Divine Arc

A chair

Where ground and sky meet

I can see the chair

I am waiting for someone

I am supposed to be sitting on the chair

But i do not see my corpse

I am here omnipresent but still my vision is very limited

The here and the now look like a scar in time

Oval in shape but not yet

Two elements covering my sight but with only one horizon

I am here waiting for God

I must start speaking

The pain i feel is in my heart

My breathing might fail me again

God you know i am weak

God i am afraid my ego will stop me from praying goodness to my fate

Someone said i should stop telling, writing and reading to my self my story again and again

Someone said i should stop thinking about the past

And stop chaining what i can change

How could i let go of my self and wait for my end

How can i stop obsessing about the pain i have let grow inside me

How can i stop nurturing the story of my suffering

How can i stop being unreal and begin my journey

Spirits join me now

Spirits lets dance before the moon light

Spirits the angels are watching

Spirits i can see the hand of God

Spirits lets dance and pray


Unexpected breeze

Sometimes our subconscious gets flourished by new experiences, however time can be a crucial factor that may prove the contrary. the contrary here is related to the extent to which good energy is affecting the mind, in other words, hope and faith in a more enjoyable occurrence of the new experience. But still, the contrary may not be real, because one should go back in time and dive more deep in the self, trying to look for the reason behind such an unexpected optimism. When i did, i have found that without being aware of it, the new experience was something that brought back a different kind of confidence, a confidence that was bruised, may be by lack of respect of outer anima. Moreover, the reason of such an abrupt perception swing, may be the noticeable difference between non-conscious dreams and reality. In contrast, one should acknowledge the possibility of perceiving reality as a good experience, thus, reaching a tranquil mind state.