The Inner Quake

Each night i see my end
Romance was a hidden faith indeed
A faith that i had to keep out of my inner tempel
Keep out the dreams keep out the delusions

Then inner quakes followed
Unknowingly i couldn’t stay still inside
For all the walls and gates weres collapsing
I wake up again
In night or dawn i do. It is dark indeed
The walls stood still. The sun is below the east and am lost indeed

What is this thing called life
Mine is so linked to these images i see now
I see myself flirting with death inside a car
I see terror pain and this time i am the one driving
There will be no tomorrow
There will be nothing new
All will remain the same
The veils are still covering the tragic end

There is nothing but only sole images of suffering
This world i see is a world of strangled emotions
I see throats opening to despair
I see lungs closing with no air

This is the end
But we ll let you alive this time
So you can feel the pain
Again and again
For you have left the right path



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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