The Serpent Incarnated

To play with a man’s heart

Their specialty

But if you think enough

It is man’s fault

For being vulnerable and exposing himself to a female presence

Some sort of neediness


Because they can’t handle a naked woman

Wide eyes, smooth skin, attractive eyebrows, and voluptuous lips

Starring at the man, standing next to them

The ultimate curse, an offering from hell bellow


Amazed by the charm he hears her bewitching voice only to wander off track

To places he would never go to

Inside his mind that is

The childish need for comfort, validation, and recognition of might by the other gender


At some point he has no control of his thoughts

His soul has been already possessed by her touch, by how soft her ass cheeks are, and by how cool her breast feels like pressed against his


Before he knows it his captive slave has been released by his second nature

Lustful desires of man are taking the lead, worshipping every inch of her fleshly temple

Once he wakes up before dawn, noticing her arm around his waist he thinks to himself, what have I done, what is this, I don’t recognize myself anymore

In morning, one look at her eyes, stops all his inner resistance to her magick

In times of absence of the other

Man tries his best to come back to his past self, being the man he is, always cautious of his own weakness to be taken advantage of, does his best to stay on protocol, to never give in to their spells

But as soon as she comes back and says I have missed you

He knows he has already lost the battle of will

He knows he is hers again and no matter how hard he tries to snap out of it, all that there is to it, all what was left, is for her to come back, to meet him, to touch him, to look at his tearful eyes and whisper, you are mine

In that moment he knows he is doomed

He has already succumbed to her otherworldly power

As time passes by he finds himself following her after she leaves his bed, stalking her whereabouts, taking count of how many men she flirts with, of how many she offers her body to

Trying so hard to gather up his lost strength, staying on edge, bottling up his anger in order to face her, resisting at his best the conclusion that it is a lost cause


As soon as she comes back at night he finds no will to cut the cord straight


And when she is not around he is unable find his way to sleep

Looking at his own weakness he hates himself more


Thinking of the day she will find another man, that day would be the start of a living hell, she will ignore his sight whenever fate randomly gathers them at crossroads, she will ignore him and he will sink deep down his darkness


He is no man no more

Only a weakling, a shadow, a shell of his former self,

He exists no more





Endless Night

Remain in the abyss

Do not seek the light

For there is no hope

Rejoice the absence of the other

And sink deep into the blackness

Feel the cold at your feet

And freeze your heart to death

Do not look beyond the well

Keep your gaze inside

Travel within and get lost for eternity

Know your doomed fate

Your affinity for the tormented is not a curse

But a blessing you shall cherish

Smile to suffering

And welcome your agony

Here i dwell

Under the gloomy sky

Here i shall sleep

Forgotten i will never wake up

Lie down with me

For the end is near



A Ghostly Stab in the Dark

I like to look at the world from a distance

The world of humans that is to say

Is this the life of a ghost, is this what it looks like

To hide behind the shades of existence

To throw one eye after another

There is no way for a ghost to love

Only to lust after strangers, after estranged souls, and may doom their existence to sorrow

Unaware of its source, they wonder aimlessly

Hovering from corner to corner

I sought no salvation

I only befriend the weary

And hear their supplication

I answer no prayer and bring no comfort

The horizon is before me

Glimpsing at the fallen star

I whispered into her ear, wait for me no more

For i am the unknown visitor, let it sink into you

The forgotten memory, that is the grieving of my departure

Let the curtains fall

Remind yourself

That in death

You might join me



Lament of Grey

Death should submerge us all

For we are the abominaton casted on this plane of existence

With open arms i welcomed dismal

I greeted despair with tears of joy

I thought, i am still me, i am still my self

For once i feared a no turning back

The point of no return

I thought, my coat of grey was taken off me

For a short period of time i have found my self in this world of humans

Ready to act upon it and assist its expansion, what a sad story

Once i was awake, i knew that the world of grey didn’t leave me, it is still here

It still wants me to follow on the steps of the ancient, to meet death and forfeit this realm. For whatever it takes

I shook hands with the devil and promised him my departure

He looked at me and twisted his tail

He then murmured, you are a lost cause

I followed then and said, i thought you knew

I thought you knew i am no leader

I had no intention to take on your legacy

To defy the gods and raise war against the heavens

My fate is mine to take on hand

My story is surely a lame cry

I, though, wish you good luck

If you prevail over the light

If your dark light takes over the word of god

if you make it, find me a place in the kingdom of Hell

Farewell my confident, prince of darkness, the fallen angel


Rivers of Darkness


That word, interest is a vague word
But it serves its purpose
That is to fill out any vacuum for meaning

Can it get any worse
I had to remind my self
Just do not mind that it hurts

I gotta try
Even if i hold no clear vision in my mind

When are we gonna scout that tall building
Man i do not know
I dont even know if i have the balls

I was saying
Just try your luck or your lack of luck

I dont know man
I dont really know

Rivers of darkness
I feel like i am burning
When you are in my mind

Sometimes i tap into a plethora of flows
I feel resurrected, transmuted
Light and ready to jump in
So impossible to believe its own occurrence
May be it is a high
And as any other kind of high
There is a low

Fall, fall down to the pits of Hell
You lame creature
Go down and meet fire
Burn and cry out my name for help
Pray to me to lessen your suffering

Nay i say and death to you
You immortal being
You are not a god
Not to me

Non Serviam
I shall govern my own demise
I,I alone

Hail Satan


i couldn’t ask for a better end
end of the world as i know it
it is not that i have already accepted death
or may be i already did
i think death by blood loss is a warm death
to drown in my own blood
to mumble, i never thought that all of this blood was in me
so warm, then i felt so cold, so cold i couldn’t bare
then thought, i finally did it, finally leaving this fucking existence, this doom, to Hell i say to what awaits me
if my mother suffered my birth, i too shall suffer my death
the infernal cycle of torment, anguish in between


in the following pages i should mention what humans thought of the mystery of life, so called human soul, which is a total lunacy if you ask me



Awe like in shooters

The hills were covering the huge windows of college

Green hills, clean and well cut making it a very strange scenery for your usual claustrophobic

If you were inside the premises of the University and tried to look outside

Outside like over the glass walls

Starring into the green horizon

Thinking about how loud it is inside this eating area

So many students talking and eating

Like more than one hundred

So many people enjoying their meals

Unless you are a loner then you are sitting by yourself somewhere but still you have managed to have a good view of what happens outside

I was looking at that line in between green and blue while thinking, this is the nearest horizon i have ever seen

Somehow and unexpectedly i have found myself sinking into a deep well of darkness, feeling like all of this is just pointless, self loathing because i freaked out at my coworker today, i screamed to this old man’s face and told him you know nothing, i told myself this shouldnt happen, it was just a usual conversation, you should have let the old man talk and go away

I hated myself more because others were starring at me loosing my shit

I was no longer the calm dude

They looked at me like, i was mental

Then i remembered that i am sick

Who am i fooling

Then thought what am i doing here

I dont even believe in a god

Or may be i am on the left path and i scream i serve you not and burn me if you wish in Hell

So why not kill myself already

There is no need to stay here

In this world, in this fucking world

I feel like there is someone in me who hates every one every human and may be even god if he exists

But again, i believe i hate my self more

I hate my self more

Why go on living if i am going to die

I dont even know why i am meeting other humans

The only humans i hold in awe are the ones i dont see, the builders and the scientists, the makers and the researchers

The true gods, the falling gods, the expendables

But then, then, what do i see

No green, no blue no more

A shadow

No not black, only the armor

Wait what is this, time is going slowly

Who do i see

A tall skinny guy, do i know him, have i ever seen him, big eyebrows, his face is not medium nor small but wide cheek bones like those eastern europeans

A huge firearm in his hand

What a beauty, not him but the gun, i might add, his white clear skin as well

I am trying to see into his eyes

While walking towards us with much confidence and reserve

Gives the feels of a soldier in front lines, willing to give his life but before a glorious man hunt

I kept staring at his face, all my worries about existence vanished and i am starting to feel something

I like him, i like his appearance and his micro gestures while making way to the glass walls separating us

Is this god, is this jesus, is this our savior…

No one have seen him yet

Only me

This fact didnt bother me, i wanted to be the only one witnessing this

I somehow felt like i was in a movie of some sort

A dark thriller and that something very bad is going to happen

A very dangerous situation while he is aiming his huge gun towards us

Before pulling the trigger i have found myself without any second thoughts running towards him, not even a first thought,

I would say i acted under an alien inner impulse

i know at my best i wont reach him since there is no door in between

While making way to reach him, i asked myself, what are you doing, why not flee the scene, what the fuck are you doing

Then i understood while my heart was pumping more blood than ever

While i felt a rush of adrenaline, a pleasure i have never felt before

Multiple bullets were shot and did my best to meet most of them

I felt fire inside me, while losing consciousness

First thought

Humans shall die

Second thought

I shall die

Third thought

Shoot them, shoot them, shoot those rats, shoot those mothafakas, shoot them all, shoot them all

In awe of this traumatic picture

Awe like in shooter