The relief that comes after the experience of defeat

I would love to retreat from this sorrowful and cold dive into the absurd abyss of existence.

I am always in combat with myself to denounce the aloneness of the human experience.

I would correct my thoughts and pretend or even admit to myself that looking so far in the future or even tomorrow is no remedy for the self anxious person. I guess whenever we feel the weight of responsibility we just have to loosen up a bit. To just live freely and tell oneself, it is ok to not go forward, it is ok to stay stationary.

All the weight of the universe should be thrown into the abyss of reality itself.

P.S.: The abyss of reality is believed to be a place of doom. The place where all the suffering goes and from where it breathes in. A district of Hell.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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