A living projection of Anima

Our journey changes and it changes us every day. One day, two people may have come to the closest point that they would ever be to each other. And by then, depending on the trajectory that one takes (or both) the distance will grow and grow till it tears them apart. Till they become strangers the same way they were before. That is a physical astrological phenomenon in the cosmos, and by projection, within the human nature as well.

In memory.



Unexpected breeze

Sometimes our subconscious gets flourished by new experiences, however time can be a crucial factor that may prove the contrary. the contrary here is related to the extent to which good energy is affecting the mind, in other words, hope and faith in a more enjoyable occurrence of the new experience. But still, the contrary may not be real, because one should go back in time and dive more deep in the self, trying to look for the reason behind such an unexpected optimism. When i did, i have found that without being aware of it, the new experience was something that brought back a different kind of confidence, a confidence that was bruised, may be by lack of respect of outer anima. Moreover, the reason of such an abrupt perception swing, may be the noticeable difference between non-conscious dreams and reality. In contrast, one should acknowledge the possibility of perceiving reality as a good experience, thus, reaching a tranquil mind state.