The Hermetic Journal: Entry002

I am on that weird border again. Where i can have a glimpse on the many selves i hold inside and most of them are still lurking in the dark. It feels like i am on a high cliff and about to fall into one of these personas. Who am i really… May be i was always myself but then i am becoming one of my fantasies. Slowly, and slowly getting attracted to identities which will not recognize me anymore. Off space… I am sure most of my social surrounding would not recognize these personalities, with whom i do my best and seize any opportunity to shorten their acquaintance. Only few to whom i tried to share most of my wonders may have a clue. I did not meet most of them within this shared physical realm and i cannot imagine it happening. Once, unconsciously, one of these personas got out, before i gave it permission, before analyzing it, it just got out and spoke and acted out of its own… It held so much energy and did not care for it felt so light weighted and content i assume to be out in the open. I do not regret it but i guess next time i ll have more control of it… I even did not ask to whom it showed itself. I am sure if that kind of intimate setting presented itself in a more sustainable manner i would explore more of my hidden and may be repressed set of identities. I ll be the judge of my other inner incarnations. I ll discipline and even take the best of each entity so i can unfold more of the shells pressuring my existence on this planet.

I may disappear after… Or lose memory of my first self. Who am i then, if i lose track of my story, the story that i tell myself each day i wake up and that i barely remember each time i do…



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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