To know about the WalkAway movement

The WalkAway movement is a striving and very powerful wave. It stems from a gathering of human hearts in a darkened America. Initiated first by the empowering and very amazing Brandon Straka then followed by every American who was silenced by the media and the psychological oppression of social groupings or blood ties.


If you were following American politics along the recent years you would for sure feel or know by intuition how this guy made something unprecedented. Why ? because it is first uncalculated, coming from the heart, revolutionary and also the peculiar form of its concept, which is instead of taking a political affiliation it is rather a negation of the spread of hatred and discrimination, a unifying wave. A walkaway from the silencing, a walkaway from authoritarianism, a walkway from propaganda. It is a movement which gave back the word to the people and not to a CNN news anchor or comedian from Hollywood.


I couldn’t but support this movement and try what I can to spread the word.

Why ?


I see it as a human rights rebirth. Thousands and thousands of Americans have decided to let behind their differences in belief systems, political or apolitical principles, religious or irreligious,friendships, kinships and marital ties only to spread the word of freedom, stop the hatred from the radical left who have gained more noise on the media and on the street by Antifa violence under the name of liberty or democratic principles. All those negative or hate acts were a manifestation of bullying. Silencing the common sense of the majority by imposing a very limited view of politics and throwing labels like racist, Hitler, Homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe or any kind of virtue signaling manipulation on people which are in nature gay, chrisitians, muslims, immigrants, or coming from a different and sometimes mixed ethnic ancestry. It is just insane how much these people suffered.


Let me add another thing which is again a proof of how my belief was restored on the future of human rights in America. Brandon Straka is openly gay and even so many republicans or conservatives are behind him supporting him which was a big slap on the face of CNN and other media outlets who spent every year repeating the same lie, that people who identify themselves on the right are homophobes.


On another hand Brandon was even ostracized by the lgbt community which is in itself insane. I was very moved to see how many gays, blacks, men, women, and people from different social affiliations have stood behind Brandon to give back the freedom and the multiple liberties to the people.


I am not American but I live in a country led by dictatorship, and the last thing I wanna see is coming back to the dark ages. And believe me if it starts in the United States it will spread all around the planet. The mindset of the people in the United States is the last battlefield of Evil, I am talking here about the heart of Americans and not the government administration.


I have always looked to America as the land of the free, but after what happened to Alex Jones who had millions of followers on different media outlets I was scared to the guts. By banning Alex Jones on Youtube, facebook, Apple, Twitter and multiple other online platforms on the same day, an unprecedented attack on freedom in the land of the free, they just signaled an ill will to conquer the hearts of millions of people and to take away their individualism. I was so glad to see the light shine again in America through Brandon Straka and all the people who stood behind him. I wish the best for humans on earth all over the world but it should start somewhere. And of course I hope one day we will see freedom rise in my country as well.




Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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