Tribute to a Japanese Mangaka

Rize, the first time i lied my eyes on her i felt a connection deep down my heart or soul, not knowing she was not human, each thing i learned about her while watching Tokyo Ghoul and each time she appeared in the dark corners of Kaneki Ken ‘s tortured mind, i felt something inside me, it hit me hard. Enjoy Rize Washuu before she eats you alive hehe
From the dark world of TG created by the enigmatic and Japanese creator: Sui Ishida
No one knows his face but he made a universe of ghouls and humans in which i have lost myself many times
One of the rarest times i watched a world so dark i couldnt bare the idea of evil wining, not that the protagonists are not evil, but they are evil against a greater and darker evil
so many lives lost in vain, but even so, kaneki with the help of his friends and enemies, they have made it through, i wished though at the end, that kaneki devours what was left of Rize…
Rize by the way was fully evil, hehe i wonder what made her choose that dark path… and yes both her and kaneki are book worms ; )

P.S.: May be she reminds me of someone i knew. I forgot for a while but after i finished drawing her, i was like, what the Hell, is Rize in truth some sort of astral projection of her or of her image in my mind…



Rize Kamishiro _Portrait_1_





Author: Venusian Cenobite

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