Let ’s talk about Tariq Ramadan ‘s Agenda

What will follow is a rambling with side thoughts and such, I wrote this with little effort to edit it because I wanted more to share than to write an elaborate essay on my actual standing on certain topics


Before talking about Tariq Ramadan let me clarify that I have read a book of his and started reading other of his books years ago and I am willing to finish them too. I have read some of his articles and listened to multiple university lectures and debates.


I am fully aware that reading and listening is not enough but you also need to have some intellectual background on the issues he is discussing and in this case, social and professional experience in the real world and personal experience in the faith related approaches of his thoughts and beliefs.

I am also aware that one may have done all of this and still disagree or think wrongly of Tariq Ramadan.


I will add here that I am a fan of his work and years and years of his inter faith and inner faith work within the Muslim world all around the planet.


Why am I telling you about this?


Let’s say that I have spent a grand majority of my time in recent years dealing with politics starting with of course the American system. All this new knowledge I have gathered on the political spectrum in the USA supposed to be the leading force on the planet and the rise of Donald Trump made a great impression on me especially how Americans responded during these years to this major change in American Politics.


I would add to that of course my personal faith shortcomings and how I dealt with them personally and how all these changes were like different sources of light shed on my persona. All this knowledge and changes have showed me so much of my self which is very scary if I dare to say. Let alone the fact that while I am analyzing myself and while I am being scared at myself I thought about others, about other human beings under this spectrum of complexity of the social human experience and how easily we can dive in the fire of hatred and passion only to self destruct on a major scale.


Ok enough of this introduction which has as a purpose to contextualize shortly where I am coming from.


What about Tariq Ramadan?


For me Tariq is a guy who is trying his best to at least communicate his beliefs to the world but there are so many complex and sometimes very sinister powers shading darkness on his attempts to make the world a better place.


You would usually see Tariq debating fiercely others on the stage and usually they would cut him off or play him real good. I am not really interested in who wins but I am more interested in how they challenge him in order for me to understand him more. In order to see a man under bright light.


What was the real motive behind this post?


I wanted to share with the world how very deeply complex is the human experience. That is my intention and how there might be just a little bit of hope to make things better or little worse for the human species and by proxy for the rest of life which surrounds us.



What is the context in which Tariq Ramadan comes in and acts on day and day on so many continents and on different scales of the human experience?


On the stage of debate or of lecture, and also in his published books you will see him addressing many planes of existence at the same time. That is the reality of the world we live in really, don’t let yourself be taken by the hype of the media or political and sometimes religious animosity which will do its best to project his thoughts on just one plane of existence leaving the person of less experience in life, and less knowledge to be manipulated easily.


What are the different planes of existence he dives in and what are his stands on the topic at hand?


I will try my best to be short on what follows to just give an idea on what we are talking about here


I will only discuss just one aspect amongst many, in other words take one instance and further my thoughts about it. It will not cover everything but it will show you the complexity of some mainstream issues



Let’s talk first about politics, which is a very complex issue since it differs on each country to the point that words would have different meanings and definitions.


Usually politicians use a divide and conquer game in order to control the public opinion on a couple of issues, they might use identity politics or may use any other means in order to add more color and passion to the game in order to gain votes. No one can lead this game without lacking integrity or authenticity but usually fired up voters would turn a blind eye on certain issues only to satisfy their frustration. Here comes Tariq Ramadan, more active on European countries debating world leaders or popular politicians, in which case they will use his presence in a way to portray the following image: you have a double tongue and don’t answer our questions directly by yes or no. Usually the normal person doesn’t think deeply about issues or on a multidimensional approach either for lack of intellect and knowledge or by lack of attention span and genuine motive. The right answer in my opinion is questions are usually so complex that you can’t have a yes or no answer. In doing so politicians after not obtaining a black or white answers they accuse him of double tongue or double language and think they have won, but for someone like me I would do more research and learn many things to which I end up astonished on how little I have known on the topic at hand.



Social and Faith plane


This one is more complex because at first you might think that those who have a similar Faith as Tariq will side with him but the answer is no.

You might also think that those with no faith wouldn’t really care but actually they do because for them those who believe in a certain faith have always a hidden agenda for world destruction or control.

So let s suppose they are debating the issue of wearing the hijab in France, you might think that French people who believe in the separation of state and faith affairs would support him, in most cases they don’t, because somehow they don’t believe that according to Islam wearing the scarf is an expression of faith and that it is not in principle mandatory in an oppressive context, so they wont stand with him on that and would prefer to negate their own secular policies in order to put a ruling that bans wearing of hijab in schools for whatever other reason they hold in mind.

I stand with Tariq that those matters should be debated and held in open dialogue and I oppose the media who would alter his words and lie to people manipulating them into doubting his true motive. A civil discourse starts with trust in the good intentions of the one you debate because if there is no trust why even start debating on the basis of intellect only to negate your own principles and by them distrust your opponent. But this media game is so old that I am sick of. Journalism nowadays is so biased and makes you only hear one side of the argument and alters the other side which is sickening.


Tariq in this case talks many languages, he is the intellectual who would tell the person who doesn’t believe in Islam but believes in human rights: the version accepted and adopted by the specific country/culture in which the debate takes place, for instance that a girl or woman is free to wear a hijab or not because each one is free to wear whatever they want. And then he would tell the muslim that in Islam no one has the right to impose a certain expression of his beliefs on another one. He would argue and say that such major political decisions should be taken on a democratic way and not by forcing a certain ideology without involving the institutions already built into the system to handle such affairs.


But the problem is that wherever he goes people would distrust him and would negate their own principles only to negate him which is sad really, and most of it out of prejudice.



What about inner and outer Faith dialogue


I am glad that many speakers on Islam have shown themselves and are thinking critically of Islam which is always a learning experience to me.


Islam is complex as any ancient system of thought or theology


You might someday watch a short video of Tariq debating on faith related topics and if not knowledgeable enough you might end up taken by passion and either laughing at him or hating him. In my case I usually think a lot and with time and experience I would think more and more about it.


There are many sects within Islam some only political other only mystical and others more complex in which you end up very confused. But it is a good thing to be confused, yes we should be because it makes us more open to learning and it challenges us to know more. But let me focus on the matter in which I have experience while being brought in a muslim theocracy and how with time I had to challenge myself and be true to my own self on the expense of what I little knew about Islam or faith in general.


Most of ex muslims or muslims who want to reform Islam come from a deep personal experience of the religion. I mean by deep multiple of bottled up emotions and past experiences. Once you snap out of it you feel an immense passion to change things, but in order to do so one should be knowledgeable. In most Tariq’s debates people would simplify the issues into one sentence, the likes of, Islam is bad as a whole or muslims are all evil doing people in disguise. Which is a very simplistic approach if you are a person of thought and especially a person who spent years into researching the history of humans on Earth. Tariq proposes that muslims and non muslims should work together to reform Islam’s understanding and by proxy its social actions on the western world and on the muslim world. Most of the ones who debate him prefer to ban all muslims off their faith which will alienate them internally, on the other hand if those he debates are muslims they would stop him from even thinking about reform. In the end they either obstruct change or are radical in their approach of such complex issue. I think I begin to agree with Tariq Ramdan on this issue, and that is the most important thing I want to share here based on my personal experience:

Those who write books or go on TV and say that Islam is in itself a problem would only alienate the majority of muslims which would either make them miserable and negate their own faith which is counterproductive or would make them more open to darkness and by then feed on the extremist Islamic propaganda fueling them to take antisocial action with any means possible:  would it be a word a politician said once against muslims or by reminding them of  how muslim countries were conquered by the western world in the past.


Tariq being himself a muslim scholar offers a solution, he wants all different kinds of people to join his workshops on all matters of life to reform Islam’s understanding of the scripture in such a way they understand more the principle of the faith at hand which is according to his research compatible with a peaceful life with others who don’t share the same faith and doesn’t involve a global agenda to Islamize the whole planet under one khalifa or muslim king which would be a totalitarian and authoritarian regime if you ask me, some sort of dystopia hehe


What I shortly discussed here doesn’t only apply to Islam or any other religion on Earth but also on any ideology which throughout the history of mankind had gathered many human hearts and minds would it be communism, socialism, democracy, or any kind of system which handles human affairs on a group level. Anything should be open to questioning and fair debates.


Back to Islam, Tariq so far have shed light on all the antisocial parts of the understanding of Islam and denounces them. He calls legislators, religious people, social activists, scientists, philosophers, to work with him to make a better understand of this religion. Tariq believes that Islam as any other religion should be studied in a way to differentiate between the divine inspiration and the human projection which is a very difficult matter.


Divine inspiration according to him would be parts of the scripture which are intact to the believer like the belief in creationism and final judgment of humans, which I regard as a personal matter to me since each person has their own beliefs which can change over time sometimes based on proof and sometimes based on gut feelings or on the social environment one has been brought into. The nature of the human belief in such things is very complex to approach because of how much psychology has advanced these days along with the biochemistry of the brain. In this matter I am for every one is free to believe in any thing they want as far as socially we don’t harm one another and by then we can live peacefully.


The rest of the scripture would be parts which are more open to human understanding and practice are the social aspects of the scripture which may involve sometimes the group ideology or the justice system by which humans choose to operate on or under. Some of these might be stories which some sadly enough take as historical facts or take on so literally outside of their context as a myth to reflect on instead.


On this topic, which is, should one care about faith systems or not, I say in this day and age even our language is influenced by faith, we are so immersed in it that we don’t see it, if you want to change the status quo I would take the middle road which is to not discriminate others based on their belief but rather work with them to reform their own understanding for a better end. After I walked away from my faith I was so angry I denounced and mocked any thing related to it, but to do so is a bit antisocial if you ask me, I think the best thing is to stay authentic to the universal principles of peace and tolerance while criticizing anything that negates it in a civil and open minded manner, since to be honest with you we know so little about our own existence even if science has advanced so far in all its fields. The more you study science the more you know that we know so little and have to do more research.


I am not gonna lie what also helped me to stay in the middle road is not only Tariq Ramadan’s work and activism but also Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is the kind of guy I hate because he always stabs my ego to death after each thing he challenges me with intellectually, even the three hour debate on stage with Sam Harris. I would add that the other reason for me taking this approach is the fact that I have an affinity for fiction and literature, the fact that I hold a creative side which negates the borders of the known which is an aspect that Jordan keeps challenging me on and call for more thinking about it instead of cold resentment against anything religious or myth related. Jordan’s thoughts on myth and its relationship with human history over the ages, would it be the Christian myth or the pagan myth are so deep and complex and challenging that he brought me again to the middle road.




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Trump, Syria, and the Shadow Order

Written last week end, edited this Sunday


The Fucking Press, Enemy of the People

Let me first start this article by highlighting my disappointment on how rigged the press is. What’s more concerning is how much they praise themselves for being the bringers of truth, which is sad in fact. The press and mainstream media is very biased. To show this huge gap in their discourse and principles, take two similar events and you will notice that they stand for one principle in one event and negate it on another. Wake up readers, the press only serves the ones in control. They dont care about the freedom of expression of their own journalist let alone the rest. The proof is if you work for a major news network you will have to follow the narrative decided by the hierarchy. It would be better if people disengage from buying or watching biased news.

What about alternative media?

Apparently it follows the same pattern at some extent. Since some street journalists will look at the matter at hand and base their case on their one sided point of view. Only few will care enough to give an introduction on the different arguments on hand before taking one side or another.

What is the point of this article?

Well recently Trump decided to take back the american troops from Syria and by then every talking head on TV or any one on the political spectrum lost their shit, from right to left that is to say. Only few were in favor of leaving the war-zone. Most search engines or news papers or TV networks wouldn’t give it a good review.


Why have i started with such an introduction if all i wanted to talk about is Trump on Syria?

Well because i had in my intention to bring to the attention of the reader a reality that no one talks about. Let me remind you of the classical exercise in the art of debate, that is to write an article debating a certain issue while giving it two attempts, in each one you would have to support one side of the argument. If you think deeply about modern issues and look at each side, you might find both motives honorable which is paradoxal in fact.


The Shadow Order of the human species, a brief preface

Now lets talk about the different planes of human motive. The world of power and control as processed by the advanced brain we got is a complex one. We know very little of the true motive of any kind of situation, would it be casual or on a grand scale. The only way to know is to be inside one’s mind but even so you might get lost if it is a person with a certain depth of thought or also on the other hand a mind that was not fully explored. To be honest the human unconscious is way far beyond being fully understood. But that is another topic. Lets get back at the topic at hand.




Syria is a fucking modern battle ground so by following a humanistic approach any decision on the warmonger spectrum which tends to the least colorful side is a good move at least to stop the slaughter of the weak that would be the decent individual who just want a peaceful time to get going with its daily needs. Via this axis of introspection all strong powers should be removed from the Syrian ground, sea or sky. Would it be Turkey, France, China, Russia, Iran, Israel, the US or the UK.
It has been years that the Assad regime hasn’t been taken down. In the past the Syrian people were at peace, may be not in good terms with authorities or opposing national militias but at least they had the right to manage their internal affairs alone and not engage the major international forces. This is indeed a complex problem but again do you really think that the united nations should get involved at every country with inner turmoil ? Or would it be better for each state to manage their national borders alone.


Anyways after years of war Syrian refugees invaded each corner of Europe or other countries which created a certain political vacuum one in which nations would ignore their middle class and give free social benefits to the new comers who would need more than decades to adapt to the western world. Those waves of refuges were the Trojan horse for all the third world lone wolves and opportunists which didn’t care enough to ravage the European streets by rape attempts and other crimes, they dont have principles they are like wild beasts and if you think i am wrong just visit any third world country and take a look on how People handle social situations. The culture of the other world is like going back in time, savage times where human rights didn’t really matter from good manners to sexual harassment from untrustworthiness to violent crimes, from lack of hygiene to real discrimination and lack of depth in thought. No wonder crime rose in Europe and to which the EU do its best to ignore and not portray in their bought news outlets.


Trump the emperor of the new world order

Back to Trump, many ISIS nests were destroyed on Syrian ground. What is left is militias resisting the current regime. In a similar context, american imperialism has no motive to stay there, it would be better to let Syrians decide on the outcome of their state affairs.
If we follow this stream of thinking the US can give an example by leaving and then pressuring diplomatically the other major forces to do the same. The US has many bases in the middle east but again if the US focuses only on upgrading their military arsenal locally they wouldn’t need to enter war in order to balance world power. Anyways it is to the american people to decide, do you want to spend your tax money locally or overseas and by then be an instigator for bloodshed amongst other predators of nations.
The other plane of reality is what might have happened as a negotiation between Trump, Che, Putin and Ardogan. May be the US leaving was the outcome of getting something in return and even may be Trump only left after they have implanted many intelligent cells and local militias to use as a proxy for the american might.
One thing is sure most people have no clue of what s really going on, what is indeed behind the curtains of the public eye.

What did motivate me to write this article?


Well i was just sick of people who call for peace and once Trump decided to retreat from Syria they lost their shit and turned to blood thirsty war monger, same approach both right and left wing did when Trump gave strong thoughts to bettering the Russian diplomatic affairs or when he engaged in the north Korean peace act. They are not aware of it but they just make us doubt them more, the fact that they have to cover up for people who have interest in warzone overseas. Or may be they just want to save face before 2020 so they would stay consistent with the DNC contract: To oppose the president in any situation he is involved in in order to color the public eye with hatred and disgust of reason or skepticism.


Back to The Shadow Order

I dont claim that i know what the Trump agenda is about, but may be i have a hint. Trump or Obama are just semi controlled dolls, it isn’t really important if they act according to their own will or not, what matters is that the state affairs would follow a certain flow to an extent which will keep everything as planned and under what is expected to be. May be inside the US are a couple of major forces which had to negotiate certain terms in orders to keep things in line. Once a party goes out of line, inner turbulence or civil war is to be expected, doesn’t really mean anything if millions of Americans die in the process, all what is important is to keep things under control, things the public eye has no clue of. You dear reader is a weak element in the system even if you are the president of the united states, what governs human affairs is more sinister and ugly.

The human species is doomed to natural law, the strongest devours the weak. The knowledgeable manipulates the ignorant if we talk intellect.

Who really fucking knows…


Paris in Flames – Dec 2018 – Part 2

The french prime minister just spoke today publicly, 4th December 2018, i was astonished and surprised how the french authority’s tone changed dramatically during his speech. It changed from authoritarian to very sympathetic and empathetic not only to middle and low class but also to law enforcement who spent most than three weeks working in shifts against the people of France, their families and friends, and who showed brutality against unarmed protesters due to extreme stress i would assume. The minister in charge have read a long letter to the french people, in which he suspended the high taxes plan during scheduled national debates which will take place in three weeks and to which will conclude into what should be executed or altered.

I am not a french citizen so i do not consider the thought i am willing to share here a valid representation of what a french GiletJaune should think but i intend to share it nevertheless. Some of the context to my thoughts is that France conquered the lands of my country in the past, now they are strong geopolitical partners and try their best to keep it that way. I have acquainted french people in my previous jobs as clients, coworkers and bosses, and also in academia as teachers, plus their culture has a strong influence in our local modern culture.

In my previous post i have shown a strong thought to an anarchist strike in France, but i only did that because of how authoritarian the upper hierarchy have become. You really have to be close to the french culture to understand how arrogant they sound like, to have them now show a white flag is really unexpected and to which i strongly advice that all violence should be aborted during GiletsJaunes Act4 expected this Saturday. I say if you still want your government to gave you more rights, protest without violence and wait until the end of national debates and see what they will conclude. If they keep their word you have no right to hold the logistic shutdown you have maintained in all the country. In the other case, if your government stabs you in the back, i have nothing to tell you because you have already shown a great strength and persistance i have never seen in a major economic country, i mean i have ideas on how you will behave in that case.

My writings on politics are not really in depth and i may have not paid attention to some major points. What i write under activism is mainly based on my temperament.

If you were fighting an evil force who somehow have maintained order, and in the middle of the fight they showed you bare hands, i say by respect and honor to your own dignity back down while keeping your strength at full energy, ready to counter attack if they show themselves treasonous.


Good luck to the french people, and to all communities over the world doing their best to live an honorable life.




Drawing by me attached, titled Angry French King

Angry French King

Paris in Flames – Dec 2018

The following is a short thought i wanted to share concerning the uproar during last November which might continue for a while during December 2018 in Paris France and other major french cities. Similar thing happened in Bruxelles capital of Belgium.

I might write a political analysis of the tense situation in France and Europe in an upcoming post.

It is sad to see what happened in Paris but what makes me more angry is how the media would it be TV or Newspapers focus on the consequences of the riots rather than analyzing the cause, which is how governments enslave people…

They will construct a narrative based on the evil doings of one side and not looking at the other side which is politicians enriching themselves and having more control over the masses, the narrative of the media will brainwash french people into accepting high taxes… best of luck to the weak and poor.

Watching live feeds of the Paris protests and some videos on the censored part of the internet i thought i was watching FSOCIETY from MrRobot taking over Paris. Seriously, chaos should reign over all the world so the anarchy will take over, then humanity will witness a true post apocalypse. Hell shall raise on the planet, at least for a change of the status quo: a lame old story repeating itself through out the history of humanity which is the enslavement of peasants and workers by the upper hierarchies would it be religious orders or secular governments.

Hereby are links to videos i made on my channel which might get banned but i do not really care, i just wanted to share the spirit of french people who have a tremendous courage, a courage i dont have nor have i seen in my third world country.

La France, pays de liberté dans l’histoire de l’Europe, chapeau aux français et courage au reste du monde


The U.S. midterms

The following is a short analysis of the American midterms occurring in 6 November 2018

Today is November 10th where some races are not officially closed, especially the Senate seat in the great state of Arizona which flipped in favor of the blue party. I feel bad actually for the military pilot Martha McSally, i wanted her to win so she can work with the red elect governor and finish the wall on those southern borders of the states.

Let me add a little bit to my enthusiasm, if i was an american and especially living in Arizona i would love to have McSally as senator, who better represent the state in the dark alleys of Washington DC where zombies and evil dwell than a true fighter, she even drove the president to her rally, and watching her walking with him towards the stage made a great impression on me, if you are a young girl or woman who thinks it is harder to make it through in this man made world just watch her career, energy and progress in doing her best at making a change in the falling U.S.

Lets come back to the present time and elections, the state of Florida after being won by the reds, senate and governor seat, the blue party hired a Clinton attorney from D.C. to add into consideration new found ballots in some counties and apparently they will flip the senate seat to the blues. The lost candidate for governor asked a recount at the same time after accepting defeat in the previous days.

Why i am mentioning these recent news, well it is because the whole thing may flip and the reds will lose the majority in the senate.

I thank the heavens i have managed to distantiate my emotions from the american elections. Let me explain why.

The official results in most states were communicated the day after the elections and to my surprise most races were too close when it comes to the number of votes favoring the major parties. The blue party won the majority in the house of representatives, the red party won the majority in the senate while most gubernatorial elections favored the republicans.

Why was i surprised?

Well long story short the policies of the democratic party and the republican party were largely different in concept, there is no room for confusion since it was not similar at all. I thought that after Trump made a scandal during his rallies by telling us the public about the wrong doings of the democrats, to whom i am very thankful since being in a third world country we only receive the leftist propaganda. So whenever Trump would mention something about Obama, Hilary, or other major figures in the DNC i would rush to my search engine and the more i read the more i become surprised that there is no mention of this in the mainstream media but we often find official records or articles on government websites. Let me stop you here, i am not saying that Trump is a saint or the incarnation of pure good, i am just saying that there is a great divide between the evil history of the DNC and what might hide under Trump’s sleeves. If we use common sense the Trump Agenda favors at the same time the middle class and after a couple of years will give a great opportunity to the rich people his company included and also will left the poor from food-stamps. Trump’s policies are concentrated on economic vectors which help grow the GDP to a number Obama used to tease and say that Trump would need a magick wand to even change it a little. The unemployment rate is at a historic low in the US and for minorities as well, would it be blacks, latinos, or women. These numbers came to life after two years of Trump leadership. Hence i was surprised that the American people want to go backwards to eight years of Obama where the middle class suffered the most and also encourages many people to do nothing to improve their lives and stay on food-stamps.

On the other hand the DNC is calling for a socialist agenda hidden under identity politics. I as myself didn’t have to look deep into it because it was always strange to me that Americans still discuss racism, like if the law is not already in place to deal with it. Then after looking up many modern intellectuals i began to find more and more evidence of the wrong doings of the dems. Most of the democratic leaders are rich and live in guarded castles within their falling districts. They were the first responsible of the crimes in their cities after more than ten years of leadership they only were capable of enriching themselves and the rich and deeming the middle class to failure with huge taxes which made them poorer and by then crime rose leaving no choice for others to engage in any shady practice from drug trafficking to human trafficking, thing we see in California, Chicago and New York, all governed by blue thieves.

Why am i not talking about the republican evil?

Well it is simple, the red party was dying and somehow got revived by the Trump storm, somehow it gave more room to centrists since Trump was blue once and changing his affiliation added more center influence to it. Once he occupied the white house in 2016 we started noticing the red swamp accomplice in killing America. One evidence is what happened during the Kavanaugh hearings. We saw a weak red party so afraid of its own shadow.

I can go over so many details and events which only saw light after Trump took office but i want to make this article short.

Again i am not saying that Trump is pure goodness, you only need to be active in the professional life and be mature enough into that prospect to see how human ego flips moral tendencies to make way to gaining more fortune. The predator instinct hits hard in real day to day life, thing those young Americans wouldn’t know, since most of them still daydream and scream in college while still thinking that humanitarianism and PC is a realistic endeavor in order to make it through in real life. They still live in the confort zone of their family, if the policies they defend do not work they will go back and live with their friends or family or welfare leaving the whole country falling while other international orders take control of the planet.

Anyways this great gap in policy and optics in between both parties made me believe that Americans will choose the reds but to my surprise they didn’t which leads me to believe that Donald Trump will lose in the 2020 elections sadly enough.


Many red states flipped to the dems thing no one predicted.

Many house seats flipped to the dems thing no one predicted.

Most voters live in cities and somehow the egocentric persona of Trump poses a great deal of unease and hatred which made most suburbia vote blue.

Many voters are young and are the offspring of campuses which are controlled by the blue party. They are brainwashed to believe in socialism, communism and fascism.

Many voters are on social media while Facebook, twitter and all the rest high tech industries favor the blue agenda and censor any red or independent voice.

Many voters are brainwashed by mainstream media, major tv networks and newspapers, Hollywood, NFL, and other entertainment industries.

Many billionaires are in favor of a socialist agenda which will make them even richer and will ease the control of the masses while enslaving illegal immigrants to low income labor while making way to cartels to infiltrate more the American black market.

The globalists and the international order, EU included are pushing for a socialist agenda which will make things easy for them to silence and control the planet. They seek the destruction of free speech and individuality which is the basis of the American constitution.

I dont blame the american people to be dumb and to buy into Obama’s turds and diarrhea and vote anti red.

I dont blame the independent parties to not be able to reach more people than at best 5 per cent of voters.

I dont blame them because after watching the huge numbers of Americans who voted for blue candidates during these midterms and were about to flip the whole country blue, i realized that over the whole planet nothing is different. Would it be America, Britain or a third world country chaos reigns.

The human nature is easily controlled by propaganda would it be a religious order or a globalist order. First thing they control the narrative in the media or by force making the masses obey and follow their commands thus making the silent majority afraid for their own lives or well-being.

If Trump wins in 2020 i hope he will gain majority in the house and senate so he can advance his domestic agenda. But to be honest with you i doubt it very much. One thing i regret is that a one man effort to change things is not possible when the whole system is infected. The swamp in DC was deeper than any MAGA hat would have thought. The world will continue to deceive those who have faith in a bright future bringing it to a true nightmare where the weak will be slaughtered in the name of goodness.


Trump’s legacy under attack from the southern borders

if i was a ruler i would order the defense forces to make a demilitarized zone in the southern borders. i would stop all land trafic and i will order to shoot anyone crossing i dont care if they are kids or women until Mexico steps in and sends them back. The caravan had its roots growing and gaining momentum from the south, the Mexican authorities couldn’t stop it without a drop of blood, if you ask me you cant stop thousands of angry refugees peacefully. i wouldn’t care about the international laws, i will call a national emergency for invasion, i dont care if they are seeking asylum. National borders are the projection of what is personal boundaries in the human psyche, if an individual allows another to abuse him or her, this individual have clearly mental issues. On a national level i will adopt the same pattern, our borders are to be protected.

The problem is the timing of this caravane, that is indeed the last cry of the insane democrats and the extreme left who push for a globalist agenda. Global means no inner independent entity. What is funny is that the leftists push for more government involvement which is fascist in its own sense. They are so frustrated that the american constitution gives more rights to the state to govern itself against the feds, they want more government involved in the right for the individual to bear arms and defend itself and increase taxes in order to weaken the individual for the sake of the one government. This is a very difficult situation for POTUS because of the timing, if he makes a bad move the dems may have more in their sleeves to call for impeachment. You may ask why, well if the cartels have guns hidden they will shoot kids and women, the american military wont back down, it is going to be a bloody mess for the whole planet to see.

The other realistic scenario is that many of the people in the caravan would enter the states, and Trump will deal with crimes which will rise inside the US with a hand of steel. If he lets the caravane to rape the southern states, and the republicans win the elections on 6 November, they will get rid of the weak laws of immigration, thus ICE will be more effective and involved in order to clean the mess, in parallel the central american aid will be abrupt which may balance the budget needed to act for the local authorities.

#WalkAway from the weak immigration laws defended by the dems, since i live in a third world country which have witnessed its neighbors deal with the arabic spring, the movement of the people against dictatorships, the result was a slaughter of the weak and rise of new dictators and in other countries no government took control, criminal organizations and militias have taken control of local regions and slaughter people on a daily basis while fighting what was left of the military. This is what i foresee in the southern borders of the united states, cartels and other organisations have already infiltrated political figures in congress and they push for more chaos on each day like a dying monster.

#caravan #stopthecaravan #stopthemigrantcaravan #migrantcaravan


To know about the WalkAway movement

The WalkAway movement is a striving and very powerful wave. It stems from a gathering of human hearts in a darkened America. Initiated first by the empowering and very amazing Brandon Straka then followed by every American who was silenced by the media and the psychological oppression of social groupings or blood ties.


If you were following American politics along the recent years you would for sure feel or know by intuition how this guy made something unprecedented. Why ? because it is first uncalculated, coming from the heart, revolutionary and also the peculiar form of its concept, which is instead of taking a political affiliation it is rather a negation of the spread of hatred and discrimination, a unifying wave. A walkaway from the silencing, a walkaway from authoritarianism, a walkway from propaganda. It is a movement which gave back the word to the people and not to a CNN news anchor or comedian from Hollywood.


I couldn’t but support this movement and try what I can to spread the word.

Why ?


I see it as a human rights rebirth. Thousands and thousands of Americans have decided to let behind their differences in belief systems, political or apolitical principles, religious or irreligious,friendships, kinships and marital ties only to spread the word of freedom, stop the hatred from the radical left who have gained more noise on the media and on the street by Antifa violence under the name of liberty or democratic principles. All those negative or hate acts were a manifestation of bullying. Silencing the common sense of the majority by imposing a very limited view of politics and throwing labels like racist, Hitler, Homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe or any kind of virtue signaling manipulation on people which are in nature gay, chrisitians, muslims, immigrants, or coming from a different and sometimes mixed ethnic ancestry. It is just insane how much these people suffered.


Let me add another thing which is again a proof of how my belief was restored on the future of human rights in America. Brandon Straka is openly gay and even so many republicans or conservatives are behind him supporting him which was a big slap on the face of CNN and other media outlets who spent every year repeating the same lie, that people who identify themselves on the right are homophobes.


On another hand Brandon was even ostracized by the lgbt community which is in itself insane. I was very moved to see how many gays, blacks, men, women, and people from different social affiliations have stood behind Brandon to give back the freedom and the multiple liberties to the people.


I am not American but I live in a country led by dictatorship, and the last thing I wanna see is coming back to the dark ages. And believe me if it starts in the United States it will spread all around the planet. The mindset of the people in the United States is the last battlefield of Evil, I am talking here about the heart of Americans and not the government administration.


I have always looked to America as the land of the free, but after what happened to Alex Jones who had millions of followers on different media outlets I was scared to the guts. By banning Alex Jones on Youtube, facebook, Apple, Twitter and multiple other online platforms on the same day, an unprecedented attack on freedom in the land of the free, they just signaled an ill will to conquer the hearts of millions of people and to take away their individualism. I was so glad to see the light shine again in America through Brandon Straka and all the people who stood behind him. I wish the best for humans on earth all over the world but it should start somewhere. And of course I hope one day we will see freedom rise in my country as well.