Here i am here within

I sit on my throne and see

I set on the east and fail

I rise on the west and burn

I am king here, i am king of Hell

No one has ever walked on my lands

For my lands are lakes of fire

For my lands are the dwelling of the dead

Still, i am a false king

I am the false prophet

Kiss my ring and bow down to me

See up in the sky and look for me

I have slept with the northern star

I have left the castle of eternity

I ll rise again

And this time with no mercy

When the day comes look for me

When your death awaits swallow me

When you lose your faith caress me

They are not screaming for they are content

They are not crying for they have seen the truth once before

Do not let me fool you

Kiss my ring and bow down to me

Know who is your master and give in to me

Give in to my lies

Give in to my fake promisses

Give in to my lust

Fail your true light

For i am your knight

A headless horseman is my vessel

I am falsehood

Know your pain for i am near

Know yourself for i am here

Count your days for i am who will bring you down

Down to the kingdom of Hell

Listen to me and follow

For i am the false prophet

I hear whispers now

Tell them, tell them

I walk upon the earth



The Crescent’s Grin

The crescent’s grin
Up in the air it hangs
The devil’s light
Over the fields it shades

Is what i despise
Is what i spurn

Over the edge of my fangs,
I will tear you apart
Over the edge of my rage,
I will burn you down

My venom is pouring
Beware of my infernal intentions
Mercy, you will beg
Beware of my second nature


Flirting With The Horned Being

– Shall we begin ?
– Life is a fragile thing
– Says who?
– Says Death…
– Ending a life does not mean ending its existence. For where it ends it starts elsewhere.
– See, i am concerned with what happens after.
– I have never thought you were the kind who worries that much. It’s really bad for the business.
– Now you call it a business. i guess you are right after all. Making us think we have our fate at hand, making us believe we created ourselves thus we choose to end it by our own hands, is indeed your business.
– Why are you cocky all of a sudden. You know i am the only one who has that privilege. This conversation begins to tap on my nerves.
– I am sure it does. It is just that I am not a big fan of suffering.
– Does it make a difference, to suffer here of after, does it even matter how much pain you ll feel. Hey, listen, long story short, you don’t like your stay here, i am helping you making it shorter.
– You just enjoy our downfall.
– Don’t you think i am doomed. Don’t you think my story is sad and worth fighting for or at least being told and told over the past, the present and future?
– Even if that means eternal suffering ?
– Not only that, you ll have that enchanting pleasure. You ll ascend to the stars before you fall.
– Shall we begin then?


Third Skin

What should i do of my becoming
For all i bring is sorrow and misery

I am the dream destroyer
I walk with you and spit on your hopes
I hold your hand and step on your heart

I am the dream destroyer
I praise torture and bestow disgust

I spread my wings and float upon you
I sharpen my claws and tear you apart
I whip out my tail and shove it down your throat

I greet you with death
And leave you to dust


P.S.: The D.D. resides within…

Whispers of Evil

Give me a blade and i ll slay the scum off the earth
Give me a spear and i ll wipe out the filth off the planet

When ignorance and rudeness are spread say my name and have no worry

Summon me and you ll see no lower being
Call me by my name and only the chosen will survive

My wrath will cleanse the grounds and seas
My forthcoming birth will be the ultimate prophecy

A day of purge it ll be
I ll unleash my servants, and together we ll rise

A day of purge it ll be
No one should reign but me
No one should say I but me

Say my name and have no worry
For i am who i ll be, and for i am what i was
Before Dawn or After sunset I ll set you free

Get closer and you ll see
Get closer and i promise, i ll set you free


An Interview with Evil

Excuse me for just one second please, i need to set the voice recorder, since i do not want to miss any of this or forget anything you have to say.
After a short while of configuration,
Please, you can speak now, and please, we do not get offended here, you say any thing you want.
Just before the voice started to speak i have felt an enormous dark aura, this sudden feeling that i was expecting was mixed with a very deep fear, a near death fright, all my senses had been frozen, the instinct for survival manifested itself as an abrupt will to flee, but it was late, the summoning is about to begin within this dark scenery,
“The human species shall die, sons and daughters of monkeys, you shall all die, but before, you will bow down within my majestic infernal presence, for i am the greater entity that will make of your disposal a gift for this splendid nature and universe.
I sit on my throne and laugh, i am amused by this pathetic era, an era when little unworthy consciences spend most of their energy condemning evil by evil, they are just feeding me with more and more oath, what i find funny is that their small biological brains do not see that they are so one sided while their presumed thought process, it is so pathetic to call for peace and feel emotional about it, and then when smaller matters happen to them, something very far away from their own personal experience, they will start moaning and preaching their presupposed right to protest, what they do not see is that they are an active part of self destruction on a personal and group level, they let their emotions take the lead without any abstract nor objective thinking, anyways i am not ranting here i am just laughing haha I mean all of this is good, so good, i like seeing destruction, i like seeing bloodlust taking over, i like to see death, confusion, tears and fear spread, and what i love the most, is the spread of evil under the premise of some kind of holy or higher motive, and then evil in response under the name of self righteousness or revenge, all of this is a fuel to me and to my servants, flare up more fire sons and daughters of monkeys.
I am glad but i am sad at the same time…”
The interviewer felt curious and wanted to ask about the cause of this unexpected sadness, but then i couldn’t speak…
“I know your wonder, well let me tell you, I am sad because back in the day, i used to go in war, i used to take my own armor and fight, fight the worthless humans and the angels, when they used to fight together against me and my servants, I really miss those days, now all i see, is self destructive minds, acting under so many fake righteous motives, I can only watch now, even my servants are in vacation, now I see humans killing humans, human hating and discriminating other humans, and this without the need to move or to whisper or any thing I just sit and watch their lame self annihilation, but anyways, I do not expect you to understand my infernal majestic feelings, even the meaning of this earthly word does not match what I experience, well even so I am so excited for what will come,”
The interviewer thought, oh, will i have the opportunity to hear an infernal foretelling, this is becoming more and more interesting.
“I am pleased because it will be soon the time, the time the Antichrist will walk again on this earth, he will break his chains, and walk again, he will have so many followers and preachers believing he is the Messiah. Oh i am just so excited to see the destruction he will bring, famine will take over all over your stupid planet, no rain no whatsoever for months, oh yes, and so much will happen, in a near future I will stand again, I will leave this throne, and take on my armor and infernal sword, I will fight again, I can see the shiny angels descending again on earth, oh yes, i will open the seven earthly doors of Hell, I will carry Hell behind me, I will make you taste the real suffering, the real agony, you filthy unworthy monkeys.
Hey Lilith, bring me that cup of blood will ya! This fucking interview made me thirsty, i just hate this star of your solar system, it just keeps rising and setting on my horns… And you, false prophet, do not forget to burn yourself for the sake of my holiness… haha”
My ears are hurting me now, ah they are bleeding, it was hard to listen to evil speaking though. The voice did not get recorded after all, when i have checked the record i only heard a mixture of weird screaming and laughings, something not human apparently…
The devil may be your and the only closest friend,
By Tef.