Paris in Flames – Dec 2018 – Part 2

The french prime minister just spoke today publicly, 4th December 2018, i was astonished and surprised how the french authority’s tone changed dramatically during his speech. It changed from authoritarian to very sympathetic and empathetic not only to middle and low class but also to law enforcement who spent most than three weeks working in shifts against the people of France, their families and friends, and who showed brutality against unarmed protesters due to extreme stress i would assume. The minister in charge have read a long letter to the french people, in which he suspended the high taxes plan during scheduled national debates which will take place in three weeks and to which will conclude into what should be executed or altered.

I am not a french citizen so i do not consider the thought i am willing to share here a valid representation of what a french GiletJaune should think but i intend to share it nevertheless. Some of the context to my thoughts is that France conquered the lands of my country in the past, now they are strong geopolitical partners and try their best to keep it that way. I have acquainted french people in my previous jobs as clients, coworkers and bosses, and also in academia as teachers, plus their culture has a strong influence in our local modern culture.

In my previous post i have shown a strong thought to an anarchist strike in France, but i only did that because of how authoritarian the upper hierarchy have become. You really have to be close to the french culture to understand how arrogant they sound like, to have them now show a white flag is really unexpected and to which i strongly advice that all violence should be aborted during GiletsJaunes Act4 expected this Saturday. I say if you still want your government to gave you more rights, protest without violence and wait until the end of national debates and see what they will conclude. If they keep their word you have no right to hold the logistic shutdown you have maintained in all the country. In the other case, if your government stabs you in the back, i have nothing to tell you because you have already shown a great strength and persistance i have never seen in a major economic country, i mean i have ideas on how you will behave in that case.

My writings on politics are not really in depth and i may have not paid attention to some major points. What i write under activism is mainly based on my temperament.

If you were fighting an evil force who somehow have maintained order, and in the middle of the fight they showed you bare hands, i say by respect and honor to your own dignity back down while keeping your strength at full energy, ready to counter attack if they show themselves treasonous.


Good luck to the french people, and to all communities over the world doing their best to live an honorable life.




Drawing by me attached, titled Angry French King

Angry French King


Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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