Trump And The New World Order

Obama having just one month in governance held a meeting with the European leaders at the end of the current week in Berlin. Spain and Italy were present but everyone knows that the major heads of Europe apart from the council of the E.U. are the French president Francois Hollande and the German chancellor Angela Merkel and of course the old nation of the United Kingdom.

The meeting may seem like a diplomatic update of western policies and farewell to Obama but in Truth It was set under the tense atmosphere of the incoming change in the American administration by President Elect Donald Trump, lord and savior of the strangled white supremacy.

Obama will for sure try to ease the fears of Europe: A complete change in international policy especially the worries about the so feared friendship between Putin and Trump, thus easing international sanctions on Russia, and of course a stepping back from the free American support to Europe. The hotspots are Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Isis, and Syria, which are also the security concerns of NATO. Everyone knows that Trump was calling during his campaign to review the non-paid NATO deals that are consuming so much of the American funds out of courtesy. Also, Trump is not happy with France taking Libyan resources for free, and free American intervention in Syria. Trump called the Arabian leaders to deploy their troupes to solve their own problems on ground (Syria, Egypt Jordan, and Saudi Arabia) with Isis and in same time he will offer intelligence aid but not for free. Trump wants to take back the oil wells left in Irak from Isis and from the Iraqi government after bombing the hell out of Isis in that area, an American nuclear splendor hopefully similar to what ended WW2, rebuild the wells, secure it with a beautiful Trump Wall ( may be a new brand or firm who already has plans on the Mexican borders) and only share a portion of it with Britain. These news made me joyful during the first hours of this Friday morning.
Finally the fucking west is fucking afraid and trembles of worry. What a great set of mood I am having, and I have to make you aware that I am not alone in this. I am sharing my short-term joy with national guilds all over the united states and the whole world.

The west is so worried about the new real rise of national and populist parties. Finally the power dynamics of international pillars will change.
Enough of this hidden diplomatic dictatorship led by the Obama/Hilary administration and Europe. It is true that Brexit marked a stepping stone for this nationalist shift on a global level. However the conservative rise in the U.S. was of a greater magnitude.

Actually I want to see this European union dissolve whereas I want to see a strong alliance of national and far right parties all over the west.
Armageddon we are waiting for you.

If this new/refreshing partnership with Russia would be a first step for the re-rise of American power I would gladly welcome it. I want to see a great America, confident, strong and safe. Trump had made for multiple times remarks on the weakness of the us Army when it comes to its nuclear arsenal and their whole urban infrastructure and also the planned wiping out of illegal immigrants.
Unfortunately the general public, since they were brainwashed by the media who were bought by Crooked Hilary, still thinks Trump is racist and against legal immigration. He is not, however he is for strong vetting and securing the borders of his country.

I have heard the news about this meeting on an American radio and what saddened me is that the American media and press till now did not digest the results of the elections. They still foolishly question it. What a poor state of status quo. Polls are not the truth nor a mirror reflecting back what’s happening for real. For instance a newspaper can select a group of people who are already democrats or brainwashed fellows thus the results of polls will be in favor of Hilary. What they don’t understand is that Americans want their jobs back after economic crisis and a policy that will bring their markets to the American soil and nothing more. It is so simple. Trump was the only one in the media who seems being capable of it. The other third parties were sadly just shut down on the internet and TV by the Hilary lobbies and also were not welcome in the presidential debate.


Last Edition: 17h34 November 20th 2016.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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