User Friendly Smoking

I abstain from sharing these thoughts because i do not like to appear offensive and also because i think they know this already. But i wanted to challenge myself and make some of my inner views on some topics public.

NOTICE: This is more of a reaction to the new comers into the world of smoking dependency, especially young girls. If you are already addicted i do not think this is worth reading. If you are contemplating the idea or just teasing with cigarettes this might be something i would like to share with you with all due respect to your personal human experience on planet earth.


More and more girls are drawn to smoking nowadays, as a way to deal with stress, and in the same time giving them a sense of belonging to the “fuck authority” club, while subconsciously emulating the behavior of people they look up to. Once addicted there is no way out, it becomes a biological need.

Side Notes:

Fuck Authority Club: a revolted sibling or relative against family rules, bad boys/girls at school against academic authority, actors/actresses/models having an image of “i do not care about society or what others think”.

It is to be mentioned that the fuck authority club is an immature response to the abuse of the system, it is a baby stage of human development, a non responsible way to alter the oppression of others. It is the famous stage of abuse called DENIAL. One should not be stuck there for so long, because it is a self destructive behavior to do so. Have a dignity for yourself even if you like to think that it is the others fault, do not put yourself within victim area or blame cycle. The human mind is so powerful but before it should regain its dignity. Being healthy represents a form of respect to our bodily image, or towards our carnal embodiment.

Being vulgar or angry, being emotional in an unhealthy way is what makes you weak against the different authorities encountered during your journey, there is no more frightening thing to them than opening up your mind, go along with reason and respect your human heart.


Ascend to where no one can abuse you. Ascend to the stars.





Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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