The Aloneness Of The Human Being


– Introduction
– Irony of terminology
– Birth
– The aloneness of the couple
– The Aloneness of the human race and of planet Earth
– Aloneness and the challenge of transcendence


The human being is an alone being. They might feel lonely or may not. Thus it is fair to be aware of the difference between being alone or feeling lonely. The latter is not the concern of the following analysis.

It is true that humans till now due to their limitations in relation to perception, and I mean here the general public, have not succeeded into agreeing on the other forms of existence that a human presence may take. Thus I must only use the concept of the physical embodiment in order to give you an instance of how a human is alone. It would be fair to add that I might include other abstract concepts for my analysis.

{Irony of terminology}

It is strange that it is rare to find a definition of the word alone without it being linked – The nature of the link being a negation- to another concept.

However, the first experience of the human being is a lone and sole one – that is consciousness-. Not related to anything else but the self. Not related to anything but the letter I. Following this way of thought one might think that the definition in itself of the word should represent its own concept. To be under the form of: a term to term definition, instead of negating another experience that is togetherness.

Since the experience of aloneness is a unique experience and does not need anything else to be defined upon it. To be alone is to be by one’s self. Sadly enough – I might grab your attention herein to the irony of this occurrence – in most cases (social interactions for instance) this experience is very much mistaken and suffers a great deal of stigma, ignorance and shame. Usually, this happens, in confusion with the feeling of loneliness. The irony being the possibility for other terms to suffer the same shame as their fake synonyms. Which is a very superficial and blind, rude and judgmental social approach.


Since there is much debate about gender these days I will use the term *They* or *Their* instead of it, he or she when I mean a human.

The human being as far as their memory or social knowledge can go, starts their journey inside the mother’s womb. I mean by social knowledge the shared memory of relatives, or health care officials of the moment of birth or of the experience of being and growing inside another body. One might think that the experience of the human being is related to others because they are somehow the offspring of two persons, or may be that the experience of being nurtured inside another human is a unique experience of togetherness. I understand this point of view but I cannot stop myself from thinking that it is somehow meaningless. For instance, does the mother know exactly what her baby is thinking, or if they think or not think at all. Is the mother able to translate any will of communication after birth of the child, is she able to feel exactly his needs and directly translate them? I know that some mothers have a strong intuition but it is neither a translation nor a direct understanding of the needs of the child. It is only some kind of knowing that does not involve the being of the child fully. It is a lone capacity in itself: To know what your kid or baby wants and does not involve in any way their own consciousness. Since the baby is an alone being from their first birth and before as well.

Let me represent here some of my thoughts on the process of creation of the human being and its relation to the experience of aloneness. Again, let me remind you, as mentioned before in the introduction, that I am only basing my analysis here on the agreed upon inner experiences of reality. I did so in order for this modest writing to be an input for critics to the general public including atheists or agnostics.

They go as follow,

I am. I am inside some thing. I am inside someone. But still I am alone here in the darkness of the womb. I need to eat. I am born. I am out in the world. I am born. I cry. I stare at my surroundings. I am alone. I am lifted by this person I do not know. I am forced to call her mother. But I don’t know her.

Short Analysis,

The human being after attaining consciousness, if it occurs of course, does not stop by expressing internally all his thoughts by the term I. They are concerned and are conscious of each segment of awareness – Whether being based on their needs or just by their perception-. So from birth the human being is experiencing aloneness and somehow should make their journey on this planet pretending to be related to people they have never knew or seen before.

{The aloneness of the couple}

I need to specify first what i mean by a couple. First of all, one of my motivations or rather reasons for writing this short analysis is the experience of intimacy we see in unique relationships.

I mean by unique, an experience that is not superficial: An experience of togetherness that is born from deeper matters.

I exclude here couples who agree on being together just to do as society pressures them or inspires them to do. Especially the popular phenomenon we notice on the media. Any relationship related to appearing cool or attending to the trends of attraction in the public scene: Some kind of blind imitation or shallow copycat. This latter is not the concern of this writing.

However, the context in which dwells our concern for intimacy does not have to be emptied from any kind of affinity for personal aesthetics or social exhibitionism. In other words, it should not be the main reason for the bond. Since the root of such matter should be profound and might even be – under another context – of an otherworldly nature. On the other hand this otherworldliness may be just the amplification of certain human emotions and somehow the suppression of other ones.

In the sake of semantics I would like to mention that what people would name love or lust or any term under the same umbrella may align to what I am willing to discuss in the following.

I think the best way to share my thoughts on the aloneness of couples is by getting the reader involved into an imaginary process under the form of a little story.

Feelings, possessiveness, and desire

– X and Y are in mutual love and lust.

– Y loves X selfishly, wants her only for himself and X does the same.

– X wants to be Y’s only and Y feels the same.

X and Y – being two alone persons – have their own lives. When they live their individual lives they are both conscious of their aloneness. Asynchronous availability of both of them is the proof of their individual aloneness. But when they share space and time things happen.

A moment of togetherness (of the two bodies).

– Y may take X into his arms while X will let herself being taken by him.

– X being in total submissiveness, awe, and under the charm and the aura of her lover, loses herself in an instant off time.

– X experiences Y in what might be similar to the dream state. Those dreams when you are only a watcher. You are the all-knowing eye but you have no physical or any other kind of substantial presence. You are omnipresent.

So the question is: Is that moment, being fully present, a breach of the aloneness of X? Is it really a moment when she is no longer alone?

– X is still conscious but her inner is filled more by the presence of Y.

– X melted into the presence of Y and Y is able to see her dissolve into him. It only makes him fade into her dying sleepy stare.

Whereas that exact moment of togetherness, of intimacy, is somehow off time and space, but is it really off their individual aloneness?

I might state that this is still difficult for me to think through. However the only thing I can say is:

X and Y, as a couple, are alone in that exact moment: An alone entity. Whereas the entity being a mixture of two astral bodies in awe and submission to and for each other.

{The Aloneness of the human race and of planet Earth}

The human race – alone in its intelligence amongst the rest of the known species in the animal kingdom – are the only ones who have maintained a history and even developed their civilization and technologies to a greater level to the extent of living out of their environment that is the land or ground.

Thus the human race are an alone species when it comes to comparing them with the other forms of lives on planet earth.

However, and very rarely, humans stop for one moment and think deeply about this aloneness on the planet. No other equal species. They live on their own.

No way to communicate with other species: Only theories or simulation of mutual understanding. However in reality the animal kingdom is a kingdom that is also on its own. It belongs to nature as a scenery forming the environment for the lone human.

Thus planet earth till now is the only planet supporting life. Imagine one planet spinning in the middle of darkness, where there is no sound, no light, nothing. Our planet being an alone one in its uniqueness.

Humans are indeed magnificent beings because they have managed to penetrate the physical constraints of air, ground, and seas.

In our millennium humans are doing multiple research studies, experiments and inventions in order to visit other astral objects. But for what really? Isn’t it obvious that the human being should stop looking, stop reaching out to the unknown and to the dark? For the human is a lone being, sole and living on its own till death proves us wrong if it does?

{Aloneness And The Challenge Of Transcendence}

Before advancing my theories or thoughts, I must remind the reader, that this whole writing is an object for constructive criticism. Since it will enable me to rethink and do more research to see the problematic from another perspective and even publish other editions of the actual writing.

Penetration of the aloneness by the supreme, unknown or divine: The experience of transcendence.

This part is just an opening for further writings and should be considered under the attention of the reader as a preface for another take on the issue of aloneness.

Transcendence can be seen as a spiritual experience since the being of the spirit – under different theological contexts – is a mean for communication with the divine. It can also be considered as the manifestation or rather the discovery of and connection to the root self. That is the astral body of the human being.

Apparently there are stages for the alone human being to go through before reaching that phenomenon. The stages being related to the elements of earth, water, fire and air, then divine light. A struggle in between the earthly body, the heart and the mind in order to experience one’s spirit and then the supreme and higher intelligence. A discipline of purification of some sort under divine care from the chains of the human ego.

Divine light might shed on the alone human being making him vulnerable to the experience of what’s above the limits of his own and lone experience of his self. Thus being aware of the divine light that was kept inside, folded and hidden.

You can now ascend to the heavens, to the upper sky and go through the other realms.

Here comes my wonder: Will the human being, under this spiritual transmutation, be broken from the chaining cage that is aloneness?

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The human condition: Responsible for all doom

The human condition on planet Earth may seem to take a plethora of forms however they have something in common, something in which they all collide and by then define a certain model. The following analysis is based on the model.

Hatred of the human race is a component of this model, but rarely in which you encounter a presentation of some form.

You try to lean on the window in an attempt to see the outer world, where life supposedly happens, but you only see many silhouettes walking, either in a group or alone. These humans walk and talk or just walk. This whole phenomenon seems one of the pointless ends at all. How come the end or rather the result of a process of some sort, shallow thinking, would lead these humans to walk, and talk.

This social behavior as poor as it seems is something that i cannot relate to but not the only one: The social exposure of the human being is another pointless element. Why the human being tends to appear under a certain umbrella of styles, why nurture your biological body for show.

Some of these humans, as a result of a mixture of randomness and fake expectations, have come to construct a mutual longing. This longing had never proved to break the wall made by the four dimensions. A wall as gigantic and impenetrable as it is. There is some kind of belief that these links have nothing to do with what construct the reality of the human being, and as a result of such a harsh and strong thought any kind of life should end within the human shelter.

As misanthropic as it seems the hatred experienced within against the existence of humans is indeed a real issue. Especially if we note the fact that the current reasoning has been processed through a human brain. But still, i hope and even wish that the responsible actor represents an unaware tunnel of some kind of alien intelligence.


The problem of life, part1

Life may be defined by death, to live is to not die, and to die is to not live anymore.

Side Note: Thoughts … Tonight and yesterday. The void.

Life may be defined by death, to live is to not die, and to die is to not live anymore.

But to really get the problem of life, you need isolation, you may be isolated while around people, but it is a bit harder to sustain and to make it happen. So to get the problem of life you need to be isolated for a while from human interaction. Get yourself isolated from social interaction for a while, in an isolated place where no one can bother your lone experience.

While thinking, try to locate your self, try to locate the consciousness of your self, after few minutes you will in a way understand what does it mean to be without three dimensions to define space you are in; To be means here thinking that you are.

The thing is now that you know that you are but you can’t specify where exactly, just think about hurting yourself and how much pain you are going to feel, the pain will make you feel like you exist in every portion of your body but in the same time not, somehow you are your carnal embodiment and somehow you are not, either way you are still alive;

What if by death, our consciousness that we do not have the ability to locate get freed from our body and somehow fuses with the universe, are we gonna feel pain whenever anything get crushed or bruised ?

Well as far as science goes, our consciousness of our self is somehow related to how we remember the story of our lives. Scientists try to limit our consciousness of the self by only a state memorized in our brain, our brain being a very complicated network of cells. Anyhow … Let’s imagine that in a second, we don’t have the ability to remember anything, but in the same time, we are, may be we will know that we are, if we stopped panicking and reflected on the matter, the thing is, in that moment, you just know that you are, so can life be reduced to that instant thought or gut feeling that we are ? but what if we are even after death, or while dying ?

The other problem is that life doesn’t need to be defined by self knowledge of life, if the self that lives doesn’t know that it exists, will it know that it died ?

To find a solution to the problem of life you need the courage to look for what is next, what is after life, and for that you need to end your life and see… till now no one that died came back and told us the story after death, this in case there is a story after death.

From womb to tomb, part 1

A journey of a time traveler


Our friend the time traveler is indeed a human being, his body travels only towards the future with the same speed as his other fellow humans, however his mind, sadly enough, can not stop traveling to the past, past times but same places his body was in.


From womb to tomb, the womb was not chosen, it was the first shelter for his unconscious little body, waiting inside another human, a female, for the moment of birth, waiting, waiting, and waiting … Once outside, once the years had passed, the time traveler started looking around, there are two people calling themselves parent, i have never seen them before, and other siblings …

What gatherings of humans agreed on to be real

Well when i go outside, i walk on land, i can touch the land, the land helps me get up and walk, i see trees, i see green, i touch the trees, i am in and with nature on this huge big rock, i think this is my spaceship, a spaceship ? space ? i look up, i see the sky, what is this ? i can not touch the sky, at morning it is clear blue, at night it is dark, but with beautiful little shining entities, they are so beautiful, i keep looking and looking at them every night during my childhood, it was the only escape for me, escape from abuse, escape from self loathing, escape from this thing called reality; so i said to myself, i can not touch the sky, i can not touch the stars, and it is the same in each land of this planet, we share the same cosmos, and it looks so beautifully dark at night, this is SURREAL! at morning, sometimes i see huge, very huge white clouds, they seem like they are covering what was left of my sight, and they are different each day, and they are different on each corner of this huge rock, this is SURREAL, the sky is the first thing that defied the concept of realism for me, when i look at the sky, i know that what seems real from established dispositions of our senses is not the only thing that is here for us, there are other features of this splendid creation;

Creation ?

The time traveler, even if he does not recall his birth, even if he does not recall if he had a past life ? another existence, may be before his journey on planet earth, i have used the term before, but somewhere time can lose its meaning; language is not helping me describe that state off time; well the time traveler had a belief that his journey is not a random one, as he traveled through time, his heart recognized many signs, signs for the heart, and sometimes for the mind too, that this, all of this is not for no reason, his belief was that all of this, his journey as well, have a reason, a created life experience by the one, the creator, a lone divinity that exceeds anything that our fragile and limited mind could grasp, when the brain stops in front of the inability to perceive the reality of God, the heart believes and makes the mind to submit to the truth, a chosen truth;

[To be continued, by Tef]

Attack on Titan, an inspiration for sharing my thoughts on life

This essay is something I was working on for a long time, many months, I start writing once, and wait for many months and then continue writing, and so and so; this essay represents an instant of wondering, an instant off track of time, then it transformed into this idea: why not show people how much anime or manga inspire me. I will start talking a little bit about Attack On Titan, then all the rest is just philosophy inspired by this beautiful and creative Japanese story. Inspired in a way that gave my mind the push to think and the motivation to sum some of my thoughts. Thoughts on and about life.

This Japanese manga/anime is still a mystery because no one knows what is really happening; the fact that it has not been finished yet may be a reason, one amongst many.

  • Humans in the story have built three huge walls to protect themselves from titans who keep attacking and eating humans; their history and nature is a total mystery.
  • Humans have mobilized three groups for self-defense and exploration of the unknown lands. Those inside the walls, those on the walls, and those outside the walls;
  • Humans have found a technique to fight those huge creatures, their weakness being a spot at the back of the neck, once sliced it turns them into vapor.
  • The more interesting brigade is the scouting legion, a bunch of weird soldiers to whom the future of the human race is held. Expect the strange to confront the unknown. Anyone who subscribes to this knows how many soldiers die each year, those people had accepted their fate, death and fear are waiting.
  • Religion is in the air, a sect that worships the wall as the wisdom of God and also the protector of the human race.

Side note: I am trying very hard not to review the manga, because I wanted to put light on how it represents an inspiration for me!

An inspiration for what ?

Let’s imagine this world or universe that we live in right now as the lands on which humans live on in the anime. The much we know, the much we learn makes us more aware of our own ignorance. In the manga, generations of humans have put too much effort to preserve their race and to learn about the titans, seas of blood were shed; knowledge is intimately preserved and taught to the next generations, in hope of a more stable world for humans, in hope for more understanding of the threat that is the titan hunger and anger. If you give it more thought you will notice that it is kind of the same progress we have in our history, from generation to generation, from the day humans learned to write and to discover their world, we are still evolving, not biologically, but scientifically. The difference is that our world is much complex than the one portrayed in the story.

Sometimes I wonder, while distancing myself from my slef identity, I wonder about humans on this planet earth:

  • How different we are from animals, and yet there is so much resemblance.
  • The living around us, and also other features of nature, is diverse in a very extreme way.
  • The universe till now, is infinite in both levels, the micro and macro scope.
  • Scientists, spirituals, religious, and thinkers are arguing about the origin and the meaning of life, while others just don’t care.

Whenever I see a creature, I can’t stop myself from contemplating beauty and creativity in their design, both in the inside (the guts) and in the outside (design, colors, symbols …) Just in the day I was writing this part of the essay, while I in the bathroom, there was a spider, this time I paid more attention to it since it always was there, I have found it very beautiful, the long tiny limbs, the symbol on its back, the eyes, the webs, and how it moved and killed its preys …

I will mention it a second time, whenever I step outside my self conscious realm and start contemplating the world, I can’t but think about these facts:

  • Humans are intelligent creatures, they were on earth for many centuries, every generation learns the most it can and teach it to the next one.
  • Besides the difference in ethnicity or geographic localization, humans share the same traditions, in each group we can notice: art, intellect, communication, emotions, carnal desires and so and so; they have formed societies and wondered about their own existence.
  • Animals, birds, insects, creatures of the sea seem like another configuration of beings, beings with not as much evolved intellect as ours but still share the same passion for power and taking control of a group, eating, hunting, territory marking, (attraction before) reproduction, building homes in peculiar ways, moving from place to place, affection of some animal parents, others just kill their children or parents, some spend most of the time chilling, doing nothing, some say they are meditating or praying.
  • Rage and fear are two aspects that are a mystery for me, both of them are for one apparent reason, that is, stay alive: self preservation.

I didn’t want to write about what happens in the microscopic level, because it is really weird, how microbes help in keeping our body healthy, other attack our organism. Also the fact that our immune system is composed of red and white cells, red to transport oxygen and minerals, and white as a local authority … electric signals in the brain transporting data between neurons forming a biological intelligence … the same aspect of life can be found in a wider level in society, or in the animal realm …

If we turn our eyes to the sky, at night, we will notice an alien movement of entities, huge rocks or complex composition of gazes rotating around a source of heat, a gravity center, or just wander unknowingly in the cosmos …

Some believe that there is no reason for the happenings, that it is just random. Some believe that this is an infinite cycle. Others believe in a creator of life, a not created creator, a divinity that our mind can not grasp, the same way our mind can not imagine how we can’t stop counting or dividing … the same way language is a way humans communicate using words, words that are only a trigger for common and personal experiences, not necessarily the same but then we assume that we understand each other.

Creationism is a very interesting topic, and what makes it more appealing, is how magnificent is our creativeness, how an artist could paint a very beautiful picture and that can be admired and memorized over centuries, you can notice similarities between fine arts and some features of nature, the lasting nature over centuries, the symbols on a moth, the colors of a flower, or of a bird, the peculiar design of an insect … how a movie director with the help of a scenarist create a wholly different set of lives and their relationships for a play of an amount of time, same as a representation of a possibility of happenings …

What interests me the most is how most of creatures try to survive, why this need to be alive ? Humans have the ability to kill themselves but if another human is around it will not let it do it, if sane enough of course. I know there are humans who does not care or just enjoy killing or watching other people die … but they are in smaller numbers, if it wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be here today … nor me writing this essay that you are reading right now.

When a human takes in his first breath and starts discovering the world, he will find, in most cases, two humans, the parents, who will take care of him while showing affection and love, they will give shelter, food and water, welcome to the world, here is what you need and this is what you should know to begin your journey! but a journey of what, to do what, to die ? some will say happiness, others will seek power and dominance … others won’t really care, and wouldn’t even reflect on the purpose of life, if there is such a thing …

What comes next is a strange part of the human experience, to which I am speechless when asked why. JUDGMENT. Over the course of history humans have set laws and regulations, and whenever crossed, there has been a place for a human judgment? how can humans judge humans, is it only a matter of who leads the group ? and its own notion of good and evil …

As I find myself wondering on all aspects of life, I can’t keep myself from noticing many similarities with God, I will talk here about the Islamic definition of the creator, some will say that God is both perfection and infinity in all aspects of life … and the day of judgment is the final tribunal of human crimes in the universe … if you read more about God in the Islamic references you will find other aspects, love and infinite knowledge, the sense of testing the created, as long with many other ones … the relationship between God and the human being is like the relationship between a caring person and its loved one, we have seen this in many stories and movies, how often we don’t know much about the other person, who loves us, how we can be so judgmental, without knowing the real person that hides behind our friend, our sibling, our parent, our lover … or our creator.

God’s intentions …

Without noticing it, i often find myself reflecting from an abstract level, and when i look down to life on earth, or to the experience of my existence, i find it very very weird. This seems like something made, something made for us, it feels like a momentary existence for something more real and crucial …