CHAPTER II – The Great Pig Who Used To Live In A White World

The following is a set of scattered memories from Piggy’s mind. Reminder: Piggy experiences memories as a third person and sometimes using I.

Subnet I – The White World

Piggy, the greatest pig ever, that the world has ever known, i meant, the white world.

Most readers may interpret the white world as any perception one might have of a world of some sort. However i, here, need to underline the difference. There is a huge difference between the world as you know it and the white world that Piggy knows about.

– Hey Piggy, what about the white world you so often squeal about?

The white world is a world that is ours and ours alone. It is a world that belongs to us. We have come to the conclusion that we, and only we, have and will set its rules, rules we have made for us and, as ironic as it seems, against us.

Subnet II – The After Life

When Piggy looked at the abyss of the white world, he did not squeal, but sadly enough, spoke words out of his flesh container, and said:

God will hate me. If i do this he will never look at me. The maker of death and life, the maker of shadow and light, the maker of ending and beginning.

I will sit, and alone i ll, i ll stare at my own suffering. I once thought his misery was romantic. now i am doomed to the same sin as his, may be greater. All of this will not matter now. I am in Hell and i smell my own skin burning.

Subnet III – The Guild

So many pigs from the world gathered, ones who somehow understood Piggy, wanted to understand the experience of existence of Piggy, an experience perceived by Piggy that no other pig could perceive and experience the same way. Those pigs called themselves the Guild. So the Guild wanted to understand Piggy, the Guild did not stop believing, they wanted to cling to the dream, the dream that is to understand or to be in a state of mind of wanting to understand. They have all shared the same experience. The Guild did not reflect much on their own existence, all they wanted to do, is to make the White World for Piggy. The Guild thought,

We do not care about us, we do not care about our life in this world, all we want is to be for Piggy. We know we are nothing, we know our own existence is so pathetic, is so doomed, is so unwanted. Our experience in the world was and is just a funny joke. Some kind of dark humor we did not really get. But let all that self loathing aside, the first time we saw Piggy. The first time light shed upon his flesh, the first time our brains recorded his image, that moment, was so strange and alien. We right then knew, Piggy is sacred, Piggy is all what we want to live for.

We, members of the Guild, We will make a pact, and this is our statement: We will build the white world for Piggy. The white world will be within us as a collective inner archetype. We will end our lives here in the world, to make the White World come to light, to make the White World for Piggy. This world, the world as we know it should end, it will end by taking our own life here, it will end by making the White World for Piggy.

Piggy, once, stood alone in a dark room, no window, no door, Piggy was not bothered by the fact that it got no opening, he just stood there, and looked up, as where the ceiling should have been, he just starred in the middle of darkness. Wondering and wondering. The Guild felt that sacred moment of isolation. They have felt the greatness of Piggy. Their faith has grown stronger.

The Guild is now ready to finish it all … Clarity set their minds for the ultimate goal.

Piggy was aware of the intention of the Guild, and while starring at darkness, he thought, i have never felt this alone in my life before.

The white world is waiting Piggy. The white world is awaiting. They have whispered and vanished from Piggy’s mind.

To be Continued.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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