I miss our delightful inspiring talks. To whom did you leave me? To a self that does not stop bullying me? To shades of unrequited lust? To my self destructive nature? 
You used to share with me the blackness of your mind. You used to share with me the disconnection in our consciousness. You used to share with me the old tales of the ancient minds. You used to share with me our doubtful second nature.

I hope you are leading a peaceful life with your man. And if not a peaceful one with your shadows.

My memories are deserting me and all i am left with are feelings of nostalgia. A nostalgia that did not see the light of happenings yet.

I tried my stalking skills but without a shadow of success.

O soul mate, Werther has left us with a bitter sense of blood. He left lust burn his heart till he remained no more.

I feel so alone here Vicky without you. I feel so alone in this estranged world.