One of the insane paradoxes is how much a human soul can be stuck in a loop for years or even decades. What a waste of earthly experience. Our journey on Earth may seem in vain since our vessels are mortal. But in truth, one can use the magic that exists within the self in order to perceive in such a unique manner other ways of being here on this planet. It is true that the survival of the self against material or non-material hazards may be one the most troubling issues when it comes to our natural instincts. However there is more than that to it. Of course in times of inner struggle everything may seem pointless, but if you meet the perfect timing you might find yourself in the middle of sunset, between darkness and light, and still not affected by the blindness caused by both. That sacred moment is indeed a mean for exploring the other realms, a place from which you can slightly open the third eye. The eye of wisdom and knowledge. Right there you can start the real discovery of what s beyond our mortal existence, the realms above and beyond.

Side Note: Today i have met a great soul, artist, writer and musician. This encounter made me aware and even reconsider so many of the things i was skeptic about. It was an inspiration for this short writing.




Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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