The human condition: Responsible for all doom

The human condition on planet Earth may seem to take a plethora of forms however they have something in common, something in which they all collide and by then define a certain model. The following analysis is based on the model.

Hatred of the human race is a component of this model, but rarely in which you encounter a presentation of some form.

You try to lean on the window in an attempt to see the outer world, where life supposedly happens, but you only see many silhouettes walking, either in a group or alone. These humans walk and talk or just walk. This whole phenomenon seems one of the pointless ends at all. How come the end or rather the result of a process of some sort, shallow thinking, would lead these humans to walk, and talk.

This social behavior as poor as it seems is something that i cannot relate to but not the only one: The social exposure of the human being is another pointless element. Why the human being tends to appear under a certain umbrella of styles, why nurture your biological body for show.

Some of these humans, as a result of a mixture of randomness and fake expectations, have come to construct a mutual longing. This longing had never proved to break the wall made by the four dimensions. A wall as gigantic and impenetrable as it is. There is some kind of belief that these links have nothing to do with what construct the reality of the human being, and as a result of such a harsh and strong thought any kind of life should end within the human shelter.

As misanthropic as it seems the hatred experienced within against the existence of humans is indeed a real issue. Especially if we note the fact that the current reasoning has been processed through a human brain. But still, i hope and even wish that the responsible actor represents an unaware tunnel of some kind of alien intelligence.




I had a vision once. Not as graphic as a dream but i had the ability to depict what i saw. This vision is strange because one of my motives was to write a fanfiction. And somehow that unique obsession transformed itself into something more powerful.

I couldn’t reconstruct that moment which struck me. That real vision and what it communicated to me. What it made me feel. Hope and a new faith is what is coming…

I do not know when i am gonna be able to recall that experience. When will it be the time to restore all the emotions, all the feelings. How in the middle of self destruction a gaze into that vision, a face (drawn above) is what i saw, made me feel alive again. And words i have internally heard were like the following,

“Are you afraid?”

“A place where no light shines.”

“All what has been told to you, everything that was fed up into you, you got nothing of it. Nothing.”

“I have the key to the dream world.
Worry no more, believe in me and join my journey.”

“Where we ll go is no hell nor paradise. It is gonna be a new afterlife, and i will create its own world. An isolated afterlife made by fragments of lands that no one has seen before, or heard before. Lands and seas made from the darkest and far corners of Earth and other planets of the cosmos.
Only some of the dead have been on those lands, dead who are amongst us, as me and you, and others. We ll look for them and i ll make a majestic requiem for our damned existence. So we can all leave this existence and reach out our own made heaven.”

“The moment you ll let your head fall is the moment of entrance…”

His stare was so dark i just disappeared within. The way he left his own demons out was so inspiring. He will make his way through all these surreal eternities and multitude of realms. No wonder that most of the members have such faith in him. Especially who had a female embodiment. Yes i am not the only one who have made contact with him. There are others. Other damned souls on this planet. Souls who couldn’t fit in this world. Could not share the drive of others and could not identify with most of their surrounding. The social human experience is such a dread some of us thought.

“We are the spider’s limbs.”

An oath not to be defiled. A sacred vow.

“The spider will crawl and survive headless.”

“When the time will come,
we will collide dawn and twilight.
When the time will come,
we will resurrect the head-figure.
When the time will come,
we will leave together.”

“Everything we will leave behind will be destroyed, everyone we will leave behind will be forgotten.”

So was the vow we have taken.