Drako Malfoy

I have always wanted to write my thoughts around Draco Malfoy but couldn’t dive much into it. May be of fear to ruin the image i have of him inside my mind and to my disappointment a bit of ink was spilled into this character on H.P. blogs which didn’t meet my expectations. To be honest i feel sorry and sometimes saddened that the H.P. saga was very underrated and i don’t know who really to blame. Should i blame the personal views of J.K. Rowling? I couldn’t because she is the goddess who created and let unfold the realm of H.P. Or should i blame this strange colored wind taking over the masses and by then making a very terrible job reacting to the story and its pillars. Without further due i will tell you how i see him in what follows.

The crucial part of the story which shed light into the heart and soul of Draco is the confrontation with the Dark Lord’s will. Here we see a very clear and distinct passage to adulthood, to take responsibility for one’s actions in a somehow apocalyptic tide of events.

Draco spent most of his life till now as an angry teen. I use the term teen here in its psychological context and not by means of sexual maturity. An angry teen in such a way defiant of authority and being strongly opposed to the moral system. Angry at the world around him and to the low standards of good will and pure genuine laughter. Wanting to magnify the name of his father and may be continue the legacy of the family. Mocking all those who are able to throw shades at his own ego and even punishing them. Somehow things started to change abruptly. Putting Drako on the spot, he is confused questioning his whole life.

What is happening, what is this… what is all of this darkness spinning upon me.

Yes, yes, yes… that is indeed the darkest of all times. Sorrow and fear were reborn: Behold, the Dark Lord has been resurrected: Death and suffering awaits those in his way.

Drako being a bit older now, sees his father more clearly, aging made the gap between father and son smaller.

I now can see my father clearly. One who was an idol in front of my childish eyes, now i see him weak and frightened like a lame rat. Do not misunderstand me, it is true that i despise his affection but now i can see. Now i see what awaits me. The weight i shall carry from now on is far much greater… If my father is shaken by this season of darkness, he who had far much experience in this rotting world, one who hold status and duty of the ministry, one who has seen clearly the happenings and might of our times. Now i see him falling.

While the Dark Lord advances every day in his malefic schemes, many meetings and councils were held. The ministry has been infiltrated and soon will bow down to Voldemort. Witnessing the pass time of the dark lord, the scent of blood in Malfoy’s mansion is now unbearable.

All these dark eaters around me makes me feel sick in the stomach. All these victims and dead bodies brought here are a true torment to my usual habits.

Here comes the time Drako will break down. Now the Dark Lord orders him one of the greatest missions of all times. To destroy one of the greatest idols of dark light. To kill the great magus Dumbledore. How can this student of magick kill such a man. One who hosted him and the whole masses of young mages for decades. One who never hurt him. How can he find the will to destroy this strange authority figure. Strange for sure since he is not your usual teacher or scholar. Powerful, twisted, hiding very well his evil second nature only for the sake of a greater goal. One who can see deeply into Drako’s soul and heart. One who once took the Dark Lord under his shoulder and brought him to become what he is now. A true incarnation of evil.

Drako while carrying this fatal mission secretly couldn’t take it no more. How come one spend much time and take lessons from the Death Eaters and not be affected by their charisma. How come one lose their pure inner child and student each night while submerging inch by inch his heart into the blackness of fate. He is now entrapped in the real world, no more academia no more games.

He is now the dagger which will stab goodness in the dark. This side of things is eating away his heart. But the secrecy around it puts it into an unbelievable weight. He is the traitor now and he can’t do nothing to escape from it. Under this fatal turmoil, his loving mother, his father and his teacher Snape want to assist him. They see him every day burning his innocence into becoming his darkest self. They know he is not ready yet and feel for him because they were in a similar situation working with the Dark Lord and being in his infernal presence. They know Drako couldn’t take it anymore. Even though, Drako keeps pushing them away, he both hates their pity and wants it so bad. He found himself burst in tears in a lone deserted bathroom. Never expected to see himself in such a weak spot, he hates his own weakness and still wants to carry out his mission. He doesn’t want to do it, he wants to do it, and he feels threatened to do it.

I must give big thanks to the actor in the H.P. series. Tom Felton played this part very well. I couldn’t see any other actor incarnate this role very well.

At times you might notice Drako help Harry. Also at times you might notice Harry help Drako. It seems very unexpected but somehow they are similar. Both have a mission, both are not mature yet for it, both have seen darkness and death right in the eye, both were in the presence of the dark lord. Both were surrounded by adult figures who somehow carried a similar fate and who can relate to the huge responsibility they are facing. Both of them have a raging war inside them, between good and evil, between darkness and light devouring their insides dawn and night.

What is amazing about the H.P. story is how in silence adults would help in the must dangerous situations those who oppose them. Only because all of them know what darkness is. They all know what the Dark Lord is capable of.

All of them know what will happen if chaos reigns.



Get that naked arm out

Show that malefic mark

Snake and skull

Call the Lord of Darkness

Slaughter the idol

Call my name

And vow your servitude

Live in fear but obey me in loyalty

Each step you come closer to me

Is each step your soul perishes

Serve me

One who broke his spirit

Serve me

One who will become one with evil

Carry out your mission

And be one of my army

Slaughter Dumbledore

And we will create a new world

Slaughter your goodness

And you will reign with chaos

Now you can see

Only death remains

Now you can see

How lustful are the hues of mayhem

Wreak havoc

And i shall put you on a throne

Wreak havoc

And become your new self

Your truest self






Tribute to a Japanese Mangaka

Rize, the first time i lied my eyes on her i felt a connection deep down my heart or soul, not knowing she was not human, each thing i learned about her while watching Tokyo Ghoul and each time she appeared in the dark corners of Kaneki Ken ‘s tortured mind, i felt something inside me, it hit me hard. Enjoy Rize Washuu before she eats you alive hehe
From the dark world of TG created by the enigmatic and Japanese creator: Sui Ishida
No one knows his face but he made a universe of ghouls and humans in which i have lost myself many times
One of the rarest times i watched a world so dark i couldnt bare the idea of evil wining, not that the protagonists are not evil, but they are evil against a greater and darker evil
so many lives lost in vain, but even so, kaneki with the help of his friends and enemies, they have made it through, i wished though at the end, that kaneki devours what was left of Rize…
Rize by the way was fully evil, hehe i wonder what made her choose that dark path… and yes both her and kaneki are book worms ; )

P.S.: May be she reminds me of someone i knew. I forgot for a while but after i finished drawing her, i was like, what the Hell, is Rize in truth some sort of astral projection of her or of her image in my mind…



Rize Kamishiro _Portrait_1_




The VVitch

A short review on the movie The Witch (released 2015/2016 by Robert Eggers).
I was waiting for the movie a couple of months. My impatience was based on the trailer i have seen once. I thought then, finally a movie that will set the right mood for the occult and give it back its thrilling dignity on the movie scene. But i guess i was disappointed. i usually abstain from writing negative impressions, but i feel somehow forced to splatter some ink here. The whole movie is filled with dialogue that is more suitable to an ancient English play, in other word words, rare scenes with action, witchcraft or anything occult related. The thrilling scenes were the ones shown on the trailer. Can you imagine one hour and a half waiting for the kind of scenes that will make you shit in your pants but there is none. Well I am sure the director and his staff had the perfect talent and technology to make us dive and never come back from an alienating movie. Alienating from the goodness of the human nature. I say this because the few scenes with witches were heavenly performed. The scene that showed a very attractive witch, the fog, the green house, darkness around, that was just perfect. Another scene is the old naked witch drinking blood, that was so realistic because it shows how fucking scary to come across an old, naked and evil female sucking blood from some beast. The last scene was also very good showing witches dancing around fire and in full levitation. These scenes were perfect but very short and lasted less than a minute. I am still disappointed because i still didn’t find my dream occult movie. The Blair witch project (book of shadows too) is till now one of my best movies in this genre.


A pre-review of the upcoming movie Blair Witch

The movie is believed to be a sequel and will be released on the 16th September of this year, but i just cannot stop myself from posting a little rant.

The last occult movie i was waiting for was *The VVitch: A New-England Folktale, 2016* and i made it clear by reviewing it that i was not that satisfied with it. It just seems like that producers, directors and writers keep turning their heads in an attempt to alter the image i have in mind of occult movies. I have a feeling that Adam Wingard and Simon Baret are planning to do the same thing and ruin the first installment of the franchise *The Blair Witch Project, 1999*.

To not make myself a bit negative i would start with the good points. From the video trailer of the movie, which has been recently circulating on social media, i believe that the location of the footage and some of the camera angles subscribe to the franchise. Also i have to point out the excellent choice of the actress Callie Hernandez to be the one that we will follow till the last breath of the story. I am sure she will give an excellent performance.

In the other hand, what made me feel off, and very off, is the other acting choice. A very bad male acting choice. Somehow Americans like to feature those teen looking and non charismatic actors. Wes Robinson i am sorry bro. I mean common we are not producing a pop music video, this is supposed to be a serious scary story. And i would add, even if it is gonna piss off some people, for God’s sake, why feel the obligation to insert an american african couple in this franchise, why in these new movies they feel obligated to present to us a variety of ethnicity, just to gain more audience i suppose or any other out of context reason. In other words black actors are not well fit for this kind of horror movies. Many horror movie fans would agree that watching a black person frightened does not fit their stereotype and somehow you end up watching while feeling that something is not right. Leaving that racist remark apart i think that this movie gives the impression of being a mixture of the idea behind the Blair Witch franchise and taking advantage of today’s technology. I mean fanatic Blair witch project fans are more into the spirit of the movie, those cold horrific threatening vibes that slides into your skin and make you shiver from paranoia, only by watching a simple recorded hand shaking footage that most normal people would find boring. Anyways I know that the experience of watching the 1999 doc/movie will never be revived, as many have experienced and shared their deep feelings about it.

I will try to put all this negativity apart when i ll be setting in front of the screen later in September. I hope they ll make me regret writing this horrible pre-review and by then have an amazing frightening experience.


Suicide Squad: Reviews are out

I feel so sorry for Jared Leto and Margot Robbie… And ofc for my self as well. A review has been made for the Suicide Squad movie since it just hit theaters recently, or at least the press release. (So sad that their many scene previews on Youtube did not make it to the final product)

I had so many hopes for the final product since there was too many trailers, teasers, and interviews for the movie. This whole grand propaganda made me feel a little bit down since from personal experience whenever there is too much noise about something and from so many months away you can expect a movie of a less magnitude.

What i got from the review is that the making and editing of the movie made it lose all its attractive and radiating light. To put it another way, the poor making of the scenes, the simplistic story line, and the non-existence of character development were the cause for the movie direction and writing of an action thriller to be spoiled by the hands of David Ayer.

Moreover, there is the gossip about the different ways that this movie should have been cut, including David’s cut and the DC studio’s cut. Somehow, the common ground that would fit a little bit the expectations of fans needed more money for further photography. Therefore, unfortunately enough, constructive criticism loses to the money making decisions of the cinema business.

Apart from the failure of the editing and unneeded soundtrack that filled the blanks of the movie, it has been said that director Ayer did not give much material to work with while directing the scenes so the whole performance and dialogue lacked a lot of its genuine and aligned content with the context of the extraordinary DC universe.

I have really wished to see Jared’s version of the Joker and Margot’s version of Harley Quinn within a more serious and faithful movie version to the grandness of a complex and dark twisted action thriller. Not to mention how the writing of this movie ruined both of their unique characters, and even their relationship as a whole thing apart. It was simply played out as a very shallow highschool teen boyfriend girlfriend. So sad…

Anyways i am still planning to watch the movie whenever i would have the chance to and also will hope for a comeback in the upcoming Blu-Ray cut.


The Lobster (2015)

Finally a good, recently released (2015), movie for me: The Lobster, starring Collin Farrell, Rachel Weisz and Léa Seydoux. What follows is a modest attempt to write a short review on this unique experience. I will use short sentences or words, because it suits me well to better describe what caught my whole being while watching. The movie is presented in two implicit chapters, one inside the Hotel, where single people are treated (have to live a couple of weeks before being turned into an animal of their choice, and if lucky enough, find your future partner and then get back to the city). And the second half, in the middle of the woods (where the outlaw loners live) and in the city, (where the very respected couples live). Some of the things i will state below are, personally speaking, a very sarcastic approach of the writer (director) to criticize intimacy and single-hood in modern society nowadays.

– Being an outcast for the only reason of being single.

– Authority mixed with good manners well represented inside the Hotel. I must say that there was a hidden feeling of guilt that led single people to be so submissive to the laws.

– The Hunt. An activity organized by the managers of the Hotel, who catches a loner has an extension of stay. Action was very well directed using slow motion, with a very unique performance of actors i must admit. Since it was inside the green woods, it reminded me of Hunter X Hunter and made me feel emotional.

– Sexual compulsions stated within a dark and hopeless environment. What a contrast. Especially if we take into consideration the tone of the voice used and the rigid social, or authoritative context of the scenes. It is to be noted that masturbation is forbidden inside the hotel and punishment awaits ones with that kind of urge.

– Not a movie for vegan or vegetarian activists, the blood on the animal preys was so graphic, and how characters described their carnivore urges was so intense.

– Any romantic or flirtatious activity in the forest is forbidden. Kissing is a breach of the loner’s social contract, lips are to be cut deep as a punishment.

– If a couple during the last stay in the Hotel is having argument, a kid is offered for adoption, stating that it helps keeping them together.

– Electronic music serves as a ritual of loners inside the forest.

– A monologue during the scenes of the first chapter to explain the context, it felt like reading a book. A very good description and use of vocabulary. Voice by the actress Rachel i presume.