Trapped in a Dark Corner

Side note: i didn’t care to choose a better wording for what follows, i just wanted to puke my insides on the screen, and to leave them for memory

A rambling before the last conscious breath…

i am not your suicide ticket
That voice keeps ringing in my ears like a fucking lame outro
That movie just fucked me up
Couldnt take off her image, her memory from my mind
may be all of this doesn’t amount to anything
a fucking room getting smaller and smaller
till there is no way out
submerged in the fucking darkness
suffocating in the middle of my thoughts
of my future scenes of decay and lament
i am losing my breath and everything else just gets worse and worse
even the meaning of life or existence fades away
not even nothingness
but instead a fucking dark water
falling down
drowning, drowning in the dark and the cold
there is no way out
no way out
and my surroundings are closing on me
my inner temple is not vast anymore
i went inside, i dived in, but all the circles, the fucking rings are closing in
it just sucks
it just is
this pressure, the fucking dream, my fucking ticket to Hell is rotting till there is no meaning to it
a fucking dense atmosphere of frustration, fear and hopelessness
if only i could make it painfully beautiful
painfully dreamy
a high i was intending to ride for the last fall

there is nothing
nothing anymore

may be i am gonna meet her tonight
for a second time in my dreams

if it happens, i wish i will never wake up again

no more light

only the darkness prevails

take my life away
take my soul to the void

let it be me no more


her blood stopped running towards her fallen right arm






Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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