The Gap

Side note: To be edited later for the following reasons. An important idea or ideas may be missing or unclear. Elaboration or connection of ideas that could have been stronger.

There is this gap that exists in between two ways of lives. The solitary can choose to live away from personal encounters yet have the obligation to experience other kind of encounters where the self does not unfold completely neither partially. For instance, talking to a taxi driver, the store owner, a co-worker, a neighbor or any other casual social encounter that happens randomly. The solitary may have chosen this way of life away from further personal involvement because of many reasons. I can only stress mine here. Some kind of self defense against an imaginary threat. Mostly under the form of a negative foretelling or just raw paranoia. So to live away from real interaction with a personal selection might have a serious and even a tremendous effect on the self and its psychological development since we are talking here about an unconscious growth over the years. The amount of time the self has been left to itself exceeds in a greater length the amount of social exposure to a certain personal selection. The danger behind this duality of exposure, is that the more time you are only exposed to your self the more you change. The solitary in our modern age and if interested in the miracle of the internet cannot live without having a sneak-peek every now and then on the life of others through social media. The danger of this kind of asocial life is the growth and the deviant development i have mentioned before. The dreamer or thinker may develop a more selfish side, a more harsh judging side, discrimination of other ways of life, a perverse side, a misanthropic side, coupled with very high alterations in self esteem, and even nurturing a darker deviance since the online world is room to many very creative and troubling communities from humiliation to torture, from gore to self harm, or any other non dignifying take on the human way of life. A brainwashing of the solitary has been taking place from the beginning of this breach into space that is the online world. You can access anything and interact with anyone. space does not count anymore and the danger is the belief of choice. After many years you ll discover a total alienation of your first self that keeps lurking in the shadows. My aim in writing this is to warn the dreamer – that lives away from healthy social relationships – from the breaking of the integrity of the self. You become the sum of many sides. Even darker and evil ones. Somehow a calm and peaceful setting with personal selection face to face, shoulder next to shoulder, might lift all the weight and uneasiness that was carried along the so many days the solitary has spent away without any kind of emotional regulation nor a healthy rational.



The Deviant

Being in touch with other perceptions of self awareness than the casual one does not help in maintaining human life. In other words, creativity coupled with a unique sense of imagination – detached from universal values, hidden under skin, and ready to flirt with reality at the expense of any unfortunate careless action or spoken word coming from personal social selection – does not represent a survival skill for the self destructive person.



The dilemma of human life from a deviant perspective

The following is an input for philosophical consideration to question the status quo of the universal and agreed upon moral system. It is not in my intention to promote violence or any antisocial behavior. If you are inclined or at risk of committing any harmful or antisocial acts, seek professional help immediately.

Have you ever wondered about the unbelievable number of human beings on earth ? Their number rise and rise after each generation and by then consume more natural resources and harm the planet. What i am going to discuss here is not the human hazard that tracks and threatens the symbiosis of our planet but rather something else.

The way multiplicity has played its role in the spread of the human breed does not seem a valuable one. I see and notice a pattern of presentation. A pattern that repeats itself to the point that i begin to lose my temper and by then having a difficulty sustaining a sense for good judgment. Some of you may argue that the human consciousness is more than just a matter of presentation. I think you are right but somehow i feel that something lacks. Something that gives these low form of life a value. The only way i can put it is that many great minds or spirits have never asked for any kind of appreciation or self worship. If they did i would understand. But the thing is there are billions of humans who think they are the center of the universe and somehow that planets should spin around them. I still struggle to find the exact words or any way of expression that will allow me to project my intimate and alienating disgust of the human race. It just feels like that this great number of humans along with the multitude of hierarchies that represent authority should be annihilated in one short instant in order to have a new set of thoughts concerning the real meaning or in other words, the real value of human life on this planet.

My Deviant Self

The human condition: Responsible for all doom

The human condition on planet Earth may seem to take a plethora of forms however they have something in common, something in which they all collide and by then define a certain model. The following analysis is based on the model.

Hatred of the human race is a component of this model, but rarely in which you encounter a presentation of some form.

You try to lean on the window in an attempt to see the outer world, where life supposedly happens, but you only see many silhouettes walking, either in a group or alone. These humans walk and talk or just walk. This whole phenomenon seems one of the pointless ends at all. How come the end or rather the result of a process of some sort, shallow thinking, would lead these humans to walk, and talk.

This social behavior as poor as it seems is something that i cannot relate to but not the only one: The social exposure of the human being is another pointless element. Why the human being tends to appear under a certain umbrella of styles, why nurture your biological body for show.

Some of these humans, as a result of a mixture of randomness and fake expectations, have come to construct a mutual longing. This longing had never proved to break the wall made by the four dimensions. A wall as gigantic and impenetrable as it is. There is some kind of belief that these links have nothing to do with what construct the reality of the human being, and as a result of such a harsh and strong thought any kind of life should end within the human shelter.

As misanthropic as it seems the hatred experienced within against the existence of humans is indeed a real issue. Especially if we note the fact that the current reasoning has been processed through a human brain. But still, i hope and even wish that the responsible actor represents an unaware tunnel of some kind of alien intelligence.