The problem of life, part1

Life may be defined by death, to live is to not die, and to die is to not live anymore.


Side Note: Thoughts … Tonight and yesterday. The void.

Life may be defined by death, to live is to not die, and to die is to not live anymore.

But to really get the problem of life, you need isolation, you may be isolated while around people, but it is a bit harder to sustain and to make it happen. So to get the problem of life you need to be isolated for a while from human interaction. Get yourself isolated from social interaction for a while, in an isolated place where no one can bother your lone experience.

While thinking, try to locate your self, try to locate the consciousness of your self, after few minutes you will in a way understand what does it mean to be without three dimensions to define space you are in; To be means here thinking that you are.

The thing is now that you know that you are but you can’t specify where exactly, just think about hurting yourself and how much pain you are going to feel, the pain will make you feel like you exist in every portion of your body but in the same time not, somehow you are your carnal embodiment and somehow you are not, either way you are still alive;

What if by death, our consciousness that we do not have the ability to locate get freed from our body and somehow fuses with the universe, are we gonna feel pain whenever anything get crushed or bruised ?

Well as far as science goes, our consciousness of our self is somehow related to how we remember the story of our lives. Scientists try to limit our consciousness of the self by only a state memorized in our brain, our brain being a very complicated network of cells. Anyhow … Let’s imagine that in a second, we don’t have the ability to remember anything, but in the same time, we are, may be we will know that we are, if we stopped panicking and reflected on the matter, the thing is, in that moment, you just know that you are, so can life be reduced to that instant thought or gut feeling that we are ? but what if we are even after death, or while dying ?

The other problem is that life doesn’t need to be defined by self knowledge of life, if the self that lives doesn’t know that it exists, will it know that it died ?

To find a solution to the problem of life you need the courage to look for what is next, what is after life, and for that you need to end your life and see… till now no one that died came back and told us the story after death, this in case there is a story after death.

Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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