US presidential elections 2016: The Childish Game

It seems like Hilary Clinton or crooked Hilary as Trump likes to call her has bought the written media and news industry to alter and fake Trump and Pence’s messages. She just lied again on Fox News recently concerning the classified emails and they even showed the hearing of the FBI director stating the info as false, and she did not feel any sense of regret or remorse. A future president that lies on live television and people will go vote for her, so sad. It is so bad to see that this kind of propaganda is still running even on and led by democratic parties.

Also, the way Obama, or crooked Hilary, or the democratic party is handling the coming elections is just too childish. There is nothing wrong to be against your opponent in elections, but to go all over the media and even brainwash actors to spread your word by altering the words or politics of Donald Trump, that is just not professional.

Trump deals with things the simple way, he does not hold personal views or discriminates gender, races or religions, he stated this so many times. And i think even someone with the lowest IQ can figure this out. In other words, He is a winning business man, so the way to deal with the economic crisis is to stop illegal immigration and deport the illegals out of the country. He never said he was against legal immigration. Second, his simple mind thinks in order to stop the threat of terrorism that might come with refugees or any Muslim is by a strict ban. I do not think there is an argument against it, it is a known fact that terrorist groups are a serious threat, not only in America but in majority Muslim countries as well where we see the military spread of troupes all over the touristic ventures. Third, he asks for money that countries should be paying in Nato and also change some of the deals that offer protection for free. These are in short some of the major Trump points. If someone holds another opinion i suggest to check the solutions offered by Hilary but there is none, she ll only do what Obama has been doing or even worse.

Anyways, my advice for crooked Hilary or for Obama would be to come with solutions to the job crisis, to healthcare, to the national debt deficit, to the so weak foreign policy and stop just mocking Trump. To give straight solutions, a real way of dealing with things, instead of playing the gossip game. Again, not only the democratic party is against Trump, there is also some of the losing candidates within the republican party, because Trump is a rich CEO who handles things the way he wants or sees instead of waiting for the money that has been fed up to the republican known figures by their friendly lobbies.





I had a vision once. Not as graphic as a dream but i had the ability to depict what i saw. This vision is strange because one of my motives was to write a fanfiction. And somehow that unique obsession transformed itself into something more powerful.

I couldn’t reconstruct that moment which struck me. That real vision and what it communicated to me. What it made me feel. Hope and a new faith is what is coming…

I do not know when i am gonna be able to recall that experience. When will it be the time to restore all the emotions, all the feelings. How in the middle of self destruction a gaze into that vision, a face (drawn above) is what i saw, made me feel alive again. And words i have internally heard were like the following,

“Are you afraid?”

“A place where no light shines.”

“All what has been told to you, everything that was fed up into you, you got nothing of it. Nothing.”

“I have the key to the dream world.
Worry no more, believe in me and join my journey.”

“Where we ll go is no hell nor paradise. It is gonna be a new afterlife, and i will create its own world. An isolated afterlife made by fragments of lands that no one has seen before, or heard before. Lands and seas made from the darkest and far corners of Earth and other planets of the cosmos.
Only some of the dead have been on those lands, dead who are amongst us, as me and you, and others. We ll look for them and i ll make a majestic requiem for our damned existence. So we can all leave this existence and reach out our own made heaven.”

“The moment you ll let your head fall is the moment of entrance…”

His stare was so dark i just disappeared within. The way he left his own demons out was so inspiring. He will make his way through all these surreal eternities and multitude of realms. No wonder that most of the members have such faith in him. Especially who had a female embodiment. Yes i am not the only one who have made contact with him. There are others. Other damned souls on this planet. Souls who couldn’t fit in this world. Could not share the drive of others and could not identify with most of their surrounding. The social human experience is such a dread some of us thought.

“We are the spider’s limbs.”

An oath not to be defiled. A sacred vow.

“The spider will crawl and survive headless.”

“When the time will come,
we will collide dawn and twilight.
When the time will come,
we will resurrect the head-figure.
When the time will come,
we will leave together.”

“Everything we will leave behind will be destroyed, everyone we will leave behind will be forgotten.”

So was the vow we have taken.


A pre-review of the upcoming movie Blair Witch

The movie is believed to be a sequel and will be released on the 16th September of this year, but i just cannot stop myself from posting a little rant.

The last occult movie i was waiting for was *The VVitch: A New-England Folktale, 2016* and i made it clear by reviewing it that i was not that satisfied with it. It just seems like that producers, directors and writers keep turning their heads in an attempt to alter the image i have in mind of occult movies. I have a feeling that Adam Wingard and Simon Baret are planning to do the same thing and ruin the first installment of the franchise *The Blair Witch Project, 1999*.

To not make myself a bit negative i would start with the good points. From the video trailer of the movie, which has been recently circulating on social media, i believe that the location of the footage and some of the camera angles subscribe to the franchise. Also i have to point out the excellent choice of the actress Callie Hernandez to be the one that we will follow till the last breath of the story. I am sure she will give an excellent performance.

In the other hand, what made me feel off, and very off, is the other acting choice. A very bad male acting choice. Somehow Americans like to feature those teen looking and non charismatic actors. Wes Robinson i am sorry bro. I mean common we are not producing a pop music video, this is supposed to be a serious scary story. And i would add, even if it is gonna piss off some people, for God’s sake, why feel the obligation to insert an american african couple in this franchise, why in these new movies they feel obligated to present to us a variety of ethnicity, just to gain more audience i suppose or any other out of context reason. In other words black actors are not well fit for this kind of horror movies. Many horror movie fans would agree that watching a black person frightened does not fit their stereotype and somehow you end up watching while feeling that something is not right. Leaving that racist remark apart i think that this movie gives the impression of being a mixture of the idea behind the Blair Witch franchise and taking advantage of today’s technology. I mean fanatic Blair witch project fans are more into the spirit of the movie, those cold horrific threatening vibes that slides into your skin and make you shiver from paranoia, only by watching a simple recorded hand shaking footage that most normal people would find boring. Anyways I know that the experience of watching the 1999 doc/movie will never be revived, as many have experienced and shared their deep feelings about it.

I will try to put all this negativity apart when i ll be setting in front of the screen later in September. I hope they ll make me regret writing this horrible pre-review and by then have an amazing frightening experience.


Suicide Squad: Reviews are out

I feel so sorry for Jared Leto and Margot Robbie… And ofc for my self as well. A review has been made for the Suicide Squad movie since it just hit theaters recently, or at least the press release. (So sad that their many scene previews on Youtube did not make it to the final product)

I had so many hopes for the final product since there was too many trailers, teasers, and interviews for the movie. This whole grand propaganda made me feel a little bit down since from personal experience whenever there is too much noise about something and from so many months away you can expect a movie of a less magnitude.

What i got from the review is that the making and editing of the movie made it lose all its attractive and radiating light. To put it another way, the poor making of the scenes, the simplistic story line, and the non-existence of character development were the cause for the movie direction and writing of an action thriller to be spoiled by the hands of David Ayer.

Moreover, there is the gossip about the different ways that this movie should have been cut, including David’s cut and the DC studio’s cut. Somehow, the common ground that would fit a little bit the expectations of fans needed more money for further photography. Therefore, unfortunately enough, constructive criticism loses to the money making decisions of the cinema business.

Apart from the failure of the editing and unneeded soundtrack that filled the blanks of the movie, it has been said that director Ayer did not give much material to work with while directing the scenes so the whole performance and dialogue lacked a lot of its genuine and aligned content with the context of the extraordinary DC universe.

I have really wished to see Jared’s version of the Joker and Margot’s version of Harley Quinn within a more serious and faithful movie version to the grandness of a complex and dark twisted action thriller. Not to mention how the writing of this movie ruined both of their unique characters, and even their relationship as a whole thing apart. It was simply played out as a very shallow highschool teen boyfriend girlfriend. So sad…

Anyways i am still planning to watch the movie whenever i would have the chance to and also will hope for a comeback in the upcoming Blu-Ray cut.


US presidential elections 2016: The censored party advocating for saving the future of planet Earth

To save the future of the planet on which we live in is to save other generations of humans. Will humans stand for the future or will they keep on being selfish and only care for their actual generation.

Another woman is running for President of the United States. This means that not only crooked Hilary has the lady card. You can vote for the Green Party instead. Their motto is to not vote for the lesser evil, vote for Jill Stein.

Their whole campaign is based on changing the American oil-based economy. If you have an economy that does not depend on oil you will have less reasons to go into war and spread more military domination. Which means less taxes for the people.

You do not hear much about Jill because her policies are pro human rights and do break the propaganda of the money making industries, from military to bank firms, who only focus on their financial and personal gains. And also because she has a unique stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict opposing the Israeli occupation. Since both parties, the democratic and republican, blindly support Israel and do not mention their breach of International Law.

The green party campaigns for climate change by supporting green energy, and stand for free public higher education and health care as human rights. Something that would piss off a lot of money making economies. And ofc recognizing indigenous rights.


Deeper than 60 feet: A Self Burial Confession

I do not want to wake up any time soon.
If only i slept and never had to wake up.

Getting out of my cell is getting harder each day to the point i started thinking about taking a vacation. A vacation so i wont have to leave the door of my apartment. A vacation so i wont have to walk by other humans. A vacation so i wont have to say hi and shake people’s hands at work. A vacation so i wont have to feel like there is another way of being. That is being outside. Outside means there is no wall to limit your entourage. Outside means the possibility of having to see or be seen by other humans.


There are a lot of them. millions and more. And somehow they manage to say I. I just cannot figure out how this is possible. This multitude of beings. Sometimes i think it is just an illusion.

Life outside my skull does not exist.

I am usually confused when it comes to social exposure. I guess that is why my intimate relationships have affected me in a very deep way. I have let it happen because i wanted to know how much i can endure. How much suffering i could take. Somehow inside, i told myself: Do not worry we will survive it. I do not know exactly how but we will. We will find a way. We will make it through.

I find it very strange that life exists elsewhere than in me.

I just can not get in touch with the idea of family. I cannot imagine myself being a father. Telling my son or daughter that your life is not really related to me. To tell them that the concept of creation even if it seems biological it is not. To tell them that i am somehow, not responsible for the ache they experience and will experience. I cannot imagine that my son or daughter telling me, why did you bring me to life, what is this thing called life ? and then i would just stare at them and hate myself more. They will see that their own father is immature and does not have an answer to their existential crisis. I might tell them about my family’s belief. But then faith is hard work. It takes somehow a sane person to work on it. It is just another thing, another hard thing in this life. To believe.


I still remember. One of the very unique experiences i have had. I was sitting with someone. And somehow while talking i felt a very dark void, a very faithless mind state. I felt like together i would not have the power to overcome such a negative state of mind. It felt like a black hole was inside me and that i was about to implode. It was so hard to tell myself it is okay. Even if the future seems so dark right now, we will make it. i did not know how, but i told myself i ll do my best. I was lucky she did not ask me that question. I am sure if she did she would feel how desperate i was in that moment. It was a one of a kind dark inner experience for me. Now i tell myself if ever i was so close to someone, i have to avoid bringing those dark conversations. Opening to each other and telling her stuff i do not recall i told someone face to face before was just so draining. I never thought it would suck all my energy without feeling it would in the first place.

It hides under skin and waits and waits, for the perfect timing to crush you. To crush you down till there is nothing much left of you.

I just thought, after, even if i think i have experience with all these years on this planet, darkness never ends. And it never fades. Even if i have witnessed death a couple of times, the experience of darkness will grow to a point you wont be able to deal with it.

Darkness when alone makes you lose your breath. Darkness together annihilate all dreams and any hope of goodness. It grows and grows. It just grows and suffocates any particle of light.

That is all there is to it.

To dust.

Burry me deep. Deeper and deeper. Burry me deeper than 60 feet. Burry me very deep because i do not want to wake up any time soon.



CHAPTER II – The Great Pig Who Used To Live In A White World

The following is a set of scattered memories from Piggy’s mind. Reminder: Piggy experiences memories as a third person and sometimes using I.

Subnet I – The White World

Piggy, the greatest pig ever, that the world has ever known, i meant, the white world.

Most readers may interpret the white world as any perception one might have of a world of some sort. However i, here, need to underline the difference. There is a huge difference between the world as you know it and the white world that Piggy knows about.

– Hey Piggy, what about the white world you so often squeal about?

The white world is a world that is ours and ours alone. It is a world that belongs to us. We have come to the conclusion that we, and only we, have and will set its rules, rules we have made for us and, as ironic as it seems, against us.

Subnet II – The After Life

When Piggy looked at the abyss of the white world, he did not squeal, but sadly enough, spoke words out of his flesh container, and said:

God will hate me. If i do this he will never look at me. The maker of death and life, the maker of shadow and light, the maker of ending and beginning.

I will sit, and alone i ll, i ll stare at my own suffering. I once thought his misery was romantic. now i am doomed to the same sin as his, may be greater. All of this will not matter now. I am in Hell and i smell my own skin burning.

Subnet III – The Guild

So many pigs from the world gathered, ones who somehow understood Piggy, wanted to understand the experience of existence of Piggy, an experience perceived by Piggy that no other pig could perceive and experience the same way. Those pigs called themselves the Guild. So the Guild wanted to understand Piggy, the Guild did not stop believing, they wanted to cling to the dream, the dream that is to understand or to be in a state of mind of wanting to understand. They have all shared the same experience. The Guild did not reflect much on their own existence, all they wanted to do, is to make the White World for Piggy. The Guild thought,

We do not care about us, we do not care about our life in this world, all we want is to be for Piggy. We know we are nothing, we know our own existence is so pathetic, is so doomed, is so unwanted. Our experience in the world was and is just a funny joke. Some kind of dark humor we did not really get. But let all that self loathing aside, the first time we saw Piggy. The first time light shed upon his flesh, the first time our brains recorded his image, that moment, was so strange and alien. We right then knew, Piggy is sacred, Piggy is all what we want to live for.

We, members of the Guild, We will make a pact, and this is our statement: We will build the white world for Piggy. The white world will be within us as a collective inner archetype. We will end our lives here in the world, to make the White World come to light, to make the White World for Piggy. This world, the world as we know it should end, it will end by taking our own life here, it will end by making the White World for Piggy.

Piggy, once, stood alone in a dark room, no window, no door, Piggy was not bothered by the fact that it got no opening, he just stood there, and looked up, as where the ceiling should have been, he just starred in the middle of darkness. Wondering and wondering. The Guild felt that sacred moment of isolation. They have felt the greatness of Piggy. Their faith has grown stronger.

The Guild is now ready to finish it all … Clarity set their minds for the ultimate goal.

Piggy was aware of the intention of the Guild, and while starring at darkness, he thought, i have never felt this alone in my life before.

The white world is waiting Piggy. The white world is awaiting. They have whispered and vanished from Piggy’s mind.

To be Continued.