Screenshots of my mind

Taylor Momsen, Alison Mosshart, and Lana Del Rey’s last albums…

First listen i was like, this is a bit sad… How come all three artists has released material which got a hidden sense of melancholia… From that moment they have been playing on my phone…

A question, a high cliff or a high building? A human construction, brick by brick with human sweat and angst… or buildings of rock and soil through million of ages made by nature… i would not like to use the hardwork of poor humans for a self destructive act. I would have to choose nature, somehow contribute to the execution of its plan, annihilation of the weak for the sake of evolution, so one day, the neoman would make apparition… i still believe that the neoman would be the projection of divine justice and cosmos however at the same time, i believe it will bring the destruction of the world as we see it as we know it… may be planet earth will have to react then and bring out the fire, hellfire which had been suffocating within for ages and ages and ages …

Yesterday i decided to watch a Vice video on a japanese forest down the great mount Fuji. A place which drives in hundreds of suicidals each year. I have seen the title a long time ago but didnt want to watch it because their journalism lacks substance. Anyways the japanese researcher said, this is a modern phenomenon in Japan since in the past suicide was an act of honor, these times it is a lack of skills to adapt to society…

I agree if talking about myself. But see, adapt is a tricky verb. Would accepting how humans have evolved socially be a form of adaptation? Somehow to become a hollow flesh vehicule which abides by others’ will … which and not who. I know i am dramatizing the issue here. May be he is right, i couldn’t adapt.

There has been a doll pinned upside down on a tree next to a deserted tent. The japanese researcher said, they were hesitant to kill themselves so they have expressed their will differently. Somehow they mocked society and left. Occult projection with a sense of sarcasm. Or may be we just have seen too much into it… Deranged souls…

Yes, suicide is selfish act. Selfish should not have a bad ring to it. The norm is the self before others. Any one who thinks it is not the case they should look more into it. If one wants to be for others they should first be. If not to be then others might not be as well. My statement is about the philosophical essence of beings. Behavior comes in a second layer of conscienceness. Like the act of a person who is willing to cease its existence for others. I intend to cease mine for my self. Unknowingly of what might come after. it might be worse i added…



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