A pre-review of the upcoming movie Blair Witch

The movie is believed to be a sequel and will be released on the 16th September of this year, but i just cannot stop myself from posting a little rant.

The last occult movie i was waiting for was *The VVitch: A New-England Folktale, 2016* and i made it clear by reviewing it that i was not that satisfied with it. It just seems like that producers, directors and writers keep turning their heads in an attempt to alter the image i have in mind of occult movies. I have a feeling that Adam Wingard and Simon Baret are planning to do the same thing and ruin the first installment of the franchise *The Blair Witch Project, 1999*.

To not make myself a bit negative i would start with the good points. From the video trailer of the movie, which has been recently circulating on social media, i believe that the location of the footage and some of the camera angles subscribe to the franchise. Also i have to point out the excellent choice of the actress Callie Hernandez to be the one that we will follow till the last breath of the story. I am sure she will give an excellent performance.

In the other hand, what made me feel off, and very off, is the other acting choice. A very bad male acting choice. Somehow Americans like to feature those teen looking and non charismatic actors. Wes Robinson i am sorry bro. I mean common we are not producing a pop music video, this is supposed to be a serious scary story. And i would add, even if it is gonna piss off some people, for God’s sake, why feel the obligation to insert an american african couple in this franchise, why in these new movies they feel obligated to present to us a variety of ethnicity, just to gain more audience i suppose or any other out of context reason. In other words black actors are not well fit for this kind of horror movies. Many horror movie fans would agree that watching a black person frightened does not fit their stereotype and somehow you end up watching while feeling that something is not right. Leaving that racist remark apart i think that this movie gives the impression of being a mixture of the idea behind the Blair Witch franchise and taking advantage of today’s technology. I mean fanatic Blair witch project fans are more into the spirit of the movie, those cold horrific threatening vibes that slides into your skin and make you shiver from paranoia, only by watching a simple recorded hand shaking footage that most normal people would find boring. Anyways I know that the experience of watching the 1999 doc/movie will never be revived, as many have experienced and shared their deep feelings about it.

I will try to put all this negativity apart when i ll be setting in front of the screen later in September. I hope they ll make me regret writing this horrible pre-review and by then have an amazing frightening experience.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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