Attack on Titan, an inspiration for sharing my thoughts on life

This essay is something I was working on for a long time, many months, I start writing once, and wait for many months and then continue writing, and so and so; this essay represents an instant of wondering, an instant off track of time, then it transformed into this idea: why not show people how much anime or manga inspire me. I will start talking a little bit about Attack On Titan, then all the rest is just philosophy inspired by this beautiful and creative Japanese story. Inspired in a way that gave my mind the push to think and the motivation to sum some of my thoughts. Thoughts on and about life.

This Japanese manga/anime is still a mystery because no one knows what is really happening; the fact that it has not been finished yet may be a reason, one amongst many.

  • Humans in the story have built three huge walls to protect themselves from titans who keep attacking and eating humans; their history and nature is a total mystery.
  • Humans have mobilized three groups for self-defense and exploration of the unknown lands. Those inside the walls, those on the walls, and those outside the walls;
  • Humans have found a technique to fight those huge creatures, their weakness being a spot at the back of the neck, once sliced it turns them into vapor.
  • The more interesting brigade is the scouting legion, a bunch of weird soldiers to whom the future of the human race is held. Expect the strange to confront the unknown. Anyone who subscribes to this knows how many soldiers die each year, those people had accepted their fate, death and fear are waiting.
  • Religion is in the air, a sect that worships the wall as the wisdom of God and also the protector of the human race.

Side note: I am trying very hard not to review the manga, because I wanted to put light on how it represents an inspiration for me!

An inspiration for what ?

Let’s imagine this world or universe that we live in right now as the lands on which humans live on in the anime. The much we know, the much we learn makes us more aware of our own ignorance. In the manga, generations of humans have put too much effort to preserve their race and to learn about the titans, seas of blood were shed; knowledge is intimately preserved and taught to the next generations, in hope of a more stable world for humans, in hope for more understanding of the threat that is the titan hunger and anger. If you give it more thought you will notice that it is kind of the same progress we have in our history, from generation to generation, from the day humans learned to write and to discover their world, we are still evolving, not biologically, but scientifically. The difference is that our world is much complex than the one portrayed in the story.

Sometimes I wonder, while distancing myself from my slef identity, I wonder about humans on this planet earth:

  • How different we are from animals, and yet there is so much resemblance.
  • The living around us, and also other features of nature, is diverse in a very extreme way.
  • The universe till now, is infinite in both levels, the micro and macro scope.
  • Scientists, spirituals, religious, and thinkers are arguing about the origin and the meaning of life, while others just don’t care.

Whenever I see a creature, I can’t stop myself from contemplating beauty and creativity in their design, both in the inside (the guts) and in the outside (design, colors, symbols …) Just in the day I was writing this part of the essay, while I in the bathroom, there was a spider, this time I paid more attention to it since it always was there, I have found it very beautiful, the long tiny limbs, the symbol on its back, the eyes, the webs, and how it moved and killed its preys …

I will mention it a second time, whenever I step outside my self conscious realm and start contemplating the world, I can’t but think about these facts:

  • Humans are intelligent creatures, they were on earth for many centuries, every generation learns the most it can and teach it to the next one.
  • Besides the difference in ethnicity or geographic localization, humans share the same traditions, in each group we can notice: art, intellect, communication, emotions, carnal desires and so and so; they have formed societies and wondered about their own existence.
  • Animals, birds, insects, creatures of the sea seem like another configuration of beings, beings with not as much evolved intellect as ours but still share the same passion for power and taking control of a group, eating, hunting, territory marking, (attraction before) reproduction, building homes in peculiar ways, moving from place to place, affection of some animal parents, others just kill their children or parents, some spend most of the time chilling, doing nothing, some say they are meditating or praying.
  • Rage and fear are two aspects that are a mystery for me, both of them are for one apparent reason, that is, stay alive: self preservation.

I didn’t want to write about what happens in the microscopic level, because it is really weird, how microbes help in keeping our body healthy, other attack our organism. Also the fact that our immune system is composed of red and white cells, red to transport oxygen and minerals, and white as a local authority … electric signals in the brain transporting data between neurons forming a biological intelligence … the same aspect of life can be found in a wider level in society, or in the animal realm …

If we turn our eyes to the sky, at night, we will notice an alien movement of entities, huge rocks or complex composition of gazes rotating around a source of heat, a gravity center, or just wander unknowingly in the cosmos …

Some believe that there is no reason for the happenings, that it is just random. Some believe that this is an infinite cycle. Others believe in a creator of life, a not created creator, a divinity that our mind can not grasp, the same way our mind can not imagine how we can’t stop counting or dividing … the same way language is a way humans communicate using words, words that are only a trigger for common and personal experiences, not necessarily the same but then we assume that we understand each other.

Creationism is a very interesting topic, and what makes it more appealing, is how magnificent is our creativeness, how an artist could paint a very beautiful picture and that can be admired and memorized over centuries, you can notice similarities between fine arts and some features of nature, the lasting nature over centuries, the symbols on a moth, the colors of a flower, or of a bird, the peculiar design of an insect … how a movie director with the help of a scenarist create a wholly different set of lives and their relationships for a play of an amount of time, same as a representation of a possibility of happenings …

What interests me the most is how most of creatures try to survive, why this need to be alive ? Humans have the ability to kill themselves but if another human is around it will not let it do it, if sane enough of course. I know there are humans who does not care or just enjoy killing or watching other people die … but they are in smaller numbers, if it wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be here today … nor me writing this essay that you are reading right now.

When a human takes in his first breath and starts discovering the world, he will find, in most cases, two humans, the parents, who will take care of him while showing affection and love, they will give shelter, food and water, welcome to the world, here is what you need and this is what you should know to begin your journey! but a journey of what, to do what, to die ? some will say happiness, others will seek power and dominance … others won’t really care, and wouldn’t even reflect on the purpose of life, if there is such a thing …

What comes next is a strange part of the human experience, to which I am speechless when asked why. JUDGMENT. Over the course of history humans have set laws and regulations, and whenever crossed, there has been a place for a human judgment? how can humans judge humans, is it only a matter of who leads the group ? and its own notion of good and evil …

As I find myself wondering on all aspects of life, I can’t keep myself from noticing many similarities with God, I will talk here about the Islamic definition of the creator, some will say that God is both perfection and infinity in all aspects of life … and the day of judgment is the final tribunal of human crimes in the universe … if you read more about God in the Islamic references you will find other aspects, love and infinite knowledge, the sense of testing the created, as long with many other ones … the relationship between God and the human being is like the relationship between a caring person and its loved one, we have seen this in many stories and movies, how often we don’t know much about the other person, who loves us, how we can be so judgmental, without knowing the real person that hides behind our friend, our sibling, our parent, our lover … or our creator.


Author: Venusian Cenobite

Do not read me if you get easily offended. Any antisocial material published under this blog is fictional and should not be taken seriously.

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