she get inside the heads of the cult leaders? How can she penetrate that huge mental wall of charisma, strength and serenity?

She knows for sure that she can’t use her charm nor her body. Her angelic embodiment holds no power over the seven heads of cults. For they are the more disconnected from the carnal desires of the human being. Only very deep and profound other worldly matter can move them. All of this gets Elixirya so excited. Again, not in a sexual manner, but since she is an intellectual, complex and mysterious matters are her favourite pass time. Whereas the actual situation is more than just a game. It is the future of the human species on the whole cosmos.

To be continued.


End Of The World. Part II

Artists, being one of the chairs of the table of counsellors, hold their own civic duty when it comes to accepting or denying the policies or the decisions of the one government ruling planet Earth. Artists are known to be self-centred. This aspect of their personality did not change even during this dying age. They were not many artists – left alive – after all, most of them died, whereas people who get inspired were very few due to their recurrent need of survival, looking for means to sustain their daily lives. Moreover, the self-centredness was not their own goal, it was only an aspect that let them dive into their own inner realms. But then when inspired and after the process of creation they become not as much different than their other fellow humans.

Except one: Arkishine.

Not much was known of the childhood of Arkishine, not to say that the past of humans was any different from the rest of them. However, something in his eyes was different. Some kind of a strange portal, once you see into his eyes deeply, you start feeling a bit nervous in a way that pushes you to look away. What was strange is the more you stare into his eyes, the more you feel a unique kind of magic. Arkishine was only self-centred in order to portray the visions he gets inside his inner temple: A bloody one for sure. Since whenever he felt so distressed he used to take long walks at night time looking for his prey. His victims were individuals who suffered so much from the different kind of nuclear diseases, since as a result of this calamity the immunity system of the human body gets altered in a way it welcomes any foreign and vicious microorganism that ll only lead its host to a lethal end. Arkishine used to take pleasure from making their lives even shorter than the disease itself, but only after making them taste a more intense experience of torture just before their last breath.

At this point the reader or listener of this story might stop me to ask or even argue against the wrong doings of Arkishine, an artist that kills, how come this happened if he himself does not hold the power of giving life out of the void? How come he has left such a transgression of human morality invade his heart? How did he end up giving himself the right to decide on behalf of others on which time they want to die? The answer is indeed a simple one: I have mentioned before that the universal values of humans have been defiled during these ending times. But how come an artist would be interested in such an atrocity in the first place?

That is the nature of his art. Apart from the sick pleasure he takes from being the master of suffering, his creative part is amazingly a unique one. He is indeed an artist but he also holds some knowledge and is a big fan of ancient human architecture and geometry. One of his greatest muses is the visions he sees, at the moment of killing, at the moment of death, made of splendid forms in which afterwards applies them to the dissected limbs and gutted organs of his victims.

Arkishine, now, have found at the end of this long and narrow alley, in the middle of darkness, a skinny middle aged woman, crying. Once he got closer to her, around three steps away he had heard her utter these words:

“I wanna live, I wanna live, I suffer but I wanna live… I want to see my children live and grow…”.

Sadly enough, her kids were lying down on the ground, cold corpses as they appeared to be, two boys and a little girl, deformed – their heads were under the form of a triangle holding one eye in the middle of their strange face, four arms but legless – but she, the mother, was in a good physical shape which indeed turned on Arkishine. Not in a sexual manner but rather in awe and excitement. To find such beautiful intact human form around was of a unique chance. Those who kept their ancient human form were very rare indeed. In one instant, in the middle of a frenzy, Arkishine was so happy that he took his rod and shove it down her throat. We don’t hear her crying anymore. He took so much pleasure to use his whole strength in order to insert it deep inside her from mouth to stomach bottom.

In exactly the moment of her last short breath, Arkishine got hit by an inner vision,

His eyes inside his skull

He sees and he sees

The heavenly form

He says and says

I now can see

I now know

I now can make

It only took him three hours to make one of his masterpieces, a very abstract structure using the four corpses, the lady and her deformed kids, that I can’t really describe using words. However I will only portray it using a childish doodle hereby.

After Akishine finished this whole thing, he felt so disgusted by the creation he just made into life. The projection of his muse started to feel so unpleasant and even alien to his own self. This instant repulsion he felt, adding to it the powerful smell of the human leftovers in front of him, made him vomit his last meal, the one he just took before his nighty walk. The symbols on the ground he had drawn are now full of blood, puke and human excrement. Everything started to stink so much, and he is becoming more aware of it. Akishine left so saddened because, again he couldn’t fill that endless void he feels inside, a dark hollow that keeps consuming him, each night making him suffer the upcoming of a certain mental death. He went back to his dwelling saying,

I always leave in disgust…

To be continued.


End Of The World – Part I

This is a story of the future. There is a belief that someone from the future had made contact with a local from our life time. This local resident was willing to confide in me.

Planet Earth survived the international nuclear war. Survived remains still a vague term because if you look in to the state of nature you will notice a major degeneration. There is only two seasons and they are covering the whole planet: The nuclear fall and summer. Each week millions of people die. The people left alive are mostly mutants, deformed or disabled they are no good to anyone and to their turn count the days before their certain death. Animals, insects, birds and fish have known the same fate. Their genetic code has been altered hence new forms of beings emerged. The number of healthy humans who did not get affected by the nuclear calamity is in the scale of ten millions based on a worldwide statistics.

There is only one government ruling the planet. The heads of this authority are the offspring of the ones who ruled the world in the shadows decades ago. Now their identities are known to the public. They are ex-members of the earliest leading industries, the military, oil, alcohol and cigarettes, medicine and the meat industry. Others are ex-heads of the biggest financial organizations and of course ex-godfathers who kept their business in the black market over the entire world. People who have made it to this governing table have now the greatest responsibility, a weight that no one has ever lifted before.

The execution of the decisions and policies should be passed over the table of counselors. They hold the last word on these political matters. Either they will accept or deny. This table gathers different philosophers, artists, intellectuals, and the heads of the lasting cults who somehow maintained their authority and might over the decades.

The state of affairs during this critical age is a bit different from what the human history have witnessed. The universal values which humans have always fought for had been diminished and altered. Human rights are no longer a flag you will hold high or defend during court trials.

There is this wave of darkness that invaded each human heart. The secrets of creation have been unveiled. Every human before sleep gets awestruck by a vision, a dark sky, a dark sea, and a fading celestial object. May be a moon, may be a planet, or a star.

The underlying confidence of the heads of government has been lost. All that has been left is a mask of sanity. Behind the mask, every charismatic figure has lost their mind. They all think the same but don’t have the courage to share it.

“Life now is pointless. You are powerless. Millions of people die each year because of their weak immunity systems. Our bodies will soon know the same fate. The new scientific inventions that we are using to maintain or prolong our life time are not that efficient. No hope is left and there is no place where to hide. Our race will be exterminated and no one will be able to stop this calamity. Our lives are pointless. This game will end soon.”

The philosophers are on the same boat. Something that never happened before. Philosophy has always been the representation of the multitude of schools of thoughts. Now their ideas are the same. No question has been left to wonder.

“It is all clear now. This natural instinct of survival was a hoax. How come people of the past were motivated by this lame and insane idea? There is no need or motive to protect one’s life.”

Away from the table of counselors, the heads of cults have appointed a secret meeting. This round table in the shadows has seven chairs. Every authority has brought a copy of their own holy scriptures. They have all agreed on making a new sacred book. The book will contain only one chapter. And it should be inspired by elements of their cult beliefs. These elements will be featured only for the purpose of denial. The last verses were:

“In order to swim into the dark sea
In order to look up at the dark sky
In order to reach the fading astral object
We have to end our existence on this dying world
We have to end it for once and all
We have to leave soon”

To be continued.