Paris in Flames – Dec 2018

The following is a short thought i wanted to share concerning the uproar during last November which might continue for a while during December 2018 in Paris France and other major french cities. Similar thing happened in Bruxelles capital of Belgium.

I might write a political analysis of the tense situation in France and Europe in an upcoming post.

It is sad to see what happened in Paris but what makes me more angry is how the media would it be TV or Newspapers focus on the consequences of the riots rather than analyzing the cause, which is how governments enslave people…

They will construct a narrative based on the evil doings of one side and not looking at the other side which is politicians enriching themselves and having more control over the masses, the narrative of the media will brainwash french people into accepting high taxes… best of luck to the weak and poor.

Watching live feeds of the Paris protests and some videos on the censored part of the internet i thought i was watching FSOCIETY from MrRobot taking over Paris. Seriously, chaos should reign over all the world so the anarchy will take over, then humanity will witness a true post apocalypse. Hell shall raise on the planet, at least for a change of the status quo: a lame old story repeating itself through out the history of humanity which is the enslavement of peasants and workers by the upper hierarchies would it be religious orders or secular governments.

Hereby are links to videos i made on my channel which might get banned but i do not really care, i just wanted to share the spirit of french people who have a tremendous courage, a courage i dont have nor have i seen in my third world country.

La France, pays de liberté dans l’histoire de l’Europe, chapeau aux français et courage au reste du monde



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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