The U.S. midterms

The following is a short analysis of the American midterms occurring in 6 November 2018

Today is November 10th where some races are not officially closed, especially the Senate seat in the great state of Arizona which flipped in favor of the blue party. I feel bad actually for the military pilot Martha McSally, i wanted her to win so she can work with the red elect governor and finish the wall on those southern borders of the states.

Let me add a little bit to my enthusiasm, if i was an american and especially living in Arizona i would love to have McSally as senator, who better represent the state in the dark alleys of Washington DC where zombies and evil dwell than a true fighter, she even drove the president to her rally, and watching her walking with him towards the stage made a great impression on me, if you are a young girl or woman who thinks it is harder to make it through in this man made world just watch her career, energy and progress in doing her best at making a change in the falling U.S.

Lets come back to the present time and elections, the state of Florida after being won by the reds, senate and governor seat, the blue party hired a Clinton attorney from D.C. to add into consideration new found ballots in some counties and apparently they will flip the senate seat to the blues. The lost candidate for governor asked a recount at the same time after accepting defeat in the previous days.

Why i am mentioning these recent news, well it is because the whole thing may flip and the reds will lose the majority in the senate.

I thank the heavens i have managed to distantiate my emotions from the american elections. Let me explain why.

The official results in most states were communicated the day after the elections and to my surprise most races were too close when it comes to the number of votes favoring the major parties. The blue party won the majority in the house of representatives, the red party won the majority in the senate while most gubernatorial elections favored the republicans.

Why was i surprised?

Well long story short the policies of the democratic party and the republican party were largely different in concept, there is no room for confusion since it was not similar at all. I thought that after Trump made a scandal during his rallies by telling us the public about the wrong doings of the democrats, to whom i am very thankful since being in a third world country we only receive the leftist propaganda. So whenever Trump would mention something about Obama, Hilary, or other major figures in the DNC i would rush to my search engine and the more i read the more i become surprised that there is no mention of this in the mainstream media but we often find official records or articles on government websites. Let me stop you here, i am not saying that Trump is a saint or the incarnation of pure good, i am just saying that there is a great divide between the evil history of the DNC and what might hide under Trump’s sleeves. If we use common sense the Trump Agenda favors at the same time the middle class and after a couple of years will give a great opportunity to the rich people his company included and also will left the poor from food-stamps. Trump’s policies are concentrated on economic vectors which help grow the GDP to a number Obama used to tease and say that Trump would need a magick wand to even change it a little. The unemployment rate is at a historic low in the US and for minorities as well, would it be blacks, latinos, or women. These numbers came to life after two years of Trump leadership. Hence i was surprised that the American people want to go backwards to eight years of Obama where the middle class suffered the most and also encourages many people to do nothing to improve their lives and stay on food-stamps.

On the other hand the DNC is calling for a socialist agenda hidden under identity politics. I as myself didn’t have to look deep into it because it was always strange to me that Americans still discuss racism, like if the law is not already in place to deal with it. Then after looking up many modern intellectuals i began to find more and more evidence of the wrong doings of the dems. Most of the democratic leaders are rich and live in guarded castles within their falling districts. They were the first responsible of the crimes in their cities after more than ten years of leadership they only were capable of enriching themselves and the rich and deeming the middle class to failure with huge taxes which made them poorer and by then crime rose leaving no choice for others to engage in any shady practice from drug trafficking to human trafficking, thing we see in California, Chicago and New York, all governed by blue thieves.

Why am i not talking about the republican evil?

Well it is simple, the red party was dying and somehow got revived by the Trump storm, somehow it gave more room to centrists since Trump was blue once and changing his affiliation added more center influence to it. Once he occupied the white house in 2016 we started noticing the red swamp accomplice in killing America. One evidence is what happened during the Kavanaugh hearings. We saw a weak red party so afraid of its own shadow.

I can go over so many details and events which only saw light after Trump took office but i want to make this article short.

Again i am not saying that Trump is pure goodness, you only need to be active in the professional life and be mature enough into that prospect to see how human ego flips moral tendencies to make way to gaining more fortune. The predator instinct hits hard in real day to day life, thing those young Americans wouldn’t know, since most of them still daydream and scream in college while still thinking that humanitarianism and PC is a realistic endeavor in order to make it through in real life. They still live in the confort zone of their family, if the policies they defend do not work they will go back and live with their friends or family or welfare leaving the whole country falling while other international orders take control of the planet.

Anyways this great gap in policy and optics in between both parties made me believe that Americans will choose the reds but to my surprise they didn’t which leads me to believe that Donald Trump will lose in the 2020 elections sadly enough.


Many red states flipped to the dems thing no one predicted.

Many house seats flipped to the dems thing no one predicted.

Most voters live in cities and somehow the egocentric persona of Trump poses a great deal of unease and hatred which made most suburbia vote blue.

Many voters are young and are the offspring of campuses which are controlled by the blue party. They are brainwashed to believe in socialism, communism and fascism.

Many voters are on social media while Facebook, twitter and all the rest high tech industries favor the blue agenda and censor any red or independent voice.

Many voters are brainwashed by mainstream media, major tv networks and newspapers, Hollywood, NFL, and other entertainment industries.

Many billionaires are in favor of a socialist agenda which will make them even richer and will ease the control of the masses while enslaving illegal immigrants to low income labor while making way to cartels to infiltrate more the American black market.

The globalists and the international order, EU included are pushing for a socialist agenda which will make things easy for them to silence and control the planet. They seek the destruction of free speech and individuality which is the basis of the American constitution.

I dont blame the american people to be dumb and to buy into Obama’s turds and diarrhea and vote anti red.

I dont blame the independent parties to not be able to reach more people than at best 5 per cent of voters.

I dont blame them because after watching the huge numbers of Americans who voted for blue candidates during these midterms and were about to flip the whole country blue, i realized that over the whole planet nothing is different. Would it be America, Britain or a third world country chaos reigns.

The human nature is easily controlled by propaganda would it be a religious order or a globalist order. First thing they control the narrative in the media or by force making the masses obey and follow their commands thus making the silent majority afraid for their own lives or well-being.

If Trump wins in 2020 i hope he will gain majority in the house and senate so he can advance his domestic agenda. But to be honest with you i doubt it very much. One thing i regret is that a one man effort to change things is not possible when the whole system is infected. The swamp in DC was deeper than any MAGA hat would have thought. The world will continue to deceive those who have faith in a bright future bringing it to a true nightmare where the weak will be slaughtered in the name of goodness.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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