A radical view on the existence of the soul

Disclaimer: if you are a strong believer in the existence of the unseen, spirit like or soul like phenomenon then reading this article would be a waste of your time.

The human ego is only a manifestation of the survival instinct noticed in most living creatures. Human beings are not that different in essence than animals for instance when it comes to primal needs. The major difference scientists have found is the size of the brain, host of conscioussness. We indeed have a bigger brain if we take into consideration the ratio brain/body.

Apparently we are aware of more dimensions than animals, or in other words, we have evolved on one axis, which is the intelect. To be aware of your own fatality, and to further think about it. The ultimate despair, which is to look for a reason of our existence, to look for meaning behind our own death and birth. We are finite and we are surrounded by the infinite which is paradoxal. The capacities of our brain are limited in order to control our territory which is finite and will always be while we make it wider. To use these limited resources in order to handle infinity and presume to know what is beyond and forever beyond is irrational. A deterministic machine, predator like can only control and be best at predicting what is known and limited. To make a further step and blindly believe in a super diety is something defying our own sanity if not disrespecting it thus anything spiritual.

Our thoughts and mainstream philosophy took a very self centered stand, which is again a projection of the nature of our thoughts, a projection of ego, of our pre-supposed worth and dignity as a human race on this planet. That somehow humans are the offspring of the divine, a superior diety whose holy breath is within us making us the living beings we are.

If the ignorant human thought of the existence of soul or spirit in the ancient past, they are not to be blamed or criticized, on the contrary they should be applaud for taking into consideration the possibility of the existence of something which eludes our senses and which is linked to our day to day endeavors. However, for mankind today i would be extremely skeptical and i would suggest to them to be the same thanks to the falling gods, the expendables, we have advanced to a greater extent in our learnings and discoveries, to the point the gap between our scientific knowledge now and in the past have grown very distinctively. Human beings were able to create machines exceeding their capacity of processing data, the network or complexity of networks linking them connected millions of people over the known faces of the planet, thing the ancient human dreamed of it to be only possible through the practice of magick which might be, if not mere superstition, the outcome of secret scientific endeavors, alchemy like.

The only mystery of the past is the possibility of alien contact – an advanced inteligence. I might add that i cannot let go of the possibility of them being a human like community for two reasons, the lands we dwell in are very old, and the length to which our technology evolved is on the scale of a couple of thousands of years while our planet is in the scale of million of years. In other words certain guilds of the ancient past advanced their knowledge and by then controlled the masses by brain washing them to make them believe they are divine and by then creators of the human soul. The second reason is how much of planet earth is very unknown to us: the modern human spends most of their time to doubt religions in general or other’s faith in case they have a faith of their own, but would believe blindly the borders of the lands they dwell in, would believe blindly the maps mass produced of land, sea and sky while giving you as a proof an image they didn’t take themselves. It only takes them a few hours to study optics and experiment in order to know how the reflection of light fails to translate the real dimensions of objects, let alone the geometrical nature of the planet. The only way to discover the rest of the world would be to travel and journal the progress while using unbiased methods of scaling the environment, but to do so you would need an international grant especially to scout the antarctic and what is beyond.

My radical view on the existence of spirit as shortly explained hereby may seem lacking evidence or weak in persuasion to the general public which is clueless to the scientific method. Most of individuals would study basic science at school and wouldn’t project it on the essence of our existence. In another case they would choose or prefer to stop being rational only to let themselves being hugged by the ease of irrationality. I was like that in the past until i faced myself one day and did my best to align my knowledge with my faith only to remark or let light shine on the multiple contradictions or at least the bias of the scientific narrative of scriptures.

In other words, all you need to do to understand my point of view is to have a scientific background and somehow have a will of your own to expand it, to learn more and experiment with what is given to you to prove and by then embrace the piercing light of our day to day technology and might which will allow you to walk on steady steps the path of exploring the unknown.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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