Trump’s legacy under attack from the southern borders

if i was a ruler i would order the defense forces to make a demilitarized zone in the southern borders. i would stop all land trafic and i will order to shoot anyone crossing i dont care if they are kids or women until Mexico steps in and sends them back. The caravan had its roots growing and gaining momentum from the south, the Mexican authorities couldn’t stop it without a drop of blood, if you ask me you cant stop thousands of angry refugees peacefully. i wouldn’t care about the international laws, i will call a national emergency for invasion, i dont care if they are seeking asylum. National borders are the projection of what is personal boundaries in the human psyche, if an individual allows another to abuse him or her, this individual have clearly mental issues. On a national level i will adopt the same pattern, our borders are to be protected.

The problem is the timing of this caravane, that is indeed the last cry of the insane democrats and the extreme left who push for a globalist agenda. Global means no inner independent entity. What is funny is that the leftists push for more government involvement which is fascist in its own sense. They are so frustrated that the american constitution gives more rights to the state to govern itself against the feds, they want more government involved in the right for the individual to bear arms and defend itself and increase taxes in order to weaken the individual for the sake of the one government. This is a very difficult situation for POTUS because of the timing, if he makes a bad move the dems may have more in their sleeves to call for impeachment. You may ask why, well if the cartels have guns hidden they will shoot kids and women, the american military wont back down, it is going to be a bloody mess for the whole planet to see.

The other realistic scenario is that many of the people in the caravan would enter the states, and Trump will deal with crimes which will rise inside the US with a hand of steel. If he lets the caravane to rape the southern states, and the republicans win the elections on 6 November, they will get rid of the weak laws of immigration, thus ICE will be more effective and involved in order to clean the mess, in parallel the central american aid will be abrupt which may balance the budget needed to act for the local authorities.

#WalkAway from the weak immigration laws defended by the dems, since i live in a third world country which have witnessed its neighbors deal with the arabic spring, the movement of the people against dictatorships, the result was a slaughter of the weak and rise of new dictators and in other countries no government took control, criminal organizations and militias have taken control of local regions and slaughter people on a daily basis while fighting what was left of the military. This is what i foresee in the southern borders of the united states, cartels and other organisations have already infiltrated political figures in congress and they push for more chaos on each day like a dying monster.

#caravan #stopthecaravan #stopthemigrantcaravan #migrantcaravan



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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