Conversation with a bird


Once the bird reached a high altitude, his sight covered a different angle of earth, a place ruined by war;

Wars leave whole cities demolished, and so the awareness of existence does to some, they are rare and it may seem completely absurd to most people and acquaintances;

This is a place in the mind of the human being which most people do not visit, some fear it, some are not aware of it, some do not care, but some are left without a choice but to sink into the depths of that undiscovered inner area;

Once you are there, everything loses its interest, you may have some dreams left though, but sooner enough, once struck by reality, you come to realize that all of it was just a play, a play with hidden intentions, intentions of abuse; And that in reality there is nothing to seek, nothing at all; there is nothing;

The bird is here and wants to talk, what i am going to ask you may seem weird, but i hope you will understand because we do not belong to the same species;
You are the most welcome the writer answered, then he added, oh you free being, sometimes i envy you;

I fly all over the city and i have noticed that some of you humans have a weird way of talking and starring while walking, like if you think that your fate is yours.
They are only puppets of luck but they pretend the contrary;

I fly all over the city and i have noticed that being within a group is what most of people seek.
Pointless gatherings, a display of arrogance, which i find is one of the most pitiful human behaviors, gatherings where most of humans seize every opportunity to feel or to seem superior, carelessly mock or aim for domination;

I fly all over the city and i have noticed that the other gender has a different set of values.
It may seem to you that this is different for us, but i can assure you that the same nature rules apply to us too; sadly enough; there is no place for honesty, there is no place for true feelings, only material and carnal desires remain; and sometimes only material possessions are means for personal assessment;

i fly all over the city and i have never noticed you.
i do not exist;

i have been there
i have been there
i have been there

Where only nothingness remains
Until there is no me no more

Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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