Divine Arc

A chair

Where ground and sky meet

I can see the chair

I am waiting for someone

I am supposed to be sitting on the chair

But i do not see my corpse

I am here omnipresent but still my vision is very limited

The here and the now look like a scar in time

Oval in shape but not yet

Two elements covering my sight but with only one horizon

I am here waiting for God

I must start speaking

The pain i feel is in my heart

My breathing might fail me again

God you know i am weak

God i am afraid my ego will stop me from praying goodness to my fate

Someone said i should stop telling, writing and reading to my self my story again and again

Someone said i should stop thinking about the past

And stop chaining what i can change

How could i let go of my self and wait for my end

How can i stop obsessing about the pain i have let grow inside me

How can i stop nurturing the story of my suffering

How can i stop being unreal and begin my journey

Spirits join me now

Spirits lets dance before the moon light

Spirits the angels are watching

Spirits i can see the hand of God

Spirits lets dance and pray


My Commentaries On Verses: entry001

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature; Then We return him to the lowest of the low, except for those who believe and do good.” Ch95-Quran.

My commentary: The creation of the human being reached almost perfection in the Heavens. Once on planet earth, a temporary stay, the human being is left to his carnal desires, doomed and chained to the absurdity of such a low form of life. So shallow. There is only one way for the faithful to ascend. The only way is to let go of the ego for the servitude of goodness. A hardest task indeed for all i think of is inflicting the pain i feel each day.


My Commentaries On Verses: entry002

“And he whose sight is dim to the remembrance of the most Gracious, We assign unto him an evil one who becomes his intimate companion. And most surely they turn them away from the path, and yet they deem they are on the right one. Until when he comes to Us, he says, O would that between me and you there were the distance of the two horizons, East and West. You were such a worst companion indeed; It will not profit you this day, because you did wrong, that you will be sharers in the doom.”


My commentary: Evil can be a human being or a spiritual being. My contempt for the extrovert leads me to not highlight its case down here. I will only underline the unseen case.

Manly P. Hall once said, “The soul, ultimately disappointed in human relationships, must turn from its attachment to outward forms and bestow its affection upon those imperishable truths which alone can satisfy man’s yearnings.”.

Reaching and looking for the imperishable truths with honesty is not an easy task indeed. In the context of the verse, it is the remembrance of God.

Here you will find yourself a guest amongst your other selves in the inner world. You ll find yourself amidst a broad wave of directions. The thing about the inner temple is that you can never know who is you and who is not. Who is a result of a divided self and who comes from the unseen world. After years of isolation on this planet, you must start recognizing the voices. Alien voices. They all use the same manipulation technique. The self centered one. The ego. They will make you think you are the best of the best. Or they will criticize you of being the weakest of the weak. With time you will acquaint them and know more about their nature. a selfish nature indeed. Only death will be the judge of such companionship.