From womb to tomb, part 1

A journey of a time traveler



Our friend the time traveler is indeed a human being, his body travels only towards the future with the same speed as his other fellow humans, however his mind, sadly enough, can not stop traveling to the past, past times but same places his body was in.


From womb to tomb, the womb was not chosen, it was the first shelter for his unconscious little body, waiting inside another human, a female, for the moment of birth, waiting, waiting, and waiting … Once outside, once the years had passed, the time traveler started looking around, there are two people calling themselves parent, i have never seen them before, and other siblings …

What gatherings of humans agreed on to be real

Well when i go outside, i walk on land, i can touch the land, the land helps me get up and walk, i see trees, i see green, i touch the trees, i am in and with nature on this huge big rock, i think this is my spaceship, a spaceship ? space ? i look up, i see the sky, what is this ? i can not touch the sky, at morning it is clear blue, at night it is dark, but with beautiful little shining entities, they are so beautiful, i keep looking and looking at them every night during my childhood, it was the only escape for me, escape from abuse, escape from self loathing, escape from this thing called reality; so i said to myself, i can not touch the sky, i can not touch the stars, and it is the same in each land of this planet, we share the same cosmos, and it looks so beautifully dark at night, this is SURREAL! at morning, sometimes i see huge, very huge white clouds, they seem like they are covering what was left of my sight, and they are different each day, and they are different on each corner of this huge rock, this is SURREAL, the sky is the first thing that defied the concept of realism for me, when i look at the sky, i know that what seems real from established dispositions of our senses is not the only thing that is here for us, there are other features of this splendid creation;

Creation ?

The time traveler, even if he does not recall his birth, even if he does not recall if he had a past life ? another existence, may be before his journey on planet earth, i have used the term before, but somewhere time can lose its meaning; language is not helping me describe that state off time; well the time traveler had a belief that his journey is not a random one, as he traveled through time, his heart recognized many signs, signs for the heart, and sometimes for the mind too, that this, all of this is not for no reason, his belief was that all of this, his journey as well, have a reason, a created life experience by the one, the creator, a lone divinity that exceeds anything that our fragile and limited mind could grasp, when the brain stops in front of the inability to perceive the reality of God, the heart believes and makes the mind to submit to the truth, a chosen truth;

[To be continued, by Tef]

Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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