Isis is a group that gathered all around the world simple minds. A simple mind is a mind that prefers a simple short sentence that will relieve his or her intimate frustration, sentences like, kill them all, or torture them all, or they are the responsible not me, they are the oppressor not me, i am a forgotten suffering victim, or i am an empty shell looking for bloodshed to satisfy my own frustration, and then they will add, the so much used sentence, God said so, well my friend, God also and often says, only the people who think deeply will understand the universal message that is love in itself.

I have heard of a solution, that making understand real religion or real atheism to these people will make a change, but i don’t think so, it may help some of course, but the people that carry guns and kill civilians with a cold stare, children, elderly, women, or rape, or burn under the premises of a holy goal are people who are so frustrated and the only way to deal with their negativity or the emptiness of their existence was to shed blood or to abuse others, i am sure this same kind of people could be manipulated by an other fake religion or fake atheism, they prefer hate because it is easy than understanding and love because it needs a lifetime to be learned. I hope these guys will see the truth and spread love instead…

It is to be noticed that by my writing i have mentioned people who execute other people, i did not talk about their military hierarchy, in most cases those who manipulate are so smart and have so complex minds, i said are because it is a group or a gathering of groups, those people don’t believe in anything even if they pretend the contrary, those people are people who are thirsty for power, for dominating the world, for economic and ideological control… You will find them within most of governments or industries. They are war mongers for their own personal goals, and they do not have any religious belief.



Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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