US presidential elections 2016: The Childish Game

It seems like Hilary Clinton or crooked Hilary as Trump likes to call her has bought the written media and news industry to alter and fake Trump and Pence’s messages. She just lied again on Fox News recently concerning the classified emails and they even showed the hearing of the FBI director stating the info as false, and she did not feel any sense of regret or remorse. A future president that lies on live television and people will go vote for her, so sad. It is so bad to see that this kind of propaganda is still running even on and led by democratic parties.

Also, the way Obama, or crooked Hilary, or the democratic party is handling the coming elections is just too childish. There is nothing wrong to be against your opponent in elections, but to go all over the media and even brainwash actors to spread your word by altering the words or politics of Donald Trump, that is just not professional.

Trump deals with things the simple way, he does not hold personal views or discriminates gender, races or religions, he stated this so many times. And i think even someone with the lowest IQ can figure this out. In other words, He is a winning business man, so the way to deal with the economic crisis is to stop illegal immigration and deport the illegals out of the country. He never said he was against legal immigration. Second, his simple mind thinks in order to stop the threat of terrorism that might come with refugees or any Muslim is by a strict ban. I do not think there is an argument against it, it is a known fact that terrorist groups are a serious threat, not only in America but in majority Muslim countries as well where we see the military spread of troupes all over the touristic ventures. Third, he asks for money that countries should be paying in Nato and also change some of the deals that offer protection for free. These are in short some of the major Trump points. If someone holds another opinion i suggest to check the solutions offered by Hilary but there is none, she ll only do what Obama has been doing or even worse.

Anyways, my advice for crooked Hilary or for Obama would be to come with solutions to the job crisis, to healthcare, to the national debt deficit, to the so weak foreign policy and stop just mocking Trump. To give straight solutions, a real way of dealing with things, instead of playing the gossip game. Again, not only the democratic party is against Trump, there is also some of the losing candidates within the republican party, because Trump is a rich CEO who handles things the way he wants or sees instead of waiting for the money that has been fed up to the republican known figures by their friendly lobbies.




Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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