To Hell With It

Written last week end


The dark side of each peson shall meet indeed, if both have an affinity for writing prose or poetry, if both can somehow show the other via this medium that is language, container of a large ancient culture, dreamy and magical, then the downward spiral towards the abyss shall begin. i dont know how much this companionship may last, may be a day, a week, more or less, but to be honest with the reader, that is what i seek. Under this context only one comes to mind, that is W.

If such encounter in the realm of space happens, i would be glad to drink each moment, i would be glad to lose my mind starring into her eyes, feeling her presence and engaging in whatever comes to her mind. But then if there comes a moment in which she resolves to the decision to desert my memory, if i was in such situation in which she has to return to her inner temple in isolation and wonder, i would walk the earth thinking about what i have lived, i would think deeply about this human existence in which minds like her are bound to something else, in which minds like me give strong thoughts to early leave. i would be wondering aimlessly in the northern woods,

i will seek the icy mountains and the lurking predators

i shall walk on thin ice thinking into myself

Beasts of the dead forest you can dispose of my flesh vessel as you wish

Tear it apart and in agony nourish your hunger

i shall walk under the blackness of the dark sky and think into myself,

Polar cold take my breath away and freeze my heart to death
i now shall forfeit this wretched wrecked world

one i couldnt understand

one i couldnt relate to

One so alien to my nature

To my true self

Behold, kingdom of hell

i am coming


I shall end my journey here






Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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