Dignity in love

a way of life,
a way of existing,
a way of spending daily life as a part of a couple;



I do not aim to discuss here how a couple should behave when spending time in the same closed space; what i want to talk about is a couple, who once, promised each other complete honesty and a serious engagement, respecting the dignity of each other, and willing to take care of each other; this has been said, what happens in reality is another story;

While living at a distance, in different cities for instance, communication using technology becomes so crucial; if one partner feels hurt or feels like it wants to spend some time alone, it should be communicated to the other; the problem here, is that sick and twisted culture of pretended romance, you will find millions of blogs and books talking about how to make the other become interested in you; i find those endeavors sick and pathetic, they are based only on manipulation using some psychological schemes of need, lack of love, and lack of self-esteem;

i still remember, years ago, because i stopped sharing my personal life with friends the way i did in the past, when we talk or ask about advice on how to behave with your partner, you will hear some stupid and blindly agreed rules, if you want him or her to love you cut any communication means with that person for 3 days, a week or three weeks, or whatsoever; the problem here, is that the person who look for these rules instead of talking honestly with the other, is that it lacks confidence, self-esteem and dignity; if you want any thing from the other person just ask and talk, this should have as a prerequisite that both partners are mature and honest;

alright, i want to shed light on another topic related to relationships, it is on how do two persons involved want to spend their time together; actually, based on my lack of knowledge and wisdom, i don’t think that there is one rule to obey, this topic is so complex to approach blindly;

a way of love, a way of communication,

the knowledge on how we want to communicate our love, can be tricky, since we change over time, and we may not show the same needs our person has; let s pretend person A loves person B very much, and takes as a promise to communicate that love verbally whenever it feels to, if person B for instance showed interest in the first time only, then stops to show its love during the next days, the issue should be brought honestly, person A should not fear confrontation, person A should not fear a break up, if two persons are not the same anymore there is no need to stay together, it will only drain energy, become unhealthy, and intoxicate your personal life to an extreme degree you cannot imagine; person A should not fear lack of love or interest, person A should be confident and ask, then be prepared to any answer it gets; the point here is that any person who is involved in a relationship should be honest, mature (not childish) and content, i mean by content a satisfied person, satisfied by its own self; not lacking self-esteem nor self-love; i think the only thing that can gather a couple honestly is mutual love; if one lacks love for the other person and does not have the courage to admit it to itself or to the other, it will only lie to itself, pretending being the victim of love; in reality the person is victim to its lack of self-esteem, lack of honesty, lack of respect, and lack of self-dignity;

respect yourself, respect the other, do not lie to people who told you they are in love with you, do not lie to people who care about you, do not lie to yourself, do not pretend you are a victim, do not fool yourself, grow up and be responsible;

Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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